Kyzan Kill Video

Kyzan is the second boss in Grim Awakening.

He isn’t very hard but he is fun for sure !

Have fun running around, dodging all the evil mechanics this angry Bahmi throws at you.

Although the boss doesn’t look very impressive, the fight is fun for sure.

Have fun dodging purple mechanics !

Make sure you have enough purges to keep going even if someone dies.

Hopefully your kill will be less messier then ours !

 Good luck !

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Kyzan Strategy

Kyzan is the second boss in the 10 man raid Grim Awakening. He is an angry Bahmi and the fight involves a lot of running around. Really fun encounter.

Health: 22.600.000

Enrage timer: 6 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Must have ability: 5 purges, 3 AOE dispells

Raid Setup

2 tanks: anything will do, but if possible, having a Cleric tank with 21 points in Sentinel for mass dispell will help a lot.

2 healers: if you have the cleric tank to dispell you can use 2 healers. If not you might need to add another healer for an extra aoe dispell.

1 support: Bard or Archon

5 DPS: having more then 1 melee DPS can make things messy. Again, this is not a melee friendly fight. Having everyone ranged DPS is the best way to go.

Kyzan Strategy

This encounter has a lot of purple mechanics. There is a lot of dodging, purging and dispelling to do.


  • Phase Rip: 6 seconds channel. He will spawn ghosts next to players and cast linear rectangular AOEs in front of them (like on Progenitor). If you get hit by the aoe you get a dot ticking for 8.500 damage and also draining 1000 mana or 50 energy/power per second. It’s easy to spot the ghosts spawning behind you and dodge this ability. At 20% Kyzan will chain cast this ability so the fight becomes really interesting.
  • Necrotic Expansion: 5 seconds debuff on a random raid member. Deal damage to the affected player and spawns an expanding purple AOE around him. The AOE covers about half of the room before despawning. Kyzan also shoots a torrent at the player. Anyone caught between the boss and the affected player will take 7.000 damage/tick.
  • Delayed Annihilation: every raid member gets a bubble around him. After 5 seconds you take 17.000 damage from every bubble you stand in (same as Progenitor Hardmode). Spread out to avoid them.
  • Bone Harvest: Kyzan places 4 stacks of Bone Harvest on each raid member. When the debuff reaches 0 you take 9.000 damage for every stack. This can be handled with only 2 AOE dispells, but 3 makes it a lot safer.
  • Abhorrent Growth: Kyzan buffs himself with 5 stacks of Abhorrent Growth. Must be purged or he will heal.
  • Beacon of Bloodsucking: Summons a defiler beacon with 658.000 HP on a tank. The beacon will prevent the tank from being healed and slowly drain his health. This effect can be delayed by placing shields on the tank. Burn down the beacon as fast as possible. The first beacon will be summoned 1 minute into the fight and every 30 seconds after that. The beacons also heal themselves (aprox 19.000 HPS), they are not affected by healing debuffs, you just have to nuke them down.

There is not a lot to this fight except dodging mechanics, dispelling and purging, but somehow it’s a really fun fight still. Spread out for Delayed Annihilation, run to the edge of the room if you are affected by Necrotic Expansion, yell “Dispell” when Bone Harvest is up, purge Abhorrent Growth and nuke down the beacons.

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Prince Kaliban Kill Video

Magma Lord Kaliban is the first boss in Grim Awakening.

He is not hard, but it takes some time to get used to his mechanics. You know what they say, practice makes perfect !

The tank damage is not impressive, the raid damage is minimal and the DPS check can be reached even after failing multiple times as you will witness in the video below :)

The trick is to get the boulders placed in decent spots so you can use them to LOS.

Making decisions on the spot might also be needed, the chance that a boulder will end up in the wrong spot is almost 100%.

Good luck !

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