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Ituziel Loot Table

Published on May 7, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

Ituziel is the first boss in the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn and he is a DPS check type of boss. Once you down him here is what you can expect to loot from him. He drops the Charred tokens for either belt or gloves.

Charred Belt and Gloves

He also drops gloves, boots, weapons, etc. His loot table is quite diverse.

Wristwraps of the Inferno

To prove that mage loot does exist in raids I will start by presenting you with these lovely mage gloves that drop from Ituziel: Wristwraps of the Inferno.

Chain Boots of Conflagration

Followed by the all to familiar cleric loot, Chained Boots of Conflagration, feel free to admire these cleric boots.

Incandescent Hoofpads

Next stop, rogue dps boots. I love the name of them: Incandescent Hoofpads. Why would you wanna have burning shoes ?

Fists of the Pyre

Fists of the Pyre, warrior tanking gloves.

Girdle of Flames

The next item on Ituziel’s list is the Girdle of Flame, the warrior dps belt.

Golden Ifrit Boots

Golden Ifrit Boots are a piece of mage gear, mage boots to be exact.

Handgrips of Burning Revelations

Chain gloves for the dps and healing clerics: Handgrips of Burning Revelations.

Incinerating Archbow

Another bow, but this one a tanking one is the Brimestone Reflex Bow. Maybe this will help the rogue purge in time ^^.

Brimestone Reflex bow

Incinerating Archbow, very nice tanking bow.

Ituziel's Broken Horn

Next on the list is a cleric tanking wand with a very funny name: Ituziel’s Broken Horn.

Molten Fury Greaves

Warrior dps boots: Molten Fury Greaves.

Charred Songblade

This is the Bard sword. Like the Archon offhand, once upgraded with the Flaming Heart of Maelforge, this sword will provide the raid with a 50 spell power and attack power buff. If you don’t want to be stuck barding then you shouldn’t take it :) .

This is what I’ve found out drops from Ituziel so far.

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