Salvarola Strategy

Salvarola is the third boss in the 10 man raid Grim Awakening. You may remember him and his evil plans from the story quests in Brevane. This encounter is where things suddenly get serious… expect your raid to really be put to the test!

Health: 27.500.000

Enrage timer: 5:30

Difficulty: Hard

Must have ability: 2 interrupts (plus back-up)

Raid Setup

2 tanks: ideally a cleric for AoE threat and a rogue for survivability cooldowns, but warrior can also be used

3 healers: Chloromancer, Defiler, Purifier

2 support: 61 Bard and Archon/Pyro hybrid

3 DPS: warriors should play Riftblade, but otherwise bring single target ranged DPS for this fight

Salvarola Strategy

This encounter has incredibly tight healing and DPS checks and will push your raid to the limit. There are three main phases to this fight, with the second phase beginning at 75% and the third phase at 50%.


  • Bloodboil: Deals damage to the tank and applies a stacking debuff, increasing damage taken by 5% per stack. This mechanic will occur throughout the first two phases of the fight, and tanks should be swapping on the boss when they reach 3 to 4 stacks.
  • Nova: Salvarola frequently casts this at random raid members, dealing ~8k damage.
  • Flames of Doom: Throws a circular AoE on the floor which explodes after a couple of seconds. Tanks can survive this damage, but it will kill anyone else in the raid if they do not move out in time.
  • Mindsear: Salvarola debuffs one player with a swirling fire AoE. That player and anyone else in the AoE will take 8-9k damage per tick for 8 ticks. After the debuff expires, a Spark of Thought will spawn at that person’s location. The Spark is an add with 366k health surrounded by the same fire AoE as the Mindsear target was. Sparks are immune to taunts but you can still build threat on them with damage and healing (this is why a cleric tank is ideal for this fight).
  • Soul Incineration: Salvarola surrounds himself with fire and channels beams to the wall of the room. He then rotates in a random direction. All players (including tanks) must run around the boss. The beams will always spawn in either north-south or east-west directions, so avoid standing in those spots. It is still possible to melee the boss while running, but be very careful with your positioning! This mechanic occurs periodically in phase 1, and again in phase 3.

At 75% Salvarola will begin hovering in the air. This marks the start of the second phase of the fight, where the following mechanics are gained:

  • Warped Fantatic: At the start of the phase, 2 Warped Fanatic adds will appear at one of the giant urns in the room. A few seconds later, a second pair will spawn at the other urn. Every 30 seconds after this, another 2 Warped Fanatics will spawn at one of the urns. Tanks should pick these adds up immediately and split them evenly between themselves. These adds will heal Salvarola if they are hit with AoE damage, so do not attempt to kill them! There are a few exceptions to this AoE rule, such as Corrosive Spores from Chloromancer, Multiple Oscillations from Bard, Unholy Nexus from Defiler, and Fork/Rift Spear from Riftblade.
  • Overwhelming Power: “Salvarola strengthens a Warped Fanatic with demonic energy!” One of the Warped Fanatics in the fight is healed to full and grows in size. The raid then has 20 seconds to kill this empowered add or it will explode and wipe the raid. It is important for all of your raid members to switch their target to the add immediately (use macros to mark and target the add easily). In order to make the DPS check for this fight, you should aim to kill the first two empowered adds and ignore the third (pushing the boss to 50% instead).
  • Infernal Burn: “Salvarola focuses upon [player name]!” Salvarola turns towards a raid member and casts a cone of fire centered on their position. This deals ~10k damage per tick to anyone caught in the area of effect and also applies a DoT that deals an additional ~5k per tick . It is important to spread the raid out around the room and for everyone to dodge this mechanic. Getting hit by this mechanic can break the healers on this fight, so carry healing potions/tonics to use if you get hit. 

At 50% the boss lands on the ground again and all Warped Fanatics leave the room. The following mechanics are introduced:

  • Lord of Blood / Lord of Flames: Salvarola calls upon two demonic lords to aid him, each with 3.700.000 HP. The two lords spawn at opposite sides of the room and must be kept separate from each other. If brought together, the adds will enrage and take 90% reduced damage. Salvarola himself also takes 90% reduced damage while the lords are alive, though he will lose 20% of his health for each lord that is killed (leaving him at 10% or less once you kill both). The two lords must be kept within a 10% health difference of each other or they will heal. The lords each apply a unique stacking debuff to their tank, causing them to take increased damage the longer they stay on that add. Tanks should swap adds at around 20 stacks.
  • Foul Blessing: The Lord of Blood does a 1.5 second cast that deals ~10k damage to the raid and applies a stacking debuff, causing all raid members to receive 30% reduced healing per stack. This ability must be interrupted! When a player interrupts this ability, they receive a debuff for 10 seconds, so you will need at least two players rotating interrupts for this mechanic (ideally having a third person as backup).
  • Overhead Strike: The Lord of Blood telegraphs an area in front of him and then performs a high-damage smash on the area after 5 seconds. This will kill any non-tank who is hit. While running from Soul Incineration, you must pay attention to dodge the hit from Overhead Strike as well.
  • Summon Fragment of Flame: The Lord of Flames targets a raid member and spawns a crystal at their location. The crystal is surrounded by a fiery AoE that deals ~8k per tick to anyone standing in it.
  • Flameblast: The Lord of Flames cast a flame bolt at a random raid member (indentical to Salvarola’s Nova ability)
  • Curse of Magma: Debuff placed on a random member of the raid, which ticks for ~10k damage. Must be cleansed by a healer.

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Salvarola Kill Video

Salvarola is the third boss in Grim Awakening and it’s by far one of the hardest bosses in Storm Legion. Even with the lesser upgrades from Torvan and Lycini Venerated and all the new runes and consumables, Salvarola is still a challenge.

He had his bugs and his cheese version but now that it’s all fixed up, I am looking forward on seeing which guilds are still going to take him down.

It’s good to see that bosses can be made hard once again. I was kinda getting used to max one night of progress per boss. It;s good to wipe for longer then that once in a while.

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Ultane Kill Video

Ultane is the last boss in Grim Awakening.

Really fun fight if you ask me.

I enjoy the hectic part at the end. Dodging 6 waves without stepping out of the circles while trying to keep people alive is interesting !

His loot doesn’t seem very impressive, T2 relic pants if lucky and some half broken upgradable trinkets. So if you’re doing it for the loot you won’t get such big rewards. But if you’re there for the fight itself, you’ll be rewarded with the “Oh yeah !!!!” feeling when this boss goes down.

Good luck !

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