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Storm Breaker Protocol (Expert Mode)

Published on November 7, 2012 by in Dungeons

Storm Breaker Protocol is a dungeon that is going to spawn mixed feelings. Especially on expert mode this can be challenging if you need to carry people that don’t understand the basics of avoiding mechanics.

Another issue is going to be the Mech controls. When you get into a Mech suit your abilities display on your main action bar. So for all of those out there that like to customize their UI and remove the main action bar completely, I got bad news: you’re going to have to find a place for it if you intend to do this dungeon (and other Mech things). Trion seems very fond of the Mechs. They are also used in the new chronicle and I think it’s safe to say we will see the Mech suits used in more places.

If you skipped Storm Breaker Protocol on normal mode here is a quick recap on the abilities:

Mech ability bar

First ability is a called Robo Rumble and it’s a melee ability. To use it at it’s full potential try and use it at least 3 times in a row.

Second ability is called Eradication Pulse and can be used at range. For this ability to work you press it once to charge your cannon, then press it again to deal damage.

Third ability is called Rocket Salvo and can also be used at range. It deals good aoe damage and you can also use other abilities while Rocket Salvo is active.

Fourth ability is called Inferno Cannon and it has 30 meters range. This is your best AOE ability, but it has 30 seconds cooldown.

The fifth ability is called Shield Matrix and it’s a shield. It has 40 seconds cooldown and it reduces the damage you take by 70% for 6 seconds.

The sixth ability is a ressurect called Overcharged Defibrilator. It has a 5 seconds cast and a 30 seconds cooldown, but can it can be used in combat to resurrect dead people.

The last ability allows you to leave your Mech suit. Be careful though, doing so while in the “Robot” part of the dungeon will teleport you to the start of the dungeon.


The trash can be really annoying if you pull too much at the same time or if you ignore the hives. Just going to give you a quick run through the trash abilities.

Sandstorm Swarm: they spawn from hives, they only have 100.000 HP and they are easy to aoe down.

Sandstorm Drone: 250.000 HP not very dangerous, don’t prioritize them.

Sandstorm Hive: 626.000 HP, should be first on the priority list to kill.

Standstorm Flyer: 125.000 HP, annoying but not very harmful.

Sandstorm Progenitress: 584.000 HP, explodes and spawns Sandstorm Swarmers.

Sandstorm Queensguard: 584.000 HP should be the second thing on the priority list. They buff themselves with Silicon Barrier which deals 19.000 damage per tick. They are also quite fast so you can’t kite them around.

Sandstorm Landlauncher: 250k HP, should be 3rd on the kill list. They place the yellow circles which hit for 20.000.

Citybreaker Zidae

Health: 2.500.000

Since you will be fighting this boss in your Mech suits all you need to know about his abilities is that they are marked with red areas and with yellow bubbles. Dodge those and you win.

To make the fight faster you can remove his 4 stacks of shield and increase the amount of damage he takes. To do so, drag him on top of a barrel and make it explode. This will remove one of his stacks and also give you a Green Orb to heal incase you took damage.

His aggro is based on proximity so if you took a beating run out and he will have a go at someone else.

Vellion the Pestilent

Before you can get to the next boss you will have to survive a 2 minutes 30 assault by the Sandstorm Legion. The trick to surviving is to kill the hive that spawns to the far left (as you face the wall). Then handle the rest of the mobs as best as you can. Spreading out is a good idea, so not everyone takes damage when the Sandstorm Queensguards use their Silicon Barrier.


Vellion: 626.000

Left Trunk: 626.000

Right Trunk: 626.000

Pestilence Spewer: 626.000

You fight Vellion while in your Mech suits. Here is what you need to know about him.

Damage: avoid the red markers and don’t stand in the purple circles.

Healing: if you are in need of Green Orbs kill the Pestilence Spewer (his arm).

Boss: to kill the boss first you need to make him vulnerable. To do so you need to destroy both his trunks. When both the left and the right trunks are dead you can jump on his back and nuke him for 15 seconds. Jumping on his back is going to be tricky if your character is called Byona. If not, then take a few steps back from the boss, press forward and jump and you will land on his back. Once there spam Robo Rumble.

If everyone gets on his back it will take 2 phases to kill him. If people fail to get up you might have to repeat this 3 times.


After you defeat Vellion you’re done with the Mech suits. From now on this dungeon is like any other dungeon.

The first boss to fight in your “normal form” is Telaphalon. If you raided Infernal Dawn you might recognize some of his abilities.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Magma Torrent: 3 seconds cast, initial hit 3.500, leaves a 8 seconds dot that ticks for 2.200. Can be dispelled.
  • Molten Ground: places a fire puddle at his feet. Deals 8.000 damage a second, the tank needs to move out of it.
  • Dot on the tank: deals 4.000 damage per second. Needs to be outhealed.
  • Chitin Weave: wraps a player in a cocoon. Another player will have to run to him, use his reactive ability on the cocoon and then run away to break it. You have 8 seconds to do so or the player dies. While this is happening the boss will cast Tectonic Rupture.
  • Tectonic Rupture: 8 seconds cast, deals 200.000 damage at the end of the cast. This ability can only be interrupted after Chitin Weave has been dispelled, so don’t waste your interrupts before that, wait until the cast bar turns blue.

There are also wave of adds coming from the ramp. If they reach the boss they will give him a stacking buff which increases his outgoing damage by 10% per stack. To deal with these adds someone will have to go on top of the bridge and operate the cannons.

To get to the cannons you need to use one of the control panels under the bridge. They become active after the boss casts the first Magma Torrent. 

Telaphalon cannons

This is your cannon control bar.

The first ability (South Flank Salvo) deals damage, the second ability (South Flank Static Field) snares and the 3rd ability (South Flank Concussion Blast) stuns. The 4th ability allows you to exit the cannons.

The cannons also deal friendly fire, so the remaining 4 players would wanna hide under the bridge.

Another thing to remember is that the second Magma Torrent cast might hit the person that went to operate the cannons and it’s not easily dispellable. So the person assigned should put on pvp or tank gear so he has enough health to survive the entire duration of the dot.

Baron Slagstorm

Before you can fight Baron Slagstorm you will have to Storm the Estate and fight your way through the plaza and then fend off waves of enemy troops.

To speed up this event, everyone should pick up a tactical objective. I would suggest picking up the landmines, they help a lot.

Tactical Objectives

After everyone picked up one, start making your way through the plaza until you reach a barrier wall. Place your objectives there and wait for the mobs to spawn. The tank should pick them up and try and drag them through the landmines to kill them quicker. Repeat this 3 times until you reach the end platform.

There you will have to fight 2 waves of invaders. Again, place your objectives and try your best to kite the mobs into the landmines. After the event ends the boss spawns.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Chain Lightning: 3 seconds cast, hits 4 people. Deals 6.500 on the initial hit and leave a 8 seconds dot that deals an additional 3.500 damage per second. Can be dispelled.
  • Iron Shield: 4 seconds cast, buffs himself with a 10 seconds reflective shield. Must be purged or the entire party needs to spot DPS.
  • Iron Surge: 20 seconds channel. Before the channel reaches the end you need to pick up the Crystal Core (by clicking on the sparkly orb), run it to the Energy Crystal (125.000 HP) and kill the crystal. All the DPS should run to the crystal, while the tank and the healer can remain on the main platform.
  • Adds: summons 2 Storm Legion Guards with 167.000 HP. Cleave them down with the boss. Having to many of them stacking on the tank might become painful.

This fight is pretty easy, as long as you have enough DPS to kill the Energy Crystal there shouldn’t be any other issues.

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  1. Dougzin

    For Telaphalon there is a shield that you have to deplete before you can interrupt the long cast it seems to have nothing to do with the chitin weave. Just my experience could be wrong.

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