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Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not

Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not is going to require more practice then any other achievement in Infernal Dawn. I don’t know if it’s a little buggy at the moment or if it’s working as intended, but there is a reliable way to do this achievement. On the second week we attempted this achievement we got it to work on the first try, so it’s a matter of practice.

The goal of this achievement is to defeat Maelforge without anyone taking damage from Volcanic Eruption. Volcanic Eruption is an ability that occurs in the second transition, the Cannon phase. The ability starts dealing damage 3 seconds or so after you kill the first cannon. To stop it from dealing damage you have to kill all the cannons.

Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not (2)

When we first considered doing this achievement we thought that killing all the 4 cannons at the same time should do the trick, but it didn’t. The ability triggered after the cannons were dead and Maelforge landed and it kept dealing damage in the last phase. This is what made me think the ability is bugged. There is no reason for an ability related to the cannon phase to occur in the last phase of the encounter.

Bug or no bug, we still wanted the achievement. The solution came from an unexpected source, a troll attempt. We noticed that when Aileen killed his cannon 3 seconds before everyone else, the ability didn’t trigger. So after a few more attempts we got it.

The way to do this achievement is to kill 3 cannons at the same time and the last cannon 3-4 seconds later (or if you have good reflexes and low latency, when you see the Volcanic Eruption fire bolts flying from the middle of the room).

But let’s start from the beginning.

Step 1: before you start the encounter, split the raid in 4 groups. Each group must have 1 healer, a cleric if possible because it won’t always be possible to hit the cannons, so the chloros will have a though time healing. Also each group has to have a person in charge with taking the cannons to low HP, a whittler as Paul called them. Assign each of the 4 groups to a cannon: Top left, Top right, Bottom left and Bottom right.

Step 2: complete Phase 1, run up the ramp, complete Phase 2.

Step 3: when Maelforge is down to 30% and the Cannon phase starts, everyone group up in one corner and kill the 2 Phoenixes and any leftover adds from the previous phase. Careful not to kill any cannons in the process. Careful not to die

Step 4: when both birds are dead, everyone move to their assign cannons and start dps-ing them down. Stop DoTs at around 20% and from 10% onward just let the whittler take the cannon to very low health. The idea is to be able to kill the cannons in 1 hit, so they need to be between 1k HP and 6k HP or so.

Step 5: call out when your cannon is ready (on low HP). When all cannons are ready, someone has to do a countdown and at the end of it 3 cannons should die at the same time. Killing the last cannon is the tricky part. We assigned Efreet (mage) to kill that cannon. What he does is, he positions himself about 20 meters away from the cannon and after the countdown is over, he counts to 3 and casts a Fireball. The extra 3 seconds plus the travel time of the Fireball seem to be just enough to make the transition flawless and avoid the damage from Volcanic Eruption.

Another safety measure you can take is to have everyone in a corner when you kill the 3 cannons. This way, even if the 4th cannon is a little bit slow to die, you ensure that the Volcanic Eruption travel time is as long as possible.

If the Volcanic Eruption still hits you, then you need to adjust the time on which the last cannon dies, that’s all. With a bit of practice you can get it right almost every time :)

Good luck !

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