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Ember Council Loot Table

Published on May 7, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

The Ember Council is the second and last boss in the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn. It can drop either the Charred token for the head or for the shoulders.

Charred Helmet

This fight has a “hardmode” version also. By killing Emberlord Ereetu last you will get a second loot chest that contains his Focusing Crystal.

Ereetu's Focusing Crystal

With this crystal you can upgrade some specific pairs of shoulders. Not the relic ones. These special shoulders drop from the Council fight itself or from Rusila Dreadblade.

For the rest of the Council’s loot table, it can countain weapons, helms, shoulders, etc.

Emberlord's Cauterazing Greatstaff

I’m going to start by presenting you Emberlord’s Cauterizing Greatstaff, a lovely cleric staff.

Tarnish Fiery Scythe

Next on the list is the best looking weapon ingame so far, the Tarnished Fiery Scythe.

Packmaster's Howl

Packmaster’s Howl, a great weapon for any dps rogue out there.

Blade of the Flameseeker

For the mages that are still using one hander and off hand, Blade of the Flameseeker is a great sword.

Packmaster's Runed Collar

The Packmaster’s Runed Collar is a rogue tanking neck.

Nahoth's Corpse-Skin Hood

The next item you can expect to find in the Ember Council loot chest is the Nahoth’s Corpse-Skin Hood, a rogue DPS helm. Although it sounds like something out of The Walking Dead, if you don’t have the ID set helm this could be useful.

Resolute Smoldering Shoulderpads

The rogue tanking upgradable shoulders also drop from Ember Council and they are called the Resolute Smoldering Shoulderpads.

Rugged Smoldering Pauldrens

The next item on the loot table are the warrior dps shoulders, the Rugged Smoldering Pauldrons. These shoulders are better in their epic version then they are after they are upgraded. The crit disappears after they get upgraded, so don’t do it.

Fireblessed Smoldering Shoulders

Next in line are the cleric upgradable shoulders, the Fireblessed Smoldering Shoulders. Same as with the warrior DPS shoulders, if you upgrade them the crit will disappear. It’s only worth upgrading them to use them for purifier because they have a little bit of extra spell power compared with the relic Infernal Dawn set shoulders.

There is more great stuff but no screenshots available yet. I will keep you posted.

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