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Conqueror: Infernal Dawn

I think the time has come to take a look at the Conqueror: Infernal Dawn achievement and what you have to do to get it. If everything goes according to plan we should have it in 2 or 3 weeks and we will be ridding on that amazing looking lava raptor, the Infernal Strider.

There are a total of 370 achievement points for Infernal Dawn. Not all the achievement count for the Conqueror: Infernal Dawn meta achievement, but most of them do.

To get the Conqueror achievement you will have to complete no more, no less then 19 achievements. If you really go for it, it shouldn’t take more then 3 Infernal Dawn clears so get it. Once you got everything on farm, getting the Conqueror achievements can be a something fun to do to break the monotony of farm runs.

Conqueror infernal dawn

For the previous raids, the guy who put the achievements together took his time and sorted them a bit. But for Infernal Dawn they were just threw there without any order. I’m just going to take them in the order they are listed in the Conqueror achievement.

You’re Doing it Wrong

This is the first achievement in the list and it’s an achievement you get at Warboss Drak.

To get this achievement you have to defeat three Warforged Ironhulks during the Warboss Drak encounter. There are no mobs called like that among the adds that you can see when you engage Warboss Drak. You will have to make them spawn during the fight.

We did this achievement but I can’t tell you what did we do to spawn them. We came up with some theories but none of them prove to be correct. Basically we just killed the adds until we got an emote saying: Warboss Drak bellows, “Ironhulk attack ! It’s time for the Ascended to learn none can withstand Maelforge’s army !”. The theories behind this achievement were that you either had to kill 1 set of adds and then the Ironhulk will spawn (this means 2 x Stalwart, 2 x Firestorms and all the small Thralls) or that you have to kill a set number of adds (doesn’t matter witch type they are).

Also we believed that you can only spawn 1 Ironhulk every phase, but that’s been proved wrong as well.

To be honest, just go in there and nuke everything to pieces until the Ironhulks spawn. Each Ironhulk has 1.6 million HP so the encounter will last longer then usual. It took us 11 minutes to get the boss down when we did this achievement. Still didn’t see an enrage timer on Warboss Drak. I wonder what his enrage timer is.

The Ironhulks also root and cast aoe around them, just like the Ironhulk in the trash pack leading to the boss, so it’s best for melee to stay on the minibosses and DPS them down while the ranged handle the Ironhulks.

If you want to theorycraft on what triggers them to spawn or if you just want to see Sharogy going splat you can check our video of the achievement.

Easy and fun to get achievement. You should give it a shot just for the laughs at least.

Desolation Denied

Moving on to the next achievement in the list, we get to Desolation Denied. This achievement belongs to Maklamos the Scryer, the first boss in the Earth Wing.

Desolation Denied

This should be an achievement you get by default. All you have to do to get it is to avoid dying to Crystalline Desolation. I know a lot of guilds are avoiding this mechanic by using the “cheese” method. If you do it that way it’s very likely you already have this achievement by now. Even if you don’t cheese the mechanic and you do it as it was intended you should still get this achievement without to much effort.

People can still die during the fight due to other causes, so all you have to watch for is to not stray from the boss and become the Desolation target.

If you are going for this achievement it’s best to do Maklamos in his normal mode and not in hard mode so the risk of deaths is smaller.

Good luck and have fun !

Can’t Touch This

Can’t Touch This is a raid wide achievement you get from Rusila Dreadblade.

Can't Touch This

To get this achievement, everybody in the raid must stack in the yellow zone around her every time she teleports and casts Iron Wrath. If no one dies because they weren’t inside the yellow zone then you will get this achievement. It is more likely to die from other causes then it is to die from this ability, so unless you have a headless chicken in the raid running around not knowing what to do, you should get this achievement without to much effort.

This achievement is also part of a smaller meta achievement that isn’t included in the Conqueror achievement but it rewards a cool looking pirate hat. We will talk about this at the end of the post.

Shot Through the Heart

This is another achievement which you get during the Rusila Dreadblade encounter. This boss has quite a few achievements, but they are all fairly easy to get.

Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through the Heart is another achievement that you should get by default when defeating the boss. You have to destroy the Heart of the Dread Fortune within three minutes and then defeat the boss. In other words, complete Phase 1 in 3 minutes and you’re getting this achievement.

No matter which strategy you use for Rusila Dreadblade you can get this achievement without having to try hard. I know some guilds pull all the adds on top of the Heart and then shoot the canons directly at the Heart. This makes the first phase super short. We do this the long way, meaning we destroy all the hatches before we move on to killing the Heart and we will do it within 3 minutes.

Unless you have an incident and you are forced to wait for Combat Resses to get off cooldown, I don’t see how you wouldn’t do this in 3 minutes.

Backdraft Dodger

The next achievement is called Backdraft Dodger and it’s part of the Ituziel encounter.

Backdraft Dodger

To get this achievement you will have to dodge all the Flame Waves while you fight Ituziel. As a ranged DPS or healer you shouldn’t have issues getting this achievement. On the other hand, the melee will have to show their moving skills to earn this achievements. Also for the tanks it might be tricky to get it as they can be knocked back and stunned in the path of an incoming wave.

Most of the raid should be able to get this achievement on the first kill. If you are one of the guys that never get’s it you will have to sneak into the ranged camp when no one is looking, move when they move and you should get it.


One of the achievements belonging to the Ember Conclave is Embromance.


As it is the case with most council type encounters, there is always and achievement or a reward for killing them in a certain order. For the Ember Conclave, killing Emberlord Ereetu last is considered the “hard mode” of the encounter and it rewards an extra item that you can use to upgrade shoulder armor pieces that drop from the bosses in Infernal Dawn.

But there is also this achievement that requires you to kill each one of them last, on three separate attempts of course. So, on three separate attempts, defeat the Ember Conclave leaving each member listed below as the last to die.

Witchlord Szath doesn’t have any amazing abilities if left last. I think you should kill Packmaster first to get rid of the Feedback and then Emberlord Ereetu to despawn the crystals. Once you are left with Witchlord only, spread out for Ember Rain. After you see him cast it and the damage landing, everyone stack in melee for the Meteor ability and to have all the mind controlled people in one place so you can AoE them down. It’s an easy order in my opinion.

Emberlord Ereetu is always killed last. At least all the guilds I know kill him last because it’s an easy order and you also get the Focusing Crystal.

Packmaster Nahoth dying last is the more tricky part. Since no one practiced the encounter in this order before it will probably take a few tries before you get it down (kill movie incoming for this order).

Double Team Supreme

Double Team Supreme is an easy and fun achievement.

Double Team Supreme

To become the proud owner of this achievement you have to kill Gorlach and Bouldergut within ten seconds of each other. In case you don’t know who these guys are, they are the 2 minibosses that you gain access to after defeating Warboss Drak. They each have an ability which can turn very deadly if combined with the other miniboss ability. To be more exact, Gorlach places a debuff on a raid member which makes the person explode after 3 seconds. Bouldergut has a pull ability which drags people to him. Imagine the combination of these 2 abilties.

The good part about this achievement is that you don’t have to engage them both at the same time, you just have to kill them at the same time. So we first dpsed the earth miniboss down to 10% and left him to be tanked in a corner by a cleric tank, then we moved to Gorlach, the fire miniboss.

The tanks take more damage on this boss so the entire raid needs to be present to make it easier. When both minibosses were low, we pulled them together and killed them at the same time, but not before people got pulled all over the place, got ganked by Bouldergut’s adds and got blew up by “friendly” raid members. Was a funny achievement to get.


If it has Gold in it’s name, you guessed it, it must be a Laethys achievement.


Goldfinger is the first Laethys achievement you need for Conqueror: Infernal Dawn. This is a bit of a RNG achievement. Some guilds will get it without trying, some will have to try to get it. What you have to do is to kill Laethys while she is channeling Auroric Evocation. We killed her at least 6 times and we never got this, while some guilds got it on the first kill. I guess we will have to stop DPS and wait for her to channel and then kill her or just wait for the Gods of RNG to favor us one day.

Either way, this shouldn’t be very hard to get. If the Gods of RNG are being cruel, then just stop DPS at 2% and wait for her to start channeling Auroric Evocation. The dots should take her low enough by then and the 4 seconds of channeling should be enough time to get the last 1% down.

Eggs Over Easy

This is one of the most controversial achievements needed for Conqueror.

Eggs Over Easy involves killing the dragon eggs within 6 minutes of engaging Maelforge. A lot of people are saying it’s not possible. We tried it and it is possible. We will probably get it this week and I will post a video of the kill.

Eggs Over Easy

All I can say is that you will have to rush like mad and splitting the raid in 2 won’t help. Finger crosses we get it this week !

Rock Block

Rock Block belongs to the Maelforge encounter.

Rock Block

The way the encounter was designed at first, this achievement was to much of a headache to get. But with version 3.0 of Maelforge, this achievement is pretty much guaranteed. To get it you have to defeat Maelforge without any Flamebound minions being sacrificed. This means you will have to pick up, tank and kill all the adds in Phase 1. This must be done anyway, otherwise he will heal for a lot and also gain permanent damage buffs, which you don’t want.

The only tricky part I can think of, is picking up the adds that spawn on the right side of the room. Sometimes, if they aren’t properly LoSed, they will choose to run to the boss using the middle spire rather then running to the tank. But with a but of practice the tank will learn how to make them come to the raid.

Battle Prod

This achievement can only be earned by doing Maklamos Hardmode. Because the Crystal Lasers are disabled on the normal version of the encounter, the only way you can get this achievement is to do the hardmode version.

Battle Prod

What you have to do is to solve the Crystal Lasers within 15 seconds of activation. The Lasers last 30 seconds before they expire and kill the 3 people holding them, if they aren’t solved by then. To get this achievement you need to be fast with solving them.

The Lasers can pick anyone as a target, including the main tank, the off tank, the desolation tank or even 3 healers at the same time. This makes the encounter a little bit RNG-ish, but you should be able to get favorable RNG in a few tries. The only really bad thing that can happen and wipe you is 2-3 healers getting the Lasers at the same time. The rest of the situations should be easy to manage.

To get this achievement you need to solve all the Crystal Lasers, meaning no one can die from them. The most frequent cause of death is not being healed while running to the crystal. If one of the raid members holding the laser dies, the other 2 people die also. If you are executing the fight correctly there is no reason to not get this achievement. The only way in which you can fail is if the Desolation tank get’s the Green Laser and the person holding the Red Laser doesn’t notice him and doesn’t makes space for him to pass.

Just practice Maklamos Hardmode a few times and if didn’t get this achievement by default you can try hard on it.

A Cut Above

A Cut Above is another achievement belonging to Rusila Dreadblade.

A Cut Above

To earn this achievement you will have to avoid getting hit by Buzz Saws. This achievement is individual so you will have to do your best to dodge the Saws that spawn on the deck midway though phase 1 of the encounter. If you’re not a tank it should be an easy achievement to get. Just keep away from the yellow bands on the deck and you shouldn’t get hit. When you change position make sure you are not going to get hit by a saw.

If you failed and got hit, you can “reset” this achievement by dying and getting a combat ress. If you are dead at the end of the fight there is also a high chance you will get the achievement. This is a bug that’s been there since the opening of Infernal Dawn and no one had time or patience to fix it. So if you really want this achievement, do a Super Mario jump off the deck when the boss is about to die.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench…

The next achievement is also part of Rusila Dreadblade encounter.

If You can dodge a wrench

If You Can Dodge a Wrench… is another raid wide achievement. This time you will have to defeat Rusila Dreadblade after all players successfully dodge Rusila Dreadblade’s Dread Shot. Dread Shot is an ability she does in Phase 2. She will target a raid member and cast Dread Shot for 5 seconds. At the end of the cast the chosen person will receive 1 million damage. To avoid being killed he will have to use the reactive ability he gains and shield himself.

For those that still don’t know how this ability works (/points at a certain mage), you get chosen, you get the reactive ability. Look at the cast. When the cast it’s 75% done, start moving about (strafe, move forward, whatever you can do at that time) and press the reactive ability. Keep moving until she is done casting and you have avoided the ability ! Congrats !

To get the achievement, everyone that get’s targeted by Dread Shot needs to do the same. If no one dies, you get the achievement.


And we have another Rusila Dreadblade achievement.


Unchained is yet another achievement for which you have to dodge the traps the Lava Boat is setting up for your raid. To earn this achievement you will have to defeat Rusila Dreadblade after avoiding being ensnared by Barbed Chains. Unless you are one of the guys operating the cannons or a tank you should get this achievement without issues. There are 4 or 5 chains spawning during Phase 1 of the fight so 75% or more of the raid will get this achievement each try.

The chain spawn location is represented by big purple circles, as long as you stay away from them and leave someone else to get trapped you’re all set for this achievement. The only raid members that are likely to get trapped are the lower deck tank, the lower deck healers and the person operating the left cannon. There will be multiple Chains spawning in their path during the fight. But over time everyone should get this achievement.

Fire and Brimstone

This achievement is part of the Ituziel encounter.

Fire and Brimestone

To get Fire and Brimstone you will have to defeat Ituziel after not allowing anyone to be affected by Brimstone’s stun effect. This means the purging must be spot on. Most people that raided Infernal Dawn since the release should have this achievement by now. If not, then you need to spank your designated purger to do a better job.


This achievement was intended to be a hard to get one, but it turned out to be one of the easiest ones to get.


Impossi…breetu is awarded when you defeat the Ember Conclave and kill Emberlord Ereetu last. This is the so called “hardmode” version of the encounter. But as it turned out, this is the easiest way to kill the Ember Conclave… If you don’t have this achievement by now check the Ember Conclave Strategy Guide.

Gold Rush

If it has Gold in it’s name, it’s a Laethys achievement.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is earned when defeating Laethys within 9 minutes. This achievement requires serious DPS but it is doable at the moment. Thanks to some warriors going splat at the end, we got 9 minutes 4 seconds last attempt, but I am confident we will get this achievement next reset.

The trick behind getting this achievement is to push as fast as possible through Phase 1. If you can get it done in 2 minutes 40 then you should be able to get the 9 minutes achievement, given that no one dies in Phase 2. Just stack up mages and warriors I guess for max dps.

Subjugate This

Another Laethys achievement is Subjugate This.

Subjugate This

This is a raid wide achievement and you will have to defeat Laethys after not allowing any player to be killed by Golden Subjugation. The Golden Subjugation is the fist slamming mechanic. To get this achievement no one can die to the damage caused by this ability. This means no one can get caught directly under her fist and get one shot and no one can be under 90% HP when the mechanic comes and die to the damage caused by it.

In other words, this is pretty much a Perfect Laethys achievement. You can still die in Phase 1 or die to not clicking the reactive ability in time in Phase 2, but you can’t die to the fist slam damage.

Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not

This is the last achievement you need for Conqueror: Infernal Dawn.

Lava me now or lava me not

Once you killed Maelforge and you feel comfortable with doing the transition and everything, you can step out of your comfort zone and try this achievement. Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not is an achievement that belongs to the second transition phase on Maelforge. To get this achievement you have to complete the second transition phase in under 1 minute. For the phase to end all 4 cannons need to die in under a minute.

This probably means you will have to split the raid in 2 groups and each take 1 side and kill the 2 cannons. The cannons have 532k hp each, so it shouldn’t be to hard to DPS down 2 of them in 1 minute. You need around 19k raid DPS on each side to get them down in time and before they even spawn you have enough time to position between them (the ranged at least).

The only issue with killing the cannons so fast is that the Phoenixes will enrage and you will have to deal with 2 angry birds in the last phase.

A normal Maelforge kill should take about 13 minutes. He has a 15 minutes enrage timer. If you do the last transition like that you earn at least another extra minute, thus you can bring more healers if the damage from the enraged Phoenixes proves to be an issue.

These are the achievements that count for Conqueror: Infernal Dawn. There are a few achievements that are not included in this meta achievement, like the ones you get for defeating the bosses, the meta achievement for clearing Infernal Dawn, the achievement for defeating Maklamos the Scryer in hard mode and the meta achievement that rewards the pirate hat.

But I guess those achievement will be completed before you get Conqueror.

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