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Laethys Loot Table

Published on June 17, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

It’s time to take a loot at what the most difficult encounter in Infernal Dawn has to offer when it comes to loot. Laethys drops weapons, armor and┬ánecklaces. Also she drops the Charred Leggings token along with 4 Infernal Marks of the Ascension.

Charred Leggings

She drops the token 100% and it doesn’t alternate with the chest token as most of us suspected.

Now let’s move on to the rest of the loot. Let’s begin with my favorite type of loot, the cleric items. Decaying Glyphed Manuscript is a cleric offhand that can be upgraded using the Flaming Heart of Laethys. This is a good item for both dps and healing so don’t neglect the poor dps clerics when assigning this item. When upgraded this item gets a nice spell power procc, like the one that drops from Akylios.

Decaying Glyphed Manuscript

Next item in line is the Tarnished Bow of Carved Bones, a rogue bow. This is not better then the gun because of the travel time, but it’s still decent enough to consider taking and not just vendoring.

Tarnished Bow of Carved Bones

Golden-Spiked Legplates are plate legs for dps warriors and so far Laethys has been kind enough to drop them every time for us.

Golden-Spiked Legplates

Laethys also drops a nice pair of cloth pants, Golden Metallic Pantaloons. This legs are quite nice if you don’t have the epic piece from Infernal Dawn set yet. Even for clerics this item is better then the Hammerknell relic.

Golden Metallic Pantaloons

Next item on Laethys’s list is the Neckguard of Golden Allegiance, a rogue tanking necklace.

Neckguard of Golden Allegiance

For our beloved mages, she also drops a very good necklace, better then the one that drops from Maklamos the Scryer, the Annihilating Flare Amulet. I am sure that the name of this item is there to remind the Archon about the reflect.

Annihilating Flare Amulet

She also a drops the mage staff that can be upgraded with the Flaming Heart of Maelforge. But as it’s way to common in Infernal Dawn, the staff has no crit on it :( .

Corroded Idol of Laethys

The Blessed Golden Laegguards also drop from Laethys and they are a nice pair of cleric pants. If you don’t have the ID set pants, these will be BiS for you.

Blessed Golden Legguards

The next item on Laethys’s loot table is a necklace for DPS warriors, the Auspicious Goldbound Chocker.

Auspicious Goldbound Choker

The Metallic Orb Fragment is the rogue DPS neck that drops from Laethys. I am still wondering when will a cleric necklace or weapon will drop.

Metalic Orb Fragment

Omg, I can’t believe it we actually had the cleric necklace drop. I’m am deeply thankful to Trion for allowing a piece of cleric loot to exist on such a great boss like Laethys. I am proud to present Amulet of Laethic Gemstones. Now we need to pray for a cleric 2h weapon.

Amulet of Laethic Gemstones

And since Laethys seemed to have a thing for clerics the last reset, we also got the Cursed Charm of Laethys to drop. This is the cleric tanking neck that drops from her.

Cursed Charm of Laethys

So far this is all I can show you from Laethys. Will have to wait another reset to get more item.

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