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The Crown of Laethys

Published on June 4, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn

With the introduction of the new 20 man raid Trion added an artifact set which can only be obtain from killing the trash in Infernal Dawn. The name of the artifact set is “Notes about the leadership of Infernal Dawn”.

Notes about the leadership of Infernal Dawn

There is one artifact for each boss in Infernal Dawn in this set:

  1. Warboss Drak’s Tactical Handbook (blue)
  2. Eye of the Scryer (blue)
  3. Ituziel’s Warkout Plan (blue)
  4. Rusila’s Snuffbox (blue)
  5. Laethys’s Journal of Charitable Donations (blue)
  6. Dragon Omelette El Dorado (blue)
  7. Ember Conclave Member #4 (epic)
  8. Maelforge’s Love Letters to Laethys (relic)

The last one has a very interested inscription on it, it made me giggle:

“Roses are burnt

Violets are too…

I want to burn everything,

Except for you !”

When you complete this artifact set you will be awarded one Glowing Chest and the Crown of Laethys. I was really curious about this item since I saw it on PTS.

Crown of Laethys

It is not a costume hat, it is an usable item, much like the Breath of Maelforge, but it looks really cool.

It’s a spinning crown of gold coins. From a distance it looks like your character is seeing stars.

The Crown of Laethys

The artifacts have a decent drop rate, in one Infernal Dawn full clear you will get around 8 of them. There is no specific mobs from witch they drop, so even if you only kill 5 bosses you can still get the entire set. I am sure that they will be available on the Auction House soon, some guilds are already selling them for around 250 plat a piece. We just raid roll them and the person that wins it can decide what to do with them.

I guess this artifact set was Trion’s way of giving something unique to those who raid. I am sure all those people that complained on the forums had something else in mind, but this will have to do for now.

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