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Maelforge Loot Table

Published on June 17, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

Maelforge is the finaly boss of Infernal Dawn. When it first got released the difficulty of the encounter was average, except for the fact that no DPS warrior could be in the raid. Trion is working to fix that and in the process of “fixing it” they made it close to impossible to meet the enrage timer at the moment.

Let’s get down to the loot now. He drops the Charred Jerkin token that is used to upgrade the epic chest both with marks from Ember Isle, 100% drop rate.

Charred Jerkin

He also drops 2 relic weapons every kill, like Akylios does.

Maelforge Relic Weapons

Sword of the Burning Dawn is the best in slot 2h warrior weapon available in Rift at the moment. It has a nice procc and it also has a 2 set bonus which can be gained by equipping the trinket dropped by the Dragon Eggs encounter.

Sword of the burning dawn

Also he drops cleric loot ^^. False Prophet is the name of the cleric dps/healing wand. No procc and the stats are not amazing, but it’s orange.

False Prophet

Speaking of cleric wands, there is also a tanking wand for cleric. Wand of the Flame Wall has a nice procc on it also, cleric tanks will love it.

Wand of the Flame Wall

Razing Vengeance is a one handed Axe with a nice dps procc and a 2 set bonus awarded by equipping the weapon and the trinket from the Dragon Eggs encounter.

Razing Vengeance

Next on the relic weapon list is Anger, the rogue dagger.


And for all the lovely mages out there, here is the one hand sword for you, Maelforge’s Hellfang.

Maelforge's Hellfang

The Aegis of Everburning Flesh is the relic taking shield for clerics that drops from Maelforge. It also looks really nice.

Aegis of Everburning Flesh

Finally some cleric loot, the Everburning Sceptre is the healing 1h. It has a better procc then the Hammerknell one and a 20 spell power set bonus if used with the shielding trinket from the Eggs. But it’s not worth using that trinket for 20 spell power when you can use the PvP trinket and get more then 70 from that.

Everburning Sceptre

Thanks to our Parabellum friends, we get to take a look at the cleric 2h relic hammer that drops from Maelforge, the Weight of Mount Carcera.

Weight of Mount Carcera

Except the chest token and two relic weapons, Maelforge also drops a ring.

Lake of Fire

After Hotfix #15 we stopped getting Anger to drop and we are getting some real loot. Lake of Fire is the relic mage wand that drops from Maelforge.

Scorn of Ancestors

Scorn of Ancestors is the relic tank shield that you can get from Maelforge. One more shield proc for the tanks :)

The Dead Are Judged

The Dead are Judged is the relic tanking mace for Clerics.

Maelforge Ring Drops

The cleric tanking ring is called Basalt Fingerguard and it’s best in slot at the moment.

Basalt Fingerguard

The mage ring dropped by Maelforge is called Clutch of Immolation. This ring is a massive upgrade for them, it’s another + 15 spellpower compared to any other ring in game at the moment.

Clutch of Immolation

The Seal of Cremation is the cleric DPS/healing ring that drops from Maelforge.

Seal of Cremation

Next on the rings loot table is the Arsonist’s Knucklespike, the warrior dps ring.

Arsonist's Knucklespike

And a rogue tanking ring, the Ring of Ashes.

Ring of Ashes

The Volcanicus Legion Signet is a warrio tanking ring that drops from Maelforge.

Volcanicus Legion Signet

Heart of Maelforge upgrades

Maelforge also has a heart, but it’s not 100% drop rate. The heart is used to upgrade the epic chests pieces that drop from the Dragon Eggs encounter and the weapons that drop from the other Infernal Dawn bosses. Again, he only drops 1 heart / kill and it’s not 100% drop rate so be careful what you use it for. I would say first upgrade the bard weapon and the archon totem because the buffs awarded by these weapons are an upgrade for the entire raid, but it’s up to you.

Flaming Heart of Maelforge

So far, 1 kill, 1 heart, 1 upgrade for us. Here it is. Eternal Sands of Laethys, the upgraded version.

Eternal Sands of Laethys upgraded

Here is another weapon upgraded with the Heart of Maelforge, the mage staff Prodigality. Special tanks to Zykor for this screenshot.


Another item we upgraded with the Flaming Heart of Maelforge was the bard sword. The result is Karine’s Fancy Songblade and it’s sweet procc. Now we have both the Archon off hand and the Bard sword so we can finally get rid of the Darkling Skulls.

Karine's fancy songblade

I know people were curious what is the end result if you upgrade the Seed of Creeping Vines from Primeval Feast. We tried it and here it is, the Blade of the Burning Forest.

Blade of Burning Forest

And because we were in the let’s test everything mood, we also upgraded a chest. I am proud to present the result of Coat of Smoldering Flames + Flaming Heart of Maelforge = the Coat of Living Flames. As it is with most of the upgrades in Infernal Dawn, once upgraded, it lost it’s crit :( .

Coat of Living Flames

We have also upgraded the cleric offhand that drops from Laethys, the Decaying Glyphed Manuscript, and here is the result: The Word of Laethys. This is obviously a DPS / Icar totem so I would guess that the healing procc offhand drops directly from Maelforge himself. We will have to wait and see.

The Word of Laethys

Avarice is the upgraded bow that drops from Laethys. Quite a nice piece for both Rogues and Warriors.


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    There’s a mage wand called “Lake of Fire”

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