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Fishing Achievements

There are a total of 260 achievement points that can be earn by fishing. Some of them are fun to get, some of them are just the old fashion grind for days type of achievements.

I guess you can say there are zone achievements, artifact achievements and some meta achievements.

Finally Trion listened to all the artifact crazed people out there and added another round of artifact sets, which you can only get by fishing. So fishing it’s not just about getting the fish for consumables and survival dailies, it’s also about getting the artifacts !

But let’s take a look at the zone achievements first, since they are the easiest ones to get.

Silverwood Fisherman

First stop, the Silverwood Fisherman achievement. It is worth 5 achievement points and it is simple to get if you are a Guardian. If you are a Defiant then you will have to do some running all the way to Silverwood for this achievement.

Silverwood Fisherman

To get it you will have to catch one of each fish available from the lakes and shoreline of Silverwood. To fish in Silverwood you need 1 Fishing skill, so just train fishing and you’re good to go. From shallow water you will have to catch a Forest Pondleaper, a Smooth Minnow and a Silverwood Angel. From the deep waters of Silverwood you will have to catch a Blue Widemouth, a False Shark and a Silverwood Devil to complete this achievement.

The Forest Pondleaper, Smooth Minnow, Blue Widemouth and False Shark are common quality fish (white), the Silverwood Angel is of uncommon quality (green) and the Silverwood Devil is a rare fish (blue). But don’t worry, the Silverwood Devil, although it’s supposed to be rare it has quite a high drop rate, around 25-30%, so it shouldn’t take to long to catch them all. Just make sure to cast your line in both shallow and deep water. If you are unsure where to find good fishing spots you can check the Silverwood Fishing Guide.

Freemarch Fisherman

The equivalent of Silverwood Fisherman for Defiants is Freemarch Fisherman. This achievement is also worth 5 points and you only need to train fishing to be able to catch the fish needed to complete it.

Freemarch Fisherman

For this achievement you will have to cast your line in shallow water for a Smooth Minnow, a Forest Pondleaper and a Normal-eyed Guppy. And in deep water for a False Shark, a Blue Widemouth and a Deep March Eel. You can notice that the common fish are the same as the ones needed for the Silverwood Fisherman achievement. So if you did one of these zones and you’re moving to the next one you will only have to catch the green quality fish and the rare fish for the other zone and you will be done with the achievement.

You can take a look at the Freemarch Fishing Guide if you want more details about fishing in this area.

Gloamwood Fisherman

The next zone achievement we will going to take a look at is Gloamwood Fisherman. To be able to catch the fish needed for this achievement you will have to level your fishing to at least 40 skill points.

Gloamwood Fisherman

From shallow water you will have to get an Echidna Fish, a Lesser Crystalfish and a Gloam Eel. The Tawmy Rockfish, Creeper and Indigoby are from deep water, so if you want to get this achievement while leveling fishing make sure you cast in both shallow and deep water.

The drop rate of uncommon and rare fish in the low level zone like Gloamwood and Silverwood is quite high so it shouldn’t take to long to get these achievements. In the Gloamwood Fishing Guide you can find some of those drop rates and fishing spots.

Stonefield Fisherman

This is the last zone achievement for which Guardians will have to travel further then Defiants. As all the other zone achievements, this one is worth 5 points and it is easy to get.

Stonefield Fisherman

To earn it you will have to catch an Echidna Fish, a Lesser Crystalfish and a Fantail from the shallow waters of Stonefield and a Tawmy Rockfish, a Creeper and a Cascadefish from the deep waters of Stonefield. There are only a few places that count as deep water in Stonefield but there are plenty of shallow water ponds. For locations and other details on the zone check out the Stonefield Fishing Guide.

Scarwood Reach Fisherman

As we move to the common zones for both Guardians and Defiants you can notice that you will need to catch 8 fish instead of 6 to complete the Fisherman achievements.

SCarwood Reach Fisherman

The first zone that requires 8 fish is Scarwood Reach. To earn Scarwood Reach Fisherman you will have to catch a Freshwater Shrimp, a Chamelionfish, a Grouper and a Scarwood Crystalfish. Two of these fish are common, 1 is of uncommon quality and the last one is a rare fish and they can be caught in shallow water.

The deep water fish that you need for this achievement are: Blenny, Flatfish, Inland Octopus and Ironshell Crab. Again, 2 of these fish are common, 1 uncommon and 1 is a rare fish. There are only 2 spots that hold deep water in Scarwood Reach, one at the very North of the map, under the big tree in Shatterbone Cannion and one under the waterfall (more like pipefall) at Keenblade Mill. There is a map of these spots in the Scarwood Reach Fishing Guide.

Scarlet Gorge Fisherman

The second zone for which you only need 90 fishing skill is Scarlet Gorge. The Fisherman achievement for this area also requires 8 fish to complete.

Scarlet Gorge Fisherman

From the shallow waters of Scarlet Gorge you will have to catch a Freshwater Shrimp, a Chamelionfishm a Red Mangler and a Steelscale Thrasher. From the deep water you will need a Flatfish, a Blenny, a Green Widemouth and an Electric Dragonfish to complete the Scarlet Gorge Fisherman achievement.

If you fished in Scarwood Reach before you came to Scarlet Gorge, you will only need to catch the zone specific fish to complete the achievement. But because the zone specific fish are uncommon and rare you will probably end up catching the common ones also. It’s more of a challenge to find deep water in Scarlet Gorge then it is to catch the fish. If you have trouble locating the deep water, check out the Scarlet Gorge Fishing Guide.

Moonshade Highlands Fisherman

For Moonshade Highlands Fisherman you only need to catch 7 fish.  This area it’s been a little bit weird since Fishing was first introduced, I don’t know why it doesn’t have the same pattern as the rest of the zones.

Moonshade Highlands Fisherman

To earn this achievement you will have to grab you fishing pole and head for shallow water, where you will have to find a Jasper Snapper, a Moonhorse and a Grassland Pondleaper. Then head over to deep water, where you will have to catch a Verdant Angel, a Lobster, a Highlands Eel and a Whalefish. 3 of these fish are common, 2 uncommon and 2 are rare. The Moonshade Highlands Fishing Guide has more details on what you can do in this area.

Droughtlands Fisherman

You can fish in Droughtlands. Although the name of the area might make you think there is no water to fish in, there are plenty of pools teaming with fish. All you need is 150 fishing skill and you can catch them all.

Droughlands Fisherman

For Droughtlands Fisherman you will need a Pale Flycatcher, a Jasper Snapper, a Borrowing Crab and a Desert Greenling for the shallow ponds scattered all over Droughlands. From deep water you will have to catch a Vermillion Stoneskin, a Verdant Angel, an Aestivating Nautilus and a Droughtlands Puffer to complete the achievement. Check out the Droughtlands Fishing Guide for more accurate location on fishing spots in this area.

Iron Pine Peak Fisherman

Iron Pine Peak is the only area that requires 180 fishing skill. It’s also an area for which you only need 7 fish to complete the fisherman achievement.

Iron Pine Peak Fisherman

From the shallow water of Iron Pine Peak you will have to reel in a Jasper Snapper, a Pale Flycatcher, a Serene Flatfish and an Icebitter. From the deep water you will have to catch a Verdant Angel, a Coldwater Seabug and a Glacier Octopus in order to complete the Iron Pine Peak Fisherman achievement.

I think this is one of the most difficult areas to complete and to level in. Because there are only 2 spots to fish in there aren’t a lot of schools of fish. The fishing locations are marked in the Iron Pine Peak Fishing Guide. I was hopping that with Mount Carcera erupting there will be more ice melting in IPP, but unfortunately it didn’t. IPP is not a great fishing area.

Shimmersand Fisherman

Shimmersand is part of the second to last tier of fishing areas. To fish here you need 210 fishing skill.

Shimmersand Fisherman

To complete the Shimmersand Fisherman achievement you will have to catch a Coral Prawn, a Brown Perch, a Brightwater Octopus and a Powdernose Crab from shallow water and a Sunny Puffer, a Teal Grouper, a Desert Seabug and a Sand Nautilus from deep water.

In this area things get more interesting. The fish you catch here have more uses and the overall fishing rewards are better. Check out the Shimmersand Fishing Guide for more details on what you can do with fishing in this area.

Stillmoor Fisherman

Stillmoor is on the same tier with Shimmersand when it comes to fishing. Although before patch 1.8 there was no water in Stillmoor, a few ponds have formed after the eruption of Mount Carcera. The locations of these ponds can be found in the Stillmoor Fishing Guide.

Stillmoor Fisherman

There are only 6 fish needed for the Stillmoor Fisherman achievement. From shallow water you will need to catch a Brown Perch, a Firebelly Snapper and a Moonleaper for this achievement and from deep water you will need a Teal Grouper, a Bull Chamelionfish and a Stillmoor Devil.

Ember Isle Fisherman

Ember Isle Fisherman is the last zone achievement. To fish in Ember Isle you will need to have 240 fishing skill and this will be your last fishing destination.

Ember Isle Fisherman

For the Ember Isle Fisherman achievement you will need to catch 8 fish. From shallow water you will need a Brown Perch, an Isle Crab, an Ember Stoneskin and an Amphibious Jelly. From the deep isle waters you will have to reel in a Teal Grouper, a Glossy Mackerel, a Deep Ray and an Ash Shark.

By the time you will reach 300 fishing skill this achievement will complete on it’s own. The Ember Isle Fishing Guide will show you the best fishing spots and what other interesting things you can get by fishing in this area.

Marvelous Angler of Telara

Once you complete all the zone fishing achievements you will also complete the meta achievement Marvelous Angler of Telara.

This achievement is worth 10 points and it also rewards the title: Marvelous Angler. As you can see, this achievement involves catching one of every fish in Telara. If you don’t have this achievement by the time you got 300 fishing skill, check which areas you skipped while leveling and go back to them.

Marvelous Angler of Telara

All this achievement requires is a little bit of patience when it comes to completing the zone achievements in the opposite faction zones.

The Rarest Catch

The Rarest Catch is another meta achievement which will complete when you earn all the zone fishing achievements. It’s worth a total of 30 achievement points and it has 3 stages.

The Rarest Catch

The Rarest catch is the final stage and to earn it you will have to catch all the rare fish swimming in Telara. There are a total of 20 rare fish to catch in 12 areas. When you complete this stage you will also get a Red-eyed Tree Frog pet as a reward and 15 achievement points.

Red-eyed Tree Frog

The first stage of this achievement is called Rare Catch and it’s worth 5 achievement points. To get this you will have to catch 1 rare fish, so you will get this achievement quite fast after training fishing. The middle stage is called Rarer Catch and you have to catch 10 rare fish to earn 10 achievement points.

All these achievements will add up to 30 achievement points and a funny looking pet. As I said, it should be fairly easy to complete.

Sunken Treasure

For the Sunken Treasure achievement you will have to reel in a Sunken Treasure.

Sunken Tresure

These treasure chest are available in every zone. They have 1-2% drop rate, but you will get one by the time you reach 300 fishing. I was unlucky and I got my first Sunken Treasure in Iron Pine Peak.

These chest can contain rare recipes, potions, scrolls and platinum.

Supreme Angler

You earn the Supreme Angler once you reach 300 fishing skill.

Supreme Angler

Depending on which root you take while leveling fishing, it will take you between 8 and 12 hours to level fishing from 0 to 300. If you have the patience to run around and look for Schools of Clever Fish, you will level faster, but you can’t be lazy and stand in one place. If you just fish in open water, it will take around 12 hours to get to 300. As you get to Iron Pine Peak and higher areas, it will take more casts to get 1 skill point. Ember Isle is going to take the longest to level from 240 to 300 if you don’t look for Schools of Clever Fish.

But fishing in Ember Isle will provide you with fish that are worth something on the Auction House, it it’s not a bad idea to spend some time and fish Ember Isle for a while.

Supreme Fisherman

This achievement is worth a total of 50 achievement points and it’s made out of 5 stages.

Supreme Fisherman

1. Apprentice Fisherman is the first stage of this achievement and it’s worth 5 points. To complete it you will have to catch 100 fish.

2. Journeyman Fisherman is the second part of this achievement and it’s also worth 5 points. This time you will have to catch 500 fish, so an additional 400 fish after earning Apprentice Fisherman.

3. Dedicated Fisherman is the third stage of Supreme Fisherman and it is valued at 10 achievement points. To earn it, you will have to catch 1.000 fish, so another 500 fish after you completed Journeyman Fisherman. By the time you get to 300 fishing skill you should already have this achievement or be really close to completing it.

4. Artisan Fisherman is the fourth part of the achievement and it’s also valued at 10 achievement points. This is going to be an achievement you will get over time or for which you will have to grind. To complete it you will have to catch 5.000 fish. But if you think this one is going to be a pain, take a look at the last stage of this achievement.

5. Supreme Fisherman is worth 20 achievement points and it’s the last part of this achievement. 10.000 fish are needed to complete it. This is going to take you some time to complete. Probably around 7-10 days, depending on how long you can stand there and fish. It will probably take 1 year to complete if you just fish occasionally for dailies or events. On the bright side, fishing counts as harvesting, so by the time you complete this achievement you will also have 10.000 out of the 25.000 items needed for Supreme Harvester.

After completing this daunting task you will be rewarded with a title: Lady of the Lakes / Lord of the Lakes. It’s a nice title, but I think Trion could have came up with a better reward then a title for such an achievement.

Master Trophy Angler

Yeah, I know, this is a facepalm moment. If you thought Supreme Fisherman was bad, check out Master Trophy Angler if you want to see something worse. For this achievement you will have to catch every trophy artifact there is, for each fish in the entire Telara. This amounts to the staggering number of 64 trophy fish.

Master Trophy Angler

The thing with this achievement is… there isn’t any easy way of getting it. If you just buy the trophies from the Auction House they won’t count. You will have to fish each and every one of them by yourself. This achievement is worth a total of 30 points and it’s made out of 3 stages.

The first stage is called Trophy Catch, it’s worth 5 achievement points and to get it you need to catch 1 trophy fish. This is followed by the second part, Trophy Angler which is worth 10 points and you need to catch 10 trophy fish to earn it. And after that, without any foreplay or anything, BAM comes the last phase of the achievement, Master Trophy Angler. Here you go, a huge list of 64 trophy fish that you have to catch to get the last 15 achievement points and the Tame Isle Crab as a pet.

Tame Isle Crab

I personally got the 10.000 fish achievement long before I got this one. Some of those trophy fish just don’t want to cooperate and let themselves caught. After I got my achievement, Trion added the Timed Trophy Lure.

Timed Trophy Lure

But, because the artifact pool is so big in every area and the artifact drop rates are already low, this puts the trophy drop rate somewhere around 0.3% or even less. Using this lure is not going to make much of a difference because the start value is so low to begin with. If you have them, use them, but don’t expect spectacular results.

A Collection of Trophies

This is the first artifact sets achievement. It is worth 20 achievement points and to complete it you will have to collect 12 sets of artifacts, one from each area of Telara.

A Collection of Trophies

There are a total of 42 artifact sets related to fishing. Out of those you will need 12 to complete this achievement. One set from each area of Telara, each set made out of the trophy version of the fish present in that area. If you are aiming to complete this achievement first and then go for the other remaining sets, you need to be careful where you place your artifacts, because there are multiple sets that require the same fish. Not all the fishing artifact sets count for achievements, some of them have pets or titles as rewards and are not included in any of the achievements. If you want the achievements it’s best to leave those sets last.

For more details on the artifact sets and the location where you can fish them in check out the Fishing Artifacts Guide.

Fishing for Artifacts

Fishing for Artifacts is the second achievement related to artifacts that can only be obtained by fishing. It is worth 20 achievement points and to complete it you will have to finish 15 artifact sets.

Fishing for Artifacts

Again, as for the achievement above, not all the the artifact sets count for an achievement, but they sometimes require the same artifacts as the sets that do count for the achievements. Be careful when choosing in which set to place the artifact. Some of these artifacts are rare and hard to get, so ending up with a misplaced rare artifact can cause frustration.

Most of these artifact sets are specific to a group of areas, so you won’t be spending your time fishing in the same spot over and over, you will have to travel across Telara to complete this achievement. Of course, you can also use the Auction House to purchase some of these artifacts if you wish, you don’t have to fish them all by yourself.

But if you are looking for a specific artifact and you don’t know where to find it, you can check out the Fishing Artifacts Guide.

Ultimate Angler

This is the Fishing profession meta achievement. It is worth 30 achievement points and it rewards the title: “Angler” when completed.

Ultimate Angler

When you complete all the achievements listed above, you will automatically earn this achievement and become the ultimate fisherman ! Then you can take a step back and relax or open a fish store in Meridian !

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