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Golem Foundry (Expert Mode)

Published on November 4, 2012 by in Dungeons

Golem Foundry is available on Expert Mode only at level 60. This is one of the shortest dungeons Trion ever made.

When you zone inside the dungeon you will see some statues in front of you. Those statues turn into trash packs when you get near them so be carefull.

Before you engage the first boss make sure you cleared all the trash or it will aggro when you aggro the boss.

The trash hits quite a bit on the tank and also does some nasty AOE so until you get some gear don’t do any superhero pulls or you may upset your healer :)

Locomotive Bulwark

Health: 2.000.000


  • Orichalcum Plating: a buff that makes the boss “strongly” resistant to damage.
  • Missile Volley: 5 seconds channel, deals 3.000-3.500 splash damage per second to the entire party. Spread out.
  • Electromagnetic Burst: 5 seconds cast, pulls everyone to the boss and at the end of the cast deals 13.000 damage in a 7 meter radius. After this cast his Orichalcum Plating gets replaced by Recharging. For 15 seconds the boss take 200% damage. Nuke him down. After 15 seconds he reapplies Orichalcum Plating.
  • Iron Discharge: 4 seconds cast, followed by a 7 seconds channel. Launches 4 blue orbs in random directions. If hit by these orbs you take 2.500-2.800 damage. Avoid them as best as possible. It’s also advised to run out of melee when you see him casting this ability.
  • Ground Rake: deals extra damage to the tank and anyone standing in front of the boss.
  • Plasma Arc: 4 seconds cast, deals 10.000 damage. Move away from the red cone.

Easy fight for those that are not playing melee. If you’re melee you will have to actually pay attention on this fight or you will end up dead. So much for melee friendly expansion ;)


After you defeat Locomotive Bulwark clear the trash again before you engage UV-315.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Dark Pool: 3 seconds cast, can be interrupted. Places a hard to see pool on top of a player. Deals 500 damage a tick and prevents the beneficial effect of the Lamp.
  • Dread: every 2 seconds the entire party gains a stack of this debuff. It increases damage taken from UV-315′s attacks. If the stacks reach 100 you explode. To remove your stacks you must stand under a Lamp. (see below)
  • Eradicate Life: places a red bubble around a player. That player has 4 seconds to move out before it starts taking 1.200 damage ticks. Also applies a debuff that drains 600 mana/energy every second. This debuff can be dispelled.
  • Lamps: every 40 seconds he will do an emote and one of the Lamps around the room will become active. Move to it as soon as possible. While under a Lamp the boss will become stunned and take extra damage while the Dread stacks on the players will slowly decrease.

Really easy fight. Just make sure you stand under the Lamps as much as possible.


Before the real boss becomes active you need to fight her clones. 6 clones will spawn to the left of the entrance, then to the right and then in front of the dungeon entrance. After you defeat these 3 waves the actual boss will spawn. The only thing to worry about is that the clones explode when under 15% health. They will do a spinning animation before blowing up. If you are AOE-ing them down the tank needs to move asap or he will die from multiple explosions. Also move out of the blue circles, they mana/energy drain.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Static Tether: 2 second channel, link 2 people together. They got 10 seconds to get on top of each other or they will suffer massive damage.
  • Caltrop Carnage: places a small orange vortex on the floor. If you stand in it you will take between 3.000 and 5.500 damage a second depending on how close you are to the middle. Also applies a 5 seconds snare debuff.
  • Lightning Quick: 1 second cast, teleports her to a random location and spawns an add. After 15 seconds the add explodes. The tank (or at least the melee) have to move away from the exploding add.

The fight sounds easy in theory, but those Caltrop Carnages can make it quite hard if you got people with moving issues in your party.

Subversionary Liaz

Health: 2.500.000


  • Volatile Catalysis: 6 seconds channel on a random party member. At the end of the channel deals 4.800 damage to everyone around the target.
  • Rapid Deployment: 3 seconds cast, spawns an Auxiliary Laser Turret with 83.500 health. The Turret deals additional damage so burst it down or dodge it’s laser beam and rockets.
  • Plasma Circuit: 4 seconds cast, deals 20.000 damage. Can be spread between players so stack up on the person being targeted.

Those abilities repeat through the fight. Really easy to deal with.


This boss lives to it’s name. It’s pretty much do or die with this guy, so pay attention to mechanics or you will die a lot.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Get Shot: 3 seconds cast time, can be interrupted. Acquires the target for Havoc Missile (see below). If it gets interrupted Havoc Missile will not cast.
  • Havoc Missile: 2 seconds cast, hits the target that was acquired with Get Shot for 20.000 damage.
  • Deploy Charges: 3 seconds cast, places 3 Explosive Charges with 86.000 HP next to the him. Move the boss away from them.
  • Rotary Assault Cannon: 10 seconds channel, targets a random player and places a red circle on him. Run away from the circle. It will follow you. If hit, you’re probably dead so pay attention to the boss cast bar.
  • Grapplebot: summons a Grapplebot with 125.250 HP. Pulls everyone into melee and roots them in place. You have 10 seconds to DPS it down and move behind the boss or you will be annihilated by Anti-Personnel Weapon (see below).
  • Anti-Personnel Weapon: 7 seconds channel, deals 25.000 damage every second to anyone standing in front of the boss.
  • Purple pools of goo: randomly spawn across the room. If you step in them you take 2.000 damage ticks and a debuff that doubles your cast time. Can be dispelled.

As long as you can avoid Rotary Assault Cannon and dodge the Anti-Personnel Weapon you will be fine. If not, this boss can easily turn into a nightmare.

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6 Responses

  1. Finovarious

    Manslaughter is not right any more. Gel Shot is the interrupt and makes the purple goo. Havok Missile always fires now, but on the tank. Grappler Bot has 80k HP. Guy is still brutal.

  2. Tarien

    Not sure where my last comment went, but for Manslaughter if someone dies they can just run back in. Save your CRs for the tank.

  3. Marc

    Manslaughter: To all tanks out there, when grapplebot spawns, even if the boss is kind of stunned during the time everyone is killing grapplebot, the boss is linked to the tank. If the tank moves too early behind the boss to avoid his Anti-personnel weapon, the boss will spin around following the tank.

    The tank has to wait for the cast bar to start before going behind him. Learned it the hard way last night. I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug but beware still!

  4. Amaryllis

    Actually from what I noticed now, the Grapplebot doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just best that the tank faces the boss towards his/herself while not facing the group, as said above with the other mechanics, and there is a debuff that needs to be cleansed off of whoever has it, or else they will possibly die.

  5. Wayne

    If everyone stacks right behind the boss, almost under him (tank in front ofc), he will not use the Rotary Assault Cannon (the red circle beam) at all for the entire fight. As long as you can heal through the mines he becomes a trivial tank and spank dummy.

  6. Hatile

    Yeah, looks like Grapplebot was replaced with Incendiary Shot, which places a high-damage DOT on a random party member that must be cleansed.

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