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Rusila Dreadblade Loot Table

Published on May 7, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

Rusila Dreadblade is the end wing boss on the Earth side of Infernal Dawn. It is a very fun fight and you’ll just love it. In addition to a lot of fun this boss also drops the Charred tokens for the shoulders or the helm.

Charred Helmet

The rest of her loot table is quite random and it includes the shoulders that can be upgraded with the crystal that drops from Ember Council hardmode.

Sturdy Earthen Pauldrons

For example this are the warrior tanking shoulders, Sturdy Earthen Pauldrons, that can be upgraded by using Ereetu’s Focusing Crystal. Any pair of shoulders that have “This item can be infused with Ereetu’s Focusing Crystal.” can be upgraded. That crystal doesn’t work on the relic shoulders that you buy from the vendor.

Barbed Chained Girdle

The Barbed Chain Girdle is a nice cleric belt for both dps and healing.

Dread Fortune's Command

Rusila also drops a staff for the mages, Dread Fortune’s Command. Not the one that can be upgraded with the Focusing Crystal.

Jagged Earther Spaulders

The rogue dps version of the shoulders that can be upgraded are the Jagged Earther Spaulders.

Rusila's SHank

Rusila’s Shank is a one handed sword for rogues that can also be upgraded with Ereetu’s Focusing Crystal.

Mystical Earthen Mantle

The mage version of the shoulders that can be upgraded are the Mystical Earthen Mantle. This shoulders are better then the relic Infernal Dawn set shoulders.

Pristine Soulbinder's Facemask

The Pristine Soulbinder’s Facemask is a great cleric helm you can use if you didn’t buy the Infernal Dawn set helm yet. Also it looks like the helm that drops from Ember Isle rare mobs. I would at least take it for my wardrobe.

Gilt-Edged Parrying Blade

For the tanking rogues out there, Rusila Dreadblade drops a nice tanking sword, the Gilt-Edged Parrying Blade. Interesting name, isn’t it ?

Consecrated Earth Epaulets

The cleric tanking shoulders that can be upgraded with Ereetu’s Focusing Crystal also drop from this encounter. They are called Consecrated Earthen Epaulets.

Plundered Ornamental Faceguard

The Plundered Ornamental Faceguard is a warrior PS helmet that drops from Rusila.

She likes to drop that cleric belt for us over and over, I’ll update this as she drops more stuff.

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