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Laethys changes (Hotfix #10)

Published on July 27, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

After all the complaining that took place on the forum about the famous Laethys bug, Trion took some time and conjured yet another fix for the golden dragon. This time the fix came with some other minor changes. I don’t think they were necessary, but I guess Trion has all the encounter logs and they know best what was needed to be adjusted.

Hotfix #10 brings us 6 Laethys changes. This Hotfix was deployed on the live servers on 25th July for US and 26th July for Europe.

We killed Laethys after the changes and they didn’t have a major impact on the encounter. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what exactly happened.


1. Increased time between minion spawns in the first phase of the Laethys encounter.

Before this Hotfix, the first set of adds came at 30 seconds into the fight, followed by the second set of adds at 1 minute 20 and you had until 3 minutes 10 to get her to transition before the 3rd set of adds would spawn.

After the Hotfix, 10 seconds had been added to these times. The first set of adds now spawns at 40 seconds into the fight, followed by the seconds set of adds at 1 minute 40 and then you have until 3 minutes 40 to get Laethys to 50% before the 3rd set of adds spawn.

For those that already killed Laethys or reached Phase 2, this will change the dynamic of the fight a little bit. The second set of adds now come when Laethys is around 60%. This means you can no longer cleave the Stoneseer down because it would take to long. Most likely you will have to burst down the second Stoneseer and then AoE the adds on top of Laethys until she submerges.

Also you can drop a healer. Because the Cleric tank will no longer have to handle adds for an extended period of time, he no longer requires a dedicated healer. The tank in charge of Laethys can taunt the big golem after the small adds are dead and keep him with the boss. Then the Cleric tank will only be tanking for a little bit when the adds spawn. The passive healing and a senticar are more then enough to keep him alive.

Because there won’t be 2 big adds alive at the same time for a long period, it makes draining easier as well. The probability she will take 2 energy orbs is non existent.

2. Increased casting time of Annihilating Flare.

The initial cast time of Annihilating Flare was 2 seconds and it’s been increased to 3 seconds. Many people say this was not needed. Personally I think it wasn’t needed for making reflecting easier, but it was needed to avoid having way to many Metallic Orbs being casted in Phase 2.

First benefit of this change is that the person in charge with the reflect now has 3 seconds to locate the target of the Annihilating Flare in the raid frames and reflect him. Most people were able to do it with only 2 seconds cast time so this will only ease their job.

The second benefit is that the number of Metallic Orbs she will cast in Phase 2 is now lower. You will probably get this ability only 2 or 3 times in the last phase. As we all know by now, Laethys doesn’t have timers for her abilities, she just uses a priority system to cast them. So depending on the ability cool down and the priority list she picks and ability and uses it. The Metallic Orbs are low on her priority list. If she takes longer to cast Annihilating Flare, it means that other abilities with higher priority come off cooldown and replace the Metallic Orb.

You can notice that sometimes this change of cast time even influences Phase 1. Storm of Treasure seems to suffer a little bit from this change. Sometimes she will skip doing it at the 1 minute mark and not do it  until the 2 minutes mark. This is not a bad thing for the raid, but it will keep the drainers on edge because they will have to be on their toes and have her energy low all the time if they can’t tell exactly when the Storm is going to hit.

3. Decreased damage done by Golden Cleave.

What can I say about this chance. Not needed ? By now everyone knows to stand inside her hitbox to avoid the cleave. I guess this can save a wipe or two if you fail to position properly at the start of the fight, but in all my Laethys attempts I can barely remember 3 or 4 wipes due to Golden Cleave.

Maybe in the future it is the intention of Trion to fix the safe spot and force the cleave upon the tanks, who know ?

4. Molten Gold will no longer be cast immediately after Metallic Orb.

This was one of the most deadly RNG related things that could happen on Laethys. This fix is meant to eliminate a bit of the RNG from this fight. We only tried Laethys 6 or 7 times with these changes, but I still saw the Orb and the red patch of AoE on the floor happening around the same time. But by now everyone should know better and move out of the red AoE if there is an Orb being casted.

One thing is for sure, this fix added another bug to the encounter. There can be 2 red AoE patches spawning at the same time. Actually not exactly at the same time, but by the time the second patch spawns the first one didn’t disappear yet. Not a game breaking bug, more of an annoyance. Just move out and wait 2 seconds for the first patch of Molten Gold to disappear then continue as usual. This bug only happens in Phase 1 so it’s no big deal.

5. Increased duration of Stoneseer’s Wisdom.

The Stoneseer Wisdom is the buff that makes you immune to Golden Hoard so you can dps down the adds in Phase 1. It used to last 20 seconds, now it’s been increased to 30 seconds. I don’t think any guild had issues with aoe-ing down the adds. I think the issue came from one of the adds being positioned wrong and not dying at the same time with the rest of the adds. With this increase in the buff duration, any left over add can be killed with a little bit of single target DPS.

Also you can drop the Saboteurs and use Rangers or Bloodstalkers since you have extra time to AoE down the adds, the passive cleaving from warriors combined with some cleric aoe should do the trick. This will earn you more single target DPS for Phase 2.

6. Reinforced Laethys scripting against the vile ‘Gold Piles bug’.

And the most expected fix of them all, another attempt to fix the Gold Piles. This time they nailed it. The bug rate has dropped from almost 90% to around 20%. And even if it bugs, the piles now disappear. Now is the moment to wish she bugs.

But because you can drop 1 healer due to the adds changes, even if she doesn’t bug your overall DPS should improve. We managed to get Gold Rush even without the piles bugging.

Gold Rush 1

The adds now come at 35% instead of 39% and the soft enrage debuff also applies at 35%, but the debuff still remains a pain to handle.

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