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City Core Guide

City Core is an area for level 52 characters and it’s located on the continent of Brevane. It’s a small area that will only last for one level and you will be passing through quite fast.

Travel Stones

There are 2 travel stones (or porticulums) in area. You will come across the first travel stone when you enter the area from Cape Jule. For Defiants it’s at Miran’s Gate and for Guardians at Vaud Tower at the South tip of the zone.

The second travel stone is in the middle of the zone at Citizen’s Library (marked with green triangles on the map below).

I like the fact that these travel stones are placed smart, actually helping players to move across the area easier.

City Core Achievements

For City Core there are 200 achievement points to earn. There are some achievements that require mindless grinding, but most of them are fun.

City Knights

Going to start with the most interesting achievement, the City Core puzzle. It’s called City Knights and it’s worth 30 achievement points.

City Knights

The puzzle is fun and not very hard to complete. The issue with this achievement comes from the fact that in order to access the puzzle you need to first obtain the book called A Knight’s Tour from the artifact set with the same name.

Details on how to solve this puzzle can be found here -> City Core Puzzle.

Taking Names

In Storm Legion there are 2 types of rare mobs. The actual rare mobs that still have a diamond on their head and the named mobs that are just normal mobs but have an unique name.

Taking Names - City Core

They respawn like a normal mob so there will be no camping involved for these guys.

1. Blighthoof coordinates are 7024, 8239

2. Cankermaw coordinates are 6977, 9192

3. Prototype XII-T7 coordinates are 7167, 9705

4. Rotmaw coordinates are 6458, 9560

Vine Diving

This is one of the Jump ! achievements that are coming out in Storm Legion.

Vine Diving

For this achievement you will have to jump off a high vine into one of the Aqueduct lakes. The coordinates where you get up the vine are 6752, 8447. Get on the vine, run to the top and then jump into the lake.

Core Objective

Core Objective is the achievement you get when you complete all the quests in the area.

Core Objective

As you can see there are only 31 quests, so the area is small and you will be done with it quite fast. Finding these quests shouldn’t be an issue, the area is pretty straight forward.

City Clean Up

Carnages are the new type of quests added with Storm Legion. You get these quests by killing mobs, there aren’t given out by NPCs. If you mouseover mobs you can see if they are part of a carnage quest or not.

City Clean Up

In the area of City Core there are a total of 15 carnage quests. Completing all of them will reward the achievement City Clean Up. Just in case you have issues finding these carnages here is a list with coordinates for each carnage.

1. Savage Vhars at 6995, 10080

2. Dilapidated Sentinels at 7049, 10089

3. Aggressive Windriders at 7016, 9995

4. Ferocious Vhars at 6739, 9416

5. Aggressive Terrormaws at 6433, 9574

6. Firewing Wasps at 6442, 9255

7. Gore-Slattered Slashers at 6491, 9103

8. Ironbark Treants at 6838, 9072

9. Ferocious Terrormaws at 6956, 9196

10. Mutated Razorbeasts at 7205, 8636

11. Firewing Hornets at 7174, 8486

12. Boglings at 7217, 8449

13. Steelhorn Gorgons at 7202, 8417

14. Barbedshell Scarabs at 6640, 9517

15. Bloodfrenzied Mutants at 6542, 9785

Rare Breed

These are the rare mobs of City Core. This zone is pretty much like Scarwood Reach, meaning that it will be quite easy to find these rares.

Rare Breed

None of them patrols either so you always know where to find them. I’m sure other areas are going to be more annoying, but City Core is really easy when it comes to rare mobs.

1. Cragclaw can be found at 7023, 9586 standing between the pillars. It looks like a Vhar and it’s up most of the time. It doesn’t patrol so if it’s not there it means someone killed him already.

2. Thundertusk is a razorbeast and it can be found at 7160, 8697 amongst other razorbeasts. He moves around sometimes, but he doesn’t wander to far off.

3. Bipalo the Destroyer is located at 7364, 8416. It stands in front of a hut. It doesn’t move so you will always find it at those coordinates.

4. Thantarus is a crocodile that swim in the lake at 6678, 9305. He doesn’t come out of the water so it should be easy to find.

5. Skytalon can be found at 6935, 9380. It is a windrider and it’s hidden from view. The only way you will come across it is if you’re wall walking to explore. Every time I checked him it was up, probably because not a lot of people know where to find him. It doesn’t patrol so you know where to find it.

6. Lumbergarl is a treant that can be found at 7171, 9118. It moves around, but not very far from it’s original location.

7. Buzzsting is a firewing hornet and can be found at 7180, 8525. It moves around the other bees and it’s quite hard to spot. A target macro would help with finding it.

8. Tarmok the Vile can be found at 6466, 9646 in the ruined temple. It looks like one of the mutants. It doesn’t patrol.

I didn’t like what they were playing anyway

Another funny achievement in City Core.

I didn't like what they were playing anyway

You can find the Rusted Entertainers at 7200, 9170. They are 4 non elite neutral NPCs. You can easily take them down at level 52.

City Sightseeing

City Sightseeing is the basic “discover the entire area” achievement. Fortunately City Core is a small area so it’s easy to explore.

City Sightseeing

But just in case someone needs directions here are the coordinates for these 6 zones:

1. Miran Gate: 6998, 10104

2. Vaud Tower: 6809, 9939

3. Public Market: 6981, 9896

4. King’s Corridor: 6598, 9362

5. Citizen’s Library: 6889, 9099

6. Aqueduct: 6986, 8459

Cannibal Culling

This is just a pure grinding achievement. To complete it you will have to kill 500 mutant cannibals.

Cannibal Culling

Any mutants will do, so pick a place and grind away. You can find them mostly on the North half of the map. Happy killing.

My way of the skyway

Initially I thought that this achievement refers to climbing on the broken railways in the sky, but apparently I was wrong, it’s the beams connecting the buildings in Public Market.

My way or the sky way

All 3 locations can be accessed from the same rooftop that lets you get to the City Core Puzzle. Go to the South of City Core at 6984, 10036, up the vine and jump on the rooftop. Go all the way to the end of the roof and then to the right (coords: 7073, 9841). When you look down from there you will see 2 beams connecting the 2 buildings. Jump down on the first one and walk to the middle of it until Skyway 1 ticks in the achievement. Then jump down on the second beam and walk on it until Skyway 2 ticks in the achievement.

Go all the way down and get back up on the rooftop using the vine. This time go to the end of the roof, jump down to where the puzzle is and then look to your left, you will see the 3rd Skyway. 

City Scout

City Adventurer, City Scout and whatever comes next are the 3 instant adventures achievements for City Core. As we already got used to, there are a 10 / 100 and 500 instant adventures achievements.

City Scout

There aren’t anymore instant adventure bosses achievements, which makes things a lot less painful, but there is no way around grinding 500 instant adventures.

City Tales

Those that watched the Storm Legion streams might recognize this achievement.

City Tales

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, here is what you have to do. Follow the City Core story line and work your way through the quests. At the end of the quest chain Salvarola (coords: 7362, 8445) will give you a quest that sends you into Eastern Holdings.

When you complete this quest you will earn the achievement.

Empyrian Study

As always each zone has it’s own artifacts achievements.

Empyrian Study

For Empyrian Study you will need to find and complete only 3 artifact sets.

1. Brevanic Technology

2. The Aqueduct

3. Library Books

City Collector

City Collector is the bigger artifact achievement in City Core.

City Collector

There are 10 artifact sets needed for this achievement. City Core is a small place and there aren’t a lot of artifacts around. Most of them are in weird locations, on top of the mountains or buildings.

Honorary Mayor of City Core

The meta achievement for City Core is worth 50 achievement points and luckly it doesn’t include the instant adventure achievements.

Honorary Mayor of City Core

Good luck !

Other City Core Activities

City Core is a small area and it’s meant for level 52 players. Still, there are a few things you can do in this zone after you finished all the quests.

City Core Map


There are 2 Onslaughts in City Core (marked with yellow on the map above). They reward 2 Empyrean Sourcestones , 59.780 XP and 200 reputation with Eternal City Survivors. You can complete them once every day.


Except the Onslaughts there are also 3 other Daily Quests in City Core. You will find them in the South base (marked with orange on the map above).

  1. Close the Door: Seal 5 rifts in City Core. Awards 59.780 XP and 200 reputation with the Eternal City Survivors.
  2. New Places, Same Faces: Kill 18 rift creatures in City Core. Awards 59.780 XP and 200 reputation with Eternal City Survivors.
  3. Instant Adventure: Complete 7 instant adventures in City Core (currently disabled due to a bug).


In case you have trouble finding the porticulums I marked them with green on the map above :)

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