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Maklamos the Scryer Loot Table

Published on May 6, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

Maklamos the Scryer is the first boss in the Earth Wing of Infernal Dawn. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being very hard he is somewhere around 5, but it’s worth the effort since he drops the Charred token for either gloves of belt.

Charred Belt and Gloves

For the rest of his loot table he seems to have quite a diverse list. He can drop off hands/shields/totems, necks, rings, boots, gloves, etc. So I’m going to list them below without to much sorting.

Sands of the Scion

This is the famous Archon totem that drops from Infernal Dawn. I think Trion heard the cries of the 10.000 Archons crying about having to use the Darkling Skull from River of Souls and made them an Archon only totem. I hope this has a low drop rate, but so far we killed Maklamos twice and we got the totem twice.

Crystalline greaves of Maklamos

Crystalline Greaves of Maklamos are the cleric tank boots that drop from this encoutner.

Band of Sanguine Secrets

Rogue DPS ring, Band of Sanguine Secrets. This ring seems to drop quite often, so far all the rogues got it.

The Lucid Dream

Mage DPS neck. For once mage loot drops in a raid, The Lucid Dream.

Bulwark of Dreadful Portents

A nice looking warrior tanking shield is the Bulwark of Dreadful Portents.

Shard of Auspicious Omens

The Shard of Auspicious Omens is an interesting looking cleric wand.

Greaves of the Crystalgazer

Maklamos the Scryer also drops a pair of leather tanking boots, the Greaves of the Crystalgazer.

Shard of Dyre Prophecy

The Shard of Dire Prophecy is a mage wand that drops from this boss and again, missing crit.

Lambent Flame Gauntlets

The next item you can get from Maklamos the Scryer are a pair of cleric tanking gloves, the Lambent Flame Gauntlets.

Gauntlets of Harsh Prophecy

The Gauntlets of Harsh Prophecy are the warrior DPS gloves that drop from Maklamos the Scryer.

In addition to the look, Maklamos the Scryer also drops 4 Infernal Marks of Ascension.

I will keep updating the list as we get more kills.

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