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Infernal Dawn nerfs (Patch 1.10 Hotfix #1)

It didn’t take long after the Maelforge and Laethys nerfs before the entire Infernal Dawn took a hit from the Nerf Hammer. With these new changes, I think everyone can clear Infernal Dawn next reset. Given that there’s less then 2 months left until Storm Legion everyone should be able to get a shot at Maelforge and finish the content.

One of the bosses that was still causing issues is Ituziel. We wipe on him every time we go to Infernal Dawn. I don’t know what’s with that boss but it’s annoying. But fear no more, he got nerfed. First, Ituziel’s health and damage reduced by 10%. Tanks shouldn’t die anymore now and the fight will end faster. Second, Brimstone Fissure is now a single-target attack. When melee is miss-positioned, only one will go splat :)

Next boss to get nerfed is the Ember Conclave. First, Emberlord Ereetu, Packlord Nahoth, and Witchlord Szath health and damage reduced by 10%. This will make this encounter go faster. Next, Ember Nova’s health reduced by ~50%, damage reduced by 10%. This means that everyone can do Packmaster last. This was the true “hardmode” of the encounter. You needed perfect DPS to manage killing Packmaster last, but with the 50% nerf on the Ember Nova’s health everyone will be able to kill it and we will be able to carry the remaining people that need the achievement and get them the Lava Raptor :)

Rusila Dreadblade is also getting a little bit of the Nerf Hammer. Players no longer need to be moving to cast Dread Shot Dodge. I still don’t get how people didn’t understand this mechanic. I guess now it’s “noob proof”.

Last but not least, Laethys is getting nerfed yet again. First, Reduced Laethys’ health by 10% in both phases. Now everyone should be able to kill it. If you still can’t do it then… I don’t know, you’re really bad :) I think the guilds that were able to kill Laethys before the initial nerfs will be able to finish the first phase with only 1 wave of adds. Second, Reduced Laethys’ damage by 10% in the post-transformation phase. I’m not sure why this was needed, but Trion must have it’s reasons. Third, Auric Evocation’s damage has been additionally reduced, and now spawns three Tail Lances over its duration, down from five. If I wouldn’t have gone to ID with the second raid team 2 resets ago, I would have said: How can you not heal Auric ? But I witnessed first hand how that is possible to yeah, I guess this nerfed was needed. The last change to Laethys is Increased enrage timer. I don’t know if this is going to help. Most of the times guilds wipe on the soft enrage, not on the hard enrage. If there is anything that needs nerfing is the soft enrage mechanic in my opinion.

With these changed, ID should be fun and easy. To Maelforge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Marko

    Yea, they are really starting to push people to experience ID and open up the later bosses to more guilds before SL hits and everyone forgets about ID (or runs through it as Level 60s).

    Also, I noticed this in another one of your posts and assumed it was just a late-night typo, but the phrase is “Last but not least”, not “Least but not last”. :D

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