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Maelforge changes (Hotfix #16)

As the storm approaches, the Infernal Dawn bosses grow weaker and weaker. This week it is Maelforge’s turn to get hit by the Nerf Hammer. Well, you can’t really call it a nerf since there is almost nothing to nerf in that encounter except the green bubble in the last 2 phases… let’s just call these some minor changes.

The first change is for an achievement: Updated scripting for Lava Me Now or Lava Me Not so it credits more reliably. The issue with this achievement was that sometimes the dot would still apply even if all 4 cannons are dead. This should fix the issue, so in theory, if you kill all 4 cannons at once the dot will not apply and you will get the achievement.

The next tweaks were done to the adds that spawn in Phase 1. Reduced Spire minion health and Increased Spire minion spawn interval. This means that your add tank can be slower when it comes to running to pick the adds and still make it on time. Also it will be easier to kill the adds (not that it was an issue anyway). Less time spent on the adds means more time to spend on the boss, thus a faster phase 1. I can’t tell you the exact numbers now because this patch came on Friday and all the guilds keep in touch with kill Maelforge Wednesday or Thursday so… I got no one to ask about the new values.

Reduced the effect of Hunger for Fear. I’m going to be a noob and ask: What is Hunger for Fear ? No clue. Since I never heard of it before I can only assume it is the stacking buff Maelforge gains when someone dies. If I am right about this, it means you can now have more then 4 people die and still be able to heal the Magma Torrent damage.

The remaining 2 changes are for the adds in the second transition phase. Reduced Magma Cannon health and Reduced Magma Phoenix health. Again, I got no exact numbers, but, before this change one of the Phoenixes always managed to fly off at low health, do the victory lap and then come back when we were on the second cannon. I guess that with this change we will be able to kill them both before they fly off.

Good luck getting the red dragon !

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