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Exodus of the Storm Queen (Normal Mode)

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Exodus of the Storm Queen is the first dungeon you will be able to access in Storm Legion. For those that pre-ordered Storm Legion the dungeon will become available on 30 October. The Normal Mode of this dungeon is meant for players between level 50 and 52.

The dungeon and the entrance are located in Iron Pine Peaks inside The Chancel of Labors. Exodus of the Storm Queen tells the story of Crucia and how she was set free from her frozen prison under the Iron Pine Peak lake.

There dungeon is short and there isn’t a lot of trash. On the other hand there is a lot of role play. Sometimes I wish there was a fast foward button !


Dominax is a 2 stage fight. After you repel the 4 Blackstorm assaults from the side doors you get to fight Dominax.

First he will take over the Assault Frame.

Health: 618.000

Level: 52


  • Decimator: 3 seconds cast, can be interrupted, deals massive damage to the tank. Occurs every 30 seconds.
  • Red Mist: 3 seconds chanel, targets 1 person, needs to be line of sighted. Occurs every 45 seconds.
  • Razor Slash: applies on the tank, reduces maximum HP by 10%/stack. Can be dispelled, occurs every 7 seconds.

Once you defeat the Assault Frame, Dominax will spawn. He will immediately engage so be ready.

Heath: 412.000

Level: 52


  • Raging Tempest: 2 seconds cast, applies a 30 seconds buff on the boss. Deals 800 to 1000 AOE damage for 30 seconds. Can not be purged.

Pick up Dominax and drag him into the yellow glowing circle. Once you get him under 40% HP the projector on the circle’s edge will become click-able. Use it to trap Dominax inside a crystal, then pick up the crystal and run to the forge with it. You got 10 seconds to reach the blue circle with the crystal otherwise your party will wipe and the encounter will reset.

General Grim

General Grim is also a 2 stage fight.

Health: 1.000.000

Level: 52


  • Cleave: 180 degrees cone.
  • Reaper’s Touch: spawns a spinning scythe with 14.131 HP. If killed awards a 15 seconds buff increasing your entire party damage by 10%.

At 40% he will run to the middle and a flag will appear. Someone has to click the flag in the next 10 seconds or he will wipe the party.

The person who clicks the flag will be locked inside a “duel area” with the boss and will have to fight him, while the rest of the party will fight adds outside the duel area.

While inside the duel area he has the following abilities:

  • Brutal Strike: 2 seconds cast, hits for 13.000. To avoid it use the temporary ability that looks like a sword.
  • Subjugation: 2 seconds cast followed by a 10 seconds channel. Stuns you and deals 2k damage every second. To survive it spam the second temporary ability (white and blue icon).

If you manage to defeat the boss inside the duel area the fight ends and you will receive your loot. If you die inside the duel area the boss will gain a 10 seconds enrage buff. Use cooldowns on the tank if needed and survive it, then normally dps down and kill the boss.


Valthundr is an easy fight.

Health: 1.000.000

Level: 52


  • Avalanche: instant cast, knocks back and deals 1.600 damage to everyone in a 10 meters range.
  • Frost Bound: 5 seconds cast immediately after Avalanche. At the end of the cast all players that are not inside the blue circle take 8.000 damage. Occurs every 20 seconds.
  • Winter’s Fury: 2 seconds cast followed by a 10 seconds channel. Players need to line of sight the boss behind the bookcases or they will be oneshotted. This ability occurs after every second Frost Bound cast. Each Winter’s Fury destroys a bookcase.


Chekaroth is an amazing looking boss. I would love to have his weapon ! But before you can get to the boss you must complete a mini event.

Theodor’s Last Stand: duration 3 minutes, waves of mobs will attack your party. Kill them. After you killed 15 of them you will gain a reactive ability. Use it to oneshot mobs. This will prevent you from being overrun. At the end of the 3 minutes the boss becomes active.

Health: 1.000.000

Level: 52


  • Flash Freeze: 3 seconds cast followed by a 5 seconds channel. The channel can be interrupted. Adds 1 stack of Flash Freeze debuff a random party member. If the debuff builds up to 10 you will freeze and die. To remove the debuff you must pick up a Warmth Orb (see below).
  • Storm Blade: 3 seconds cast, summons a Storm Blade with 20.038 HP which spins around the room. Hits for 1.000 if you are too close to it. If killed awards a 15 seconds buff to the entire party that increases damage done by 10%.
  • Foul Wind: 5 seconds cast followed by a 5 seconds channel. Deals 1.500 damage every second and applies one stack of Flash Freeze to players that have the debuff.
  • Unyielding Warmth: every minute 5 Warmth Orbs will spawn around the room. Use them to remove your Flash Freeze debuff.

After the boss is dead sit back and enjoy Crucia’s role play.

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  1. for dominax, if ANYONE has a reflect, use it instead of interrupting decimate. itll oneshot the mech phase.

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