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Published on July 9, 2012 by in Achievements

Whenever we get new content the first thing I like to check are the achievements for that content. When patch 1.9 went live the number of Achievement points available went up to 11.425 (11.485 minus 60 from the misplaced Instant Adventures ones that will be removed soon).

Under the PvP section a new tab has been added specially for Conquest. The total amount of achievement points that can be earned in Conquest is 375.

There are 6 achievements in total, each having multiple steps and for once Trion got it right. They balanced these achievements is such a way that by the time you get the 100 victories one, the rest of the achievements will be either completed or almost completed.

Conquest Achievements

Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what you have to do to get them. I’m going to start with the most annoying of them all. The crafting achievement.

Logistical Nightmare

There are 2 parts for this achievement. The 1st part is called Crafty Conquest and you have to craft 1 item to get it. It’s worth 10 achievement points and I think it’s quite easy to get. The next step is to craft 250 items. There aren’t any intermediary steps which I find quite weird. Not like there are so many resources available that getting 250 crafts is not a big deal. Also it’s quite demoralizing when you see you only have 12/250 crafts. I think Trion should have added a 25 and 100 craft achievement also. Nonetheless this achievement lives up to it’s name and it’s a Logistical Nightmare to get it done.

There are some people that will just camp the Workstation and every time someone will deposit some stones they will try to be the fastest clicker in the crowd and get the craft. I did my achievement this way and I can tell you it’s a pain to stare at the resources number for 1h every hour. But there is an easier way to get this achievement. Unfortunately I only found out about it after I got it. I call it “Hoarding Balls” method. Here is how it works.

You can store the Empowered Sourcestones so you can pile them up all day long and at night when there is no one camping the Workstation you can use them in peace. You can’t store them in your bags because at the end of each game they get removed. In order to store them you have to mail them to another character from inside Conquest, then log that character and press “Return” on the mails. This way you will have them in your mailbox and when the coast is clear you pick them up, deposit them in your base and craft. You need to have the portable mailbox for this and you might also need a friend with a portable mailbox to help you out because the cooldown on the mailbox is 2 hours. To make this go even faster you can ask your guildies or your friends to mail you or trade you the Empowered Sourcestones if they don’t want them.

The next achievement involves collecting the Empowered Sourcestones and it’s worth a total of 80 achievement points.


This achievement is made out of 6 smaller achievements. The first one is called With Great Empowerment…, it’s worth 5 points and to get it you need to pick up 100 Empowered Sourcestones. These stones spawn around Extractors, they are light green and they are sparkly, you can’t miss them.

Next achievement is called You’ve Got The Touch and it’s worth 5 points. To get this achievement you will have to gather 500 Empowered Sourcestones. After this comes You’ve Got The Empowered which is worth 10 achievement points and to get it you need to gather 1.000 Empowered Sourcestones. If you keep gathering and you pick up 2.500 stones you will earn the achievement called Empowering Presence worth 15 points. The achievement for picking up 5.000 Empowered Sourcestones is called Tower Of Empowerment and it awards 20 points. The last achievement is for 10.000 Empowered Sourcestones and it’s called Empowered. It is worth 20 achievement points.

If you want to be done with this achievement and never have to pick another stone up you can just take the camp approach. Pick 1 or 2 Extractors that are in a relatively safe area, for example Burlingham or Briarcliff Woods, and just run around them and pick up the Empowered Sourcestones. They respawn quite fast, even if you run around 1 Extractor only you will still get 1.500 – 2.000 stones every match. Remember, if you want to complete the Logistical Nightmare achievement as well, mail these stones to one of your alts or friends and save them for later. If you hoard all the 10.000 stones you will have enough for 66 crafts. This is a quarter of the crafting achievement.

The 3rd achievement in the list is for using the portals.

This achievement is really easy to get. First you have to complete Teleport Taker, fairly easy, just use a portal once and you got 10 achievement points right there. Then you will have to complete Frequent Flyer to get the remaining 20 achievement points. To do this you need to use the portals 100 times.

Frequent Flyer

This achievement should pose no challenge, it should complete on it’s own by the time you are done with the other achievements. If you want to get it immediately you can port somewhere, suicide, respawn and repeat 100 times. This also bugs sometimes, in the last 10 minutes of the fight, after the final boss dies if you try to port somewhere it will say “Failed” but it will count for the achievement so you can stay in the base and spam click the portal 100 times. This doesn’t always happen but you can give it a try I guess. Easy 30 achievement points right there.

The next achievement involves killing people.

Conquest Annihalator

This achievement is also split into smaller achievements, 6 of them to be exact, for a grand total of 85 achievement points. The first achievement is called Conquest Slayer, it’s worth 5 points and you have to kill 100 players, followed by Conquest Hunter at 500 kills, worth 10 points, next is Conquest Stalker at 1.000 kills, worth also 10 points, followed by Conquest Destroyed at 2.500 kills which is worth 15 achievement points, next is Conquest Executioner for killing 5.000 players, worth 20 points and the last one, Conquest Annihilator for 25 achivement points.

While you complete this achievement you will also get Stillmoor Annihalator and the title The Nightstalker which I’ve been proudly using for so long because it was somewhat unique. Now that everyone that joins Nightfall twice can get that title I’m join to change to Ice Cold Killer !

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what you have to do for this achievement so we can move on to the next one.

Conquest Veteran

This is the victory achievement. It goes up to 100 victories and for completing it you will earn a total of 75 achievement points. This achievement has 5 steps. First you will get Conquest Victory for winning one game of Conquest. This is worth 5 points. It is followed by Conquest Superiority for 10 victories and it is worth 10 points. Next is Conquest Triumph for winning 25 games and it gives 15 achievement points. Conquest Veteran is granted after winning Conquest 50 times and awards 20 achievement points. The last one is Conquest Supremacy for 100 victories and 25 achievment points.

On the European shards your best bet is to go with Oathsworn if you want the victory achievement to move along as you are doing the other achievements meanwhile. If not you will find yourself in the same situation as with Codex Wonder Winner where you had everything else completed and still had to get 70 more Codex victories.

The last achievement for Conquest involves the Extractors.

Extractor Marauder

This is a 6 steps achievement as well. It starts with Extractor Poacher for which you need to help capture 10 Extractors, followed by Extractor Plunderer for capturing 50 Extractors. The achievements for the 100 and 500 captured Extractors are called the same, Extractor Pillager, which makes me think that someone at Trion copy/pasted wrong.Extractor Marauder is awarded for capturing 1.000 Extractors and the last achievement is Extractor Despoiler for capturing 2.500 Extractors.

What does “help capture” means ? You either have to hit the enemy Extractor or if the Extractor is already dead you have to be there when it get’s captured. In a game in which Dominion is actually trying to win you can capture 40-45 Extractors without issues. In average you will get 25-30 Extractors each Conquest match.

There is no meta achievement for Conquest, I guess the guy who did the achievements for 1.9 was a bit in a hurry. This is it for the Conquest Achievements, happy hunting.

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