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Conqueror: Primeval Feast

Now that we got comfortable with the bosses in Primeval Feast and we cleared it a few times, maybe it is time to take a look at the Conqueror: Primeval Feast achievement. It has no awesome reward like Conqueror: Infernal Dawn, but at least you get a title: Champion of the Sun. Not the most cool sounding title out there, but at least for a while it will be rare, given that some of the achievements needed for Conqueror are quite hard to get.

I guess that’s why they are called achievements to begin with. They need to give you the feeling you achieved something when you earn them.

There are a total of 16 achievements that make up the Conqueror meta achievement.

Conqueror Primeval Feast

Again, no one took the time to sort them a little bit before adding them to the game, so I’m just going to use the order they used for Conqueror.

Primeval Feast

The first achievement you need for Conqueror is the meta achievement for defeating all the bosses inside Primeval Feast.

Primeval Feast achievement

Not a lot I can say about this achievement, you know what you have to do to get it. Just clear the instance and you got it.

Growing Pains

The next achievement is called Growing Pains and you can get it by defeating Alltha the Reaper with at least 2 Rampant Growths remaining.

Growing Pains

The Rampant Growths are the trees she spawns every time she goes from Phase 2 back to Phase 1. This transition should occur 3 times during the fight, so you have to kill the first tree and then ignore them until the end. While the trees are alive they will snare the entire raid and also heal the boss. You will need enough dps to be able to burn through her healing and people with reaction speed because of the permanent snare.

You will still need to move away from the raid when Toxic Spores will be casted in Phase 2, only this time you will be slowed. If you drop the poison on top of your raid members they will probably die to the damage because they won’t be able to move out fast enough while being slowed.

Splash Dance

Splash Dance is an achievement that belongs to Grandmaster Atrophinius.

Splash Dance

To get this achievement, the raid positioning needs to be done around the well, so that the person in charge with the water bucket can reach any of the raid members in 1-2 seconds. Also make sure there is a water bucket back up, in case the person in charge gets the debuff.

This should be a fun and easy achievement to get.

Hedge Fun

Next on the list is Hedge Fun. I must say this is not the most funniest achievement I can think of. The maze event is not my favorite.

Hedge Fun

Anyway, to get this achievement, you must complete the Maze without anyone dying. With completing the Maze, Trion meant completing The Living Labyrinth quest. This means you need to make it through the maze and also kill the Corpse Warden to get this achievement.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be hard to get. I even remember and made a video on how to solve the maze, so now you can check in advance which way to go. The key to success is to stick together and don’t lag behind. Once you are behind the main group you have a decent chance to die. So just follow the 8 !

Royal Assassin

Royal Assassin is actually a meta achievement, made out of the four achievements available for the Life Anchors event at the start of the instance.

Royal Assassin

The reward for getting this achievement is a title: Royal Assassin. To get this title you will have to complete the following 4 achievements.

First one is called Don’t Exceed Your Carrion Limit.

Don't exceed your carrion limit

To get this achievement you must not use Hylas to corpse recall if you happen to wipe. Just release and run back in or don’t wipe and  this achievement is guaranteed.

Next achievement is Solid Sneak.

Solid Sneak

This is an individual achievement. To get it you must destroy the Life Anchors without getting killed. So don’t do any bold moves, make sure you keep an eye on the time remaining on your disguise and you should get this achievement.

The third achievement need for Royal Assassin is called Anchor Man.

Anchor Man

To get this achievement your raid will have to destroy both Life Anchors within five minutes after Hylas dies. Once you know what you have to do on the Life Anchors event on both sides you can try and rush it by using the double bombing tactic to clear out the big packs of mobs and by skipping any packs of mobs that are not hindering you.

The left side is quite fast, so probably the right side will be the side that poses problems.

The last achievement needed is called 40 Days and 40 Knives.

40 days and 40 knives

You have to kill 40 Banetouched minions before destroying the Life Anchors to get this achievement. If you’re not rushing for Anchor Man then you should get this achievement by default.

Taster’s Choise

The next achievement is part of the Swarmlord Khargroth encounter.

Taster's Choise

You have to defeat him without him eating any poisoned insects. To get Taster’s Choise you have to ignore the poison sack that will spawn on the ground every now and then. Swarmlord Khargroth is an easy boss and you shouldn’t bother with the poison sack anyway, unless you want to stack up damage buffs for Down Comes the Pain achievement.

Day Man

Moving on to some of the Lord Twyl achievements, we come across Day Man.

To get Day Man you have to defeat Lord Twyl while completing the Spring and the Summer phases within 3 minutes. The Spring phase is the first phase where you get chased around by the 3 adds and the Summer phase is the second phase which lasts until 50%. You just need to hit him as hard as possible to get this achievement. Our best time so far was 3 minutes 1 second. I guess next time we will have to hit him even harder.

I guess the Summer phase is quite straight forward, dps him down as fast as you can. In the Spring phase the more you can stun the adds and keep them in one place the better the DPS will be and you can save precious seconds in that phase.

Day Man

Night Man

Night Man is the achievement that completes Day Man.

Night Man

For this achievement to trigger you have to defeat Lord Twyl while completing the Autumn and Winter phases within 3 minutes. Again a dps race, but this time for phase 3 and phase 4 of the encounter. The Autumn phase is the part where someone get’s sacrificed on the altar and the raid has to kill the Shaman before the sacrificial ritual is complete. The Winter phase is the last 50% of the boss and if you can nail that phase down without any deaths and a proper raid setup you will probably get this achievement.

Fear the Reaper

The next achievement needed for Conqueror: Primeval Feast is Fear the Reaper.

Fear the Reaper

This is a raid wide achievement for which you will have to avoid all damage from Alltha’s whirlwind. This means no slacking for the tanks basically. Most of the time they are the only ones that get hit because the whirlwind doesn’t do that much damage to them so they just taunt her or don’t move from her.

In a normal Alltha kill you should only get the Whirlwind 3 times over the entire fight. So it should be easy to avoid, given that she will first do a 2 seconds cast before she will start spinning. I think that if you are going for this achievement and make everyone in the raid aware that they have to move from the whirlwind you can get it easily.

Mind on my Honey

Mind on my Honey is one of the achievements you can get from Grandmaster Atrophinius.

Mind on my Honey

For this particular achievement you will have to ensure that all the Drunken minions are sleeping when Atrophinius dies. You should get this achievement by default when killing the boss. Regardless if you are using the proper Grandmaster Atrophinius Strategy or you’re just moving all the adds in 1 pile and then kill the boss, they should all be sleeping when the boss dies.

After a few clears of Primeval Feast everyone should have this achievement.

Never Saw It Coming

The next achievement for Conqueror is Never Saw It Coming. This achievement probably took longer to design then the boss fight took.

Never Saw It Coming

In case his name doesn’t sound familiar, Grukthor is the mini boss that you gain access to after defeating Swarmlord Khargroth. Probably they added this achievement to Conqueror because he is not a boss that needs to be killed for Primeval Feast achievement and Trion didn’t want him to feel left out.

Hedging Your Bets

This is another achievement for the Labyrinth event. This time, after you made it through the maze, you will have to defeat the Corpse Warden within 3 minutes.

Hedging Your Bets

To defeat him you have to drag 10 yellow wisps on top of him and blow him up. The wisps spawn very fast so in the time span of 3 minutes you will get more then enough opportunities to kill him. After a little bit of practice you can do this event with your eyes closed because you know exactly what to do and you will get this achievement for sure.

Down Comes the Pain

Down Comes the Pain is another achievement for Swarmlord Khargroth. To earn it you will have to defeat the Crawler Juggernaut within Primeval Feast.

Down Comes the Pain

This means you have to kill the big spider that spawns when the boss reaches 30% HP. Now the weird part is that the spider has more HP then the boss. The Crawler Juggernaut has 5.3 million HP and the boss only 3.1 million HP. With only a 6 minutes enrage timer it is impossible to kill him by just nuking him down.

There must be a trick to getting this achievement, but we didn’t figure it out yet. We tried kitting him through the poison, using the poison sack on him, slowing him (like the construct adds on Vladmal Prime), dragging him on top of poisoned adds, nothing happened. So I am still working on the secret behind this achievement. If you happen to come across it, please share :)

Champion of the Sun

If you can pull Day Man and Night Man in the same kill you will also earn Champion of the Sun.

Champion of the sun

What you have to do for this achievement is to defeat Lord Twyl within 6 minutes with no player deaths. This is a form of Perfect Twyl with epic DPS. Going through Phase 4 without any death while using a tight healing setup due to the 6 minutes timer it’s going to be a true achievement. I guess having no warrior dps can somewhat make it a little bit easier, but warriors are amazing as DPS so I don’t know if it’s worth the trade off.

Kitten Mittens

This is a funny achievement you can get at Faelord Twyl.

Kitten mittens

You have to properly kite the 3 adds in phase 1 to get this achievement. You have to defeat Lort Twyl without any players that have been turned into critters taking damage from pursuing beasts. So stun them, slow them, use those Tempest Mirrors on the adds and you will get this achievement for sure.

I also love the name of this achievement: Kitten Mittens. Sounds very fluffy and cuddly for some reason :) .

Rapid Assault: Primeval Feast

The last achievement needed for the Conqueror: Primeval Feast is the Rapid Assault.

Rapid Assault primeval feast

As you can see, the rapid assault for Primeval Feast is set at 30 minutes at the moment. There’s been a lot of people complaining that this is not possible. I am not convinced yet. In our last Primeval Feast clear we managed to pull a 41 minutes run, including a wipe, stopping for the mini boss and not completing the Life Anchors event fast enough for the achievement, so we can earn some time there also.

primeval feast speed run

I think it is possible to save some minutes by skipping the miniboss and maybe by finding a way to skip some more unnecessary stuff. Also being quick in killing the Corpse Warden in the Labyrinth event will also facilitate this achievement.

I am going to give it a few more tries before giving up and saying it can’t be done. I’m not saying it’s easy, but this is why it’s called a rapid assault… because it has to be fast. And to be honest, I think most people like a challenge. It’s just an achievement that doesn’t give any game breaking unfair rewards, so why not make it hard to get ? It gives people something to do, not just go in Primeval Feast and take some loot back with them. It gets boring after some time.

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3 Responses

  1. Marko

    For the Crawler Juggernaut achieve; a few suggestions (just putting it out there, haven’t tried it):

    Since Swarmlord eats bugs that go to him, and eats certain bugs when he resurfaces; have you tried kiting the spider (bug) to in front of Swarmlord?
    Or tried in some way, shape or form to have Swarmlord ‘eat’ him? It might engulf him whole, or take a large chunk of its hp.

    “Down Comes the Pain” and the cloud+rain logo could also give us a clue. Is there perhaps a place that you can drop a stone like with the part before the life anchors and that satyr?

    Checking out the area where you fight, on the right there is a stone ‘wall’ section and one of the archways has a large stone on it. Perhaps try kiting the Spider Juggernaut into that archway and see if anything happens – since I am looking at this point after our kill I can’t tell if there might have perhaps been an active mechanism that could drop that stone (that forms the top of the archway) down onto the spider.

    I had originally thought those two green ‘flap’ plants on the wall were like jumping platforms but I can’t seem to reach them – since you’ve tried everything else, I think the only other ways would be either via Swarmlord ‘eating’ the spider, or perhaps the boulder there. I mean, if you look at it – why would Trion create an archway there, and have a wall there. It could have just been…well…empty space. (the left ‘pillar’ of the archway also has spider webbing, so it must be true!/a hint!)

    Another way could be to run him round and round the tree to the left and make him pop (like with some bosses in Super Mario 64!)

  2. Marko

    Just a further point to that archway – the reason why I think it is the most logical answer at this point (after all the other stuff you’ve tried) is because the spider is rather big. I assume if you kite it through the archway it could possibly knock itself against the pillars, thus unbalancing that large stone at the top and perhaps knocking it on top of him.

  3. Gabriel

    There is a show in America called “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. There is an episode that they have called “The Night Man Cometh”. In that episode there are the origins of the names for Day Man, Night Man, Troll Toll, and also Champion of the Sun achievements. I am a die hard fan of the show and did a huge Lol when I saw these achievements lol.

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