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Cape Jule Guide

Cape Jule is the “starting area” on the continent of Brevane. To be able to access this zone you have to be level 50 and have your Rift account upgraded to Storm Legion. Then talk to the NPCs located on the frozen lake in Iron Pine Peak.

Travel Stones

There are 3 travel stones (porticulums) in Cape Jule. You will bump into the first one as soon as you get teleported to Cape Jule, just don’t forget to activate it. In case you did forget to get it, go back to Deamon Loci at 6948, 12109.

The next stone is in the main town of the zone, Tulan. Located at 8242, 11821 you will also find all the profession trainers, the NPC that teleports you to Tempest Bay and other gear/items vendors.

The last porticulum is hidden in the middle of the Jungle at Sanco Outpost (7563, 11098).

Cape Jule Achievements

For Cape Jule there are 195 achievement points in total. There are some really fun achievements in this area so have at it !

Crawling the Cape

This is the zone exploration achievement. There are quite a few areas to tun into for this achievement but it’s worth the 10 points.

Crawling the Cape

In case you need directions here are the coordinates for the areas:

  1. Felfathom Cays: 7675, 12773
  2. Mephitis Bog: 7979, 11606
  3. Malluma River: 8002, 11281
  4. Scoria Pit: 8275, 11276
  5. Anima Loci: 6518, 11583
  6. Cambium Loci: 8198, 10797
  7. Cliffside Vale: 7729, 10418
  8. Kelrath Peninsula: 7886, 11961
  9. Daemon Loci: 7023, 12095
  10. Malluma Basin: 7369, 11516
  11. Hiberna Rainforest: 7126, 11433
  12. Agrippa Rainforest: 7902, 11044
  13. Edgestone Ridge: 8608, 10547
  14. Tulan Bay: 8371, 12286

Tomb Hunter

This is the quest achievement for Cape Jule. To get it you only have to complete 52 quests.

Tomb Hunter

There are more then 52 quests in the Cape Jule zone so it should be easy to complete. If you complete the entire Story line is this zone you will get most of this achievement complete.

Tempest in a Teacup

This achievement is worth 10 points and to complete it you need to finish the story line quests in this area. The chain is straight forward and you shouldn’t miss any of them.

Tempest in a teacup

Easy 10 achievement points in the bag !

Cape Carnage

For this achievement you will have to complete 19 carnages in Cape Jule. I just love this new type of quest, I wish they could revamp the old content and add carnages everywhere.

Cape Carnage

To complete this achievement you need to locate and complete 19 of these carnages. If you run all over the zone you should find them, but if you need extra help here are some of the coordinates to these carnages:

  1. Storm Legion at 7033, 12044
  2. Rhinos at 7257, 12031
  3. Mucklords, Ticks and Boglings at 7253, 11913
  4. Vhars, Trapjaws and Razormaws at 7438, 11815
  5. Storm Legion at 7807, 11996
  6. Terrormaws at 7840, 12089
  7. Karkauid Magiskymas at 7850, 12133
  8. Brevanic Constructs and Deep Ones at 7848, 12589
  9. Rotfins at 7784, 12766
  10. Flamesired creatures at 8254, 11289
  11. Hulking Mutations at 8049, 11028
  12. Vhars and Wasps at 7966, 11000
  13. Storm Legion at 8200, 10838
  14. Twisted Legion at 8214, 10725
  15. Storm Legion at 8558, 10584
  16. Storm Legion at 8051, 10358 up the black rock
  17. Cliffside Rhinos at 7705, 10443
  18. Wooddrakes, Tartray Trees and Treants at 7110, 11131
  19. Storm Legion at 6666, 11493
  20. Storm Drakes at 6657, 11454

One extra just in case one of those Storm Legion carnages are a double :)

Flaying with Fire

Judging by the name I would have expected with achievement to involve some nice explosions or something, but in the end it turned out to be just a quest.

Flaying with Fire

Go to 7826, 10457, north in Cape Jule. You will find a small hut with a NPC that offers a quest. Take the quest and complete it. You have to use an item on 8 mobs, shouldn’t take long if there is no one in the area. Turn in the quest and you will get this achievement.

Touch the Clouds

This is the high place achievement for City Core. I spent ages looking for it during Beta and died 100 times in the process… and all I had to do is lick some frogs !

Touch the Clouds

Go at 7071, 11367 in Cape Jule. Take the middle porticulum, it’s the closest to this area. Enable nameplates and look for Tree Frogs on the ground or make a target macro. Go close to them and type /lick. A quest will pop up “Lick Frogs, Get Dizzy”. To complete the quest you need to lick 8 frogs. Every time you lick a frog you get a 1 minute buff. Before the buff expires you need to lick the next frog until the buff gets to 8. When you get 8 stacks you will be ported on top of a pillar in the middle of nowhere and get the achievement.

Who comes up with this stuff ?!

Three Lions

This achievement can be completed on the Tulan docks in Cape Jule. Take the porticulum to Tulan and go to the docks. There is a ship there. Notice that there are 3 lion heads on that ship. To complete this achievement you must get on top of them.

Three Lions

The first 2 lions are easy to get. Jump from the dock to the ship and walk on top of the lion heads. The last lion is a pain to get. This is proof that Whitelady can’t jump ;)

You will see that there is a stack of barrels next to a rope. Jump on the barrels then on the rope. After that you must jump left or right on the yellow bit and then up to the last lion. I couldn’t do that. I tried for 1 h and then I was like whatever … I got a High Elf character to use Angelic Flight and then banner me there :) Thank you Ambi !

Splash or Splat

This is the jump achievement for Cape Jule. To do this achievement you need to get on the broken rails. Go to 7568, 11977 and jump on the rails and walk all the way to the end.

Slash or Splat

Look down to your left, you will see there is a river. There are multiple deep water pools where you can jump for this achievement.

You can go all the way to the end of the left support beam that is sticking out. Then slowly backpedal to the left.

Or look for the break mark on the left side of the rail. Jump on the edge at that spot and backpedal down, this will also land you in deep water.

 Lake Loot

This is another achievement that makes Cape Jule a weird zone. I thought that for a starting zone Cape Jule is going to be easy when it comes to achievements, but so far it’s proving to be the most elusive one.

Lake Loot

To complete this achievement you have to find 7 really small chests hidden in the ponds of Cape Jule. To see them you need to keep your camera angle above your character or they won’t sparkle and you can’t click them.

Lake Loot Rift

  1. Chest of Peri (number 1) is located at 7815, 12149 in one of the small green ponds in Kelrath Peninsula. The chest is really small and it only sparkles if you look at it from above. You probably came across it while questing.
  2. Chest of Malcha (number 2) is actually in Tulan at 8157, 11888 in the water, right next to the city wall. I found this one while I was jumping down the waterfalls.
  3. Chest of Petals (number 3) can be found at 7384,11467 under the waterfall. Swim to the bottom and you should see it sparkle.
  4. Chest of Feigs (number 4) is located at 6743, 11572. It’s in the middle of the pond.
  5. Chest of Littlebug (number 5) is all the way North at 7081, 10527. There are 2 live vines coming out of the lake. The chest is at the base of the thicker one. Really hard to spot.
  6. Chest of Pipsqueak (number 6) can be found at 7395, 10426 in the middle of the rock pile. Special tanks to Liliath for sharing this location with me ! Would have never found it otherwise.
  7. Chest of Nunmempeh (number 7) is the last chest needed for this achievement and can be found at 8031, 10328 behind one of the roots. To reach this location you need to go up the Storm Legion infested black rock at Tarne’s Perch.

Splish Splash

For this achievement you will have to jump through the blue rings at each waterfall in South Cape Jule.

Splish Splash

There is a ring at each waterfall except the ones over Tulan. Once you successfully leap through a ring it will disappear. If you’re only missing a few, go back and check all the waterfalls, only the rings that you missed will show up.

Fun achievement ! Loved it.

Put Them Out  of Their Misery

This is the grindy achievement of Cape Jule. It’s only worth 5 points but it requires you to kill 500 mutated or diseased creatures in Cape Jule.

Put Them Out of Their Misery

I couldn’t find a good spot to farm them, I ended up running circles around Sanco Outpost and killing Hulking Mutations and Twisted Vhars because I couldn’t come up with anything better :(

But if you are really going to nerd this zone, I think that by the time you complete 500 Instant Adventures, this achievement will also complete on it’s own.


Ruin Raiders, “Naturalist” and whatever comes after are the 3 Instant Adventures achievements for Cape Jule. As you can probably already guess these are the achievements for completing 10, 100 and 500 Instant Adventures in this area.


There is a lot of running between IAs in this zone. It’s not one of my favorites :( Completing 500 adventures it’s going to be painful. Hopefully “You only have to do it once” motto will get me through this !

Stalking the Jungle

Apparently there are 8 rare mobs in Cape Jule. I spent ages in this area both during the Beta days and since release and I only managed to find one of them :(

Stalking the Jungle

  1. Avatar of Krynathal location unknown.
  2. Iron Dragon Mark VII can be found at 6607, 11509 at Anima Loci. It was a normal mob, he didn’t have the diamond on his portrait but it counted for the achievement.
  3. Pyronite Monstrosity location unknown.
  4. Son of Auram location unknown.
  5. Dendorath the Ageless location unknown.
  6. Keelsnapper location unknown.
  7. Riktor the Bogfiend location unknown.
  8. The Ghost of Malluma location unknown.

History of the Cape

For this achievement you will have to complete 6 artifact sets that tell the story of Cape Jule.

History of the Cape

  1. Storm Legion Archaeological Tools
  2. Abandoned Holograms
  3. Empyrean Miracle Machines
  4. Brevanic Renaissance
  5. The Age of Spiritual Constructs
  6. Portentous Ruins

Treasures of the Cape

Treasures of the Cape is the “Collect all Artifact sets in Cape Jule” achievement.

Treasures of the CapeThere are 18 sets you have to collect for this achievement, raising the total to 24 sets for the entire area of Cape Jule. This should keep people busy for some time.


Bejuled is the meta-achievement for Cape Jule. It’s worth 50 points and it rewards an Eternal Crystallized Insight.


Most of the zone point value is in the artifact achievements and in the meta-achievement so get to work !

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9 Responses

  1. Savy@Greybriar

    for the 3 lions achievement, i just did the last head on my rogue, Shadow Stalk works very well, you target the person sitting on the head, and use the skill, and boom, done.

  2. AlaskanAvenger@Wolfsbane

    for the Bejuled achievement, the screenshot you took shows that you actually get 5 Eternal Crystallized Insight for completing the zone.

  3. Sev

    One of the rares (Pyronite Monstrosity) for “Stalking the Jungle” is right in front of the temple were you can pick up the quest for “Flaying with Fire”

  4. Sev

    and if you got no rogue or high elf for the 3 lions achievement, just mount after climbing on the rope and jump, worked for me on first attempt :)

  5. AlaskanAvenger

    For “Put Them Out of Their Misery” the best farming location is the bunker at Cambium Loci.

  6. Xathis

    Three Lions:

    I could not even get from the barrels to the rope. Just kept going over the rope or hitting it and falling to the deck. I am a cleric.

  7. Xathis

    I could not even get on the rope. I kept jumping over it or hit it and landed on the deck. I am a cleric.

  8. Snapper

    This is not achieved from jumping on the barrels.

    From the floor to the left of the barrels face the stairs on the left. Mount up. Run and jump several times at the wall that has the rope coming out of it. Just keep jumping. You will eventually make it to a shelf and from there to the ledge (all while mounted). Now dismount walk to the center and face away from the lion head and go out on that rope. Once at the end of that rope turn and mount. Jump from there to the big yellow ledge and walk up on the Lions head to get your achievement.

  9. axiod

    you don’t have to use the rope.. that’s the hard way.. jump up the front where the ledges are lol where the ropes go back to the boat.

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