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Troll Toll

I completely forgot to record this achievement although I was prepared for it. I guess my memory is starting to fail me :( I must apologize I can’t provide you with a video. This is one of those achievements you will probably do once and never want to do it again. It took some time to get it.

What you have to do for this achievement is to defeat Lord Twyl with 4 Devious Trolls alive. Now I know you’re going to say: Just bring Vera, he counts as 4 trolls ! Unfortunately it has to be the 4 trolls that spawn during the third phase of the encounter.

You can’t do this achievement using the normal 1 tank setup. You will need 2 tanks, because each of the trolls apply an infinite stacking debuff on the tank that ticks for a lot of damage. If you split the trolls by 2, then there is a chance the debuff will reset and even if it doesn’t, the tank shouldn’t take un-healable damage by the time you end phase 4.

Troll Toll

For healing we used 1 51 chloromancer that switched between the tanks as the fight progressed and more healing was needed on one tank instead of the other (you can’t tell on which one of the tanks the debuff will reset) and 1 senticar for AoE healing. We also used a bard for extra buffs, resistance aura and some extra healing in the last phase.

For Phase 1 and Phase 2 the fight stays the same, the only difference is that you will have 1 extra tank so it might go a little bit slower. When Phase 3 starts, have one of the tanks pick up the first 2 trolls. Then the second tank will pick up the 3 trees that spawn after the trolls and drag them on top of the Shaman and have them AoEd down asap, if possible before the second set of trolls spawn.

When the second set of trolls spawn have the second tank pick them up as well, but don’t dps them down. The DPS should focus on killing the second Shaman. When the second set of trees spawn, the second tank will also have to pick them up and the DPS will have to single target them down as best as they can. Some AoE can be done, but not to much so you don’t take the Trolls to low.

You can decide which tank picks up Twyl. Both tanks will have 2 Trolls on them so pick the best geared tanked for this task.

For Phase 4 there will be some extra healing needed because the Trolls apply a raid wide dot every 15 seconds that ticks for 800-1000 fire damage. It can be dispelled using Empowering Light, but because people will be spread out you won’t hit everyone with the dispell. Just try and survive as best as you can in Phase 4. If you wipe due to lack of healing you can check your encounter timer and if you think you have enough DPS to defeat Twyl within 8 minutes you can add more healing. But we were close as it was with only 2 healers and a Bard.

This achievement will probably take some time to complete, so don’t panic :) When you’re almost ready to give up, give it one more try. It’s usually that try that get’s the job done !

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