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Ardent Domain Puzzle

To be able to access and complete puzzles in Storm Legion zones you will first have to collect an artifact set. For the Ardent Domain Puzzle the artifact set in question is called Circuit Diagrams.

When you complete the set and turn it in you will receive a Glowing Chest and a book as reward. To be able to interact with the puzzle you need to collect the book.

This artifact set is not very easy, it’s made out of 12 artifacts out of which 3 are blue quality.

1. Circuit Diagrams Page 1 is a blue quality artifact and the hardest to find in my opinion.

2. Circuit Diagrams Page 2 is a white quality artifact.

3. Circuit Diagrams Page 3 is a white quality artifact.

4. Circuit Diagrams Page 4 is a white quality artifact.

5. Circuit Diagrams Page 5 is a white quality artifact.

6. Circuit Diagrams Page 6 is a green quality artifact and one of the most easier to find.

Circuit Diagrams

7. Circuit Diagrams Page 7 is a blue quality artifact and also a pain to find.

8. Circuit Diagrams Page 8 is a white quality artifact.

9. Circuit Diagrams Page 9 is a green quality artifact.

10. Circuit Diagrams Page 10 is a white quality artifact.

11. Circuit Diagrams Page 11 is a green quality artifact.

12. Circuit Diagrams Page 12 is the last blue quality artifact needed for this set.

The book is bind on pick up so you won’t find it for sale anywhere. The only way to get it is to complete the artifact set and turn it in.

Ardent Domain Puzzle Location

The Ardent Domain puzzle is not very hidden. It’s easy to get to and I’m sure a lot of people are going to stumble across it while leveling.

For those that didn’t come across it, you can find the puzzle on top of Cassana Estate, coords: 5988, 10744.

Ardent Domain Puzzle Solution

The puzzle is quite simple. Compared to the amount of effort needed to complete the artifact set, solving the puzzle is going to be a piece of cake.

Ardent Domain Puzzle Solution

You have to connect the same color orbs without crossing the lines. There is only one way to solve this puzzle (see the image above).

Careful with drawing the lines, if you make a mistake the only way to undo the mistake is to reset the entire puzzle by pulling the leaver.

Good luck !

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