Grim Awakening Guide

Grim Awakening is the first Tier 2 raid of Storm Legion and it’s a Fire raid. For the first time in Telara’s recorded history, the new tier will start with a 10 man raid.

This means you will need 500 hit and/or 500 toughness for Grim Awakening. If you have all the tier one pieces of gear or just gear from Frozen Tempest or Endless Eclipse you will meet the requirements without having to use runes.

The Grim Awakening bosses are going to drop Frozen Eclipse Stones and tier 2 items. Clearing this raid a few times before the tier 2 20 man raids comes out will give you a head start.

Where is the Grim Awakening entrance ?

All credit goes to Skarrj for guessing the entrance location on the first try ! The entrance to Grim Awakening is in Kingsward, at 4542, 8616. Just take the porticulum to The Academy and you’re going to see it. Don’t forget to use Quantum Sight !

Grim Awakening Entrance

Trash (a.k.a. non boss encounters)

There are a lot of non boss encounters inside Grim Awakening. And to make matters worse, the mobs have mechanics so it’s not going to be just an AOE fest.

Before the first and the second boss you will have to clear packs of Reawakened Harbingers, Defilers, Tempests and Tacticians.

The Reawakened Harbingers place a dot on a random raid member that inflicts damage if the target stands still. It’s quite painful, so you want to strafe or jump when you get the dot.

The Reawakened Defilers place stacks of Foul Growth on other mobs. They will have to be purged or they will heal to full.

The Reawakened Tempests and Tacticians do AOE damage, frontal cone AOEs and place bubbles on the raid.

Before the third and the fourth boss there are different trash packs. As you go up the maze you will encounter packs made out of Wardens of Salvarola, Fallen Awakened, Corrupted Blademasters and Corrupted Sadists.

The Wardens of Salvarola do a fast cast (1.5 seconds) which has to be interrupted or it AOEs the entire raid. They also stack a debuff on the raid. If the debuff reaches 30 stacks the person dies. You can LoS the mobs to reset the stacks, but the idea is to burn them down before the stacks reach 30.

The Fallen Awakened also has a cast that can be interrupted. If it goes through it will summon a bunch of imps. If you see a blue bar, hit the interrupt button.

The Corrupted Blademasters have a nasty cleave so they have to be faced away from the raid. I don’t remember the Corrupted Sadists doing anything special.


There are 4 bosses inside Grim Awakening and a lot of trash. Although each 10 man had some sort of fun mini event (and bonus marks !) there isn’t one in GA. But to compensate for that, the bosses are fun !

Prince Kaliban

Once you get pass the trash you will face Prince Kaliban, the same one you’ve defeated in Empyrean Core. This is a really fun encounter, although it can go every wrong very fast. I love the new mechanic this boss introduces to the game and I hope I will see it again in a 20 man version.

Prince Kaliban Strategy

Prince Kaliban Kill Video


After some more annoying trash you will reach Kyzan, the awesome Bahmi. Kyzan is a very hectic boss, a lot of movement, dodging, purging, running around. It’s a fight that will keep you on your toes for the entire duration. Another fun boss in my opinion, I mean, what can be better then having 10 people locked inside a small room with an angry Bahmi ?

Kyzan Strategy

Kyzan Kill Video


If you defeated Prince Kaliban and Kyzan and you didn’t got lost in the maze means you reached the third boss in Grim Awakening, Salvarola. This is where the fun is supposed to stop and the real deal supposed to start.

Salvarola is a gear check boss. Your tanks are going to get crushed, your DPS is going to be tested and your healers will have to perform under pressure.

Salvarola Strategy

Salvarola Kill Video


The last boss in Grim Awakening is Ultane. This encounter has epic potential. He is one of the most intense bosses I’ve seen in Rift so far. All I can say is, whoever thought the waves on Ituziel or Akylios were hard, go have a try on Ultane. Don’t forget to bring your surfboard.

This encounter has it all. AoE damage, tank damage, focused damage on a player that requires cooldowns, waves, bubbles, ground aoe, transition phases and the cherry on the cake, the last phase which will probably end up being a very chaotic 35%.

Ultane Strategy

Ultane Kill Video

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Hypatia – Rift Online Parser

Published on January 10, 2013 by in Rift News

Great news !

Hypatia is here to save the day. For all the avid Rift players out there, Kharris, Hulahoop and Deusie have put together an online parser and analysis tool which can be found at .

What is Hypatia ?

If you played Rift long enough you must remember Riftlogs. Hypatia is the new and improved version of Riftlogs, only better, bigger and sexier !

Hypatia is not just an online Damage Meter, it provides in-depth analysis of the combat logs and also allows you to share them with other people.

A lot of work has been invested in this site and it’s here to stay and to offer you a place where you can analyze and share your logs. Make sure you support it by opting in for the Premium account !

Hypatia Features

Hypatia cares about every Rift player equally so I would first like to mention the fact that it supports English, French and German log files. You no longer have to run the client in English to be able to use Hypatia !

Another feature that is insanely useful is Realtime Uploader option. Hypatia’s realtime uploader is a Windows application which will watch your combat log while you are in combat, and upload to their server the moment that combat completes. For players who want to be able to view their data between encounters, or want to use Hypatia to assist them in progression, this is a far a feature that they will fall inlove with.

There is also the Java Uploader that can be used to upload logs to the site. Hypatia’s traditional free uploader uses a Java applet which uploads your combat log to the server. This method of uploading works in a queue system, and parses an entire combat log in one pass. Great for post-raid review.

You can also compare your logs with the Top Reports. Hypatia tracks kills of bosses, and ranks them based on performance of each raid group. This provides a quick view to see where your raid group stacks up, and a great way to get ideas on how you can improve, by reviewing the information of those who have already killed the bosses that you are working on.

Under the Reports section you can view the Report Dashboard. This provides general statistics on an entire raid, showing players in attendance, bosses attempted, activity time vs downtime, kill / wipe ratios, and target focus.

The Encounter Summary option is a quick view of damage done, damage done by target, healing done, healing received, damage received, and damage received by source.

Thought the Damage Reports you can view the damage done by the raid group, including zoomable timelines to show damage flow through the encounter, target selection to view damage by target, major event tracking, breakdowns for pet damage, DPS, tooltips with primary ability usage, and activity time calculations. All of this data is provided in an easy table view, and updates automatically when you zoom the timelines, so you can view specific details on any given time-span. I would like to extra emphasize on the Zoom feature because it’s just an amazing piece of work. Having the ability to look in-depth at a small time frame it’s beyond helpful. You can check which cooldowns were used, if they were used at the proper time, what was the incoming damage, what killed someone, what happen at the second the raid wipes, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The Healing Reports are very similar to the Damage Reports, Hypatia’s Healing Reports show the same information, but displaying healing instead of damage.

The Damage Received reports are similar to the Damage and Healing Reports. They shows a timeline view of damage received by the raid group. This view also shows information about DPS received on a per-player basis, tooltips to view primary damaging abilities and their spell schools, and provides breakdowns to view each player’s damage received on a per-source basis.

Player Deaths – This report shows all player deaths during an encounter, as well as healing and damage leading up to these deaths, in a timeline view.

Actor Breakdowns and NPC Breakdowns – Hypatia’s single-character breakdowns provide a detailed view, showing in-depth analysis on:

  • Damage by Ability – Includes total damage done, hits, crits, dot ticks, overkill/immune casts, misses, and spell-school information.
  • Damage by Target – Damage broken out by target, including active time and dps information on a per-target basis.
  • Healing by Ability – Includes healing done, heals breakdown, critical heals, overhealing data, and absorbs added by each spell.
  • Healing by Target – A breakdown showing healing to each target, and analysis of a player’s target focus:   a great way to find out who a healer is spending the most time healing.
  • Damage Received – Damage received by each source and ability, including mitigation statistics and spell school data.
  • Healing Received – This shows healing and overhealing on a per-source basis.
  • Deaths – This provides the same information that is in the Player Deaths report, but right inside the individual player’s breakdown.

New upcoming feature

And if all the above did not convince you to use Hypatia yet, there is a new exiting feature releasing today ! The Buff Tracker ! For any guild that wishes to improve it’s performance, this feature is going to be a dream come true.

This new primary report shows timelines of primary raid buffs and debuffs, allowing your raid group to review the effectiveness of the buffs that are provided. If you don’t want to view just the default buffs, though, Hypatia allows you to select any buff or debuff cast by any player, and view it’s activity timeline as well.   For each tracked buff, they also provide data on the number of times applied and lost, as well as uptime and uptime percentages… this provides a great way to easily determine the true value of proc-based talents and items.  The buff tracker also monitors the usage of common raid consumables, such as healing, mana, and critical strike potions, as well as Consuming Flames and Soul Crystals.

But don’t get excited just yet !

After the release of the new buff tracker, the guys that are hard at work to make this happen, have several other new features up on the whiteboard, including an enhanced version of the Top Reports, Absorb Tracking, Defiler Intercept analysis, and player pages to supplement the guild pages, etc.
With all these amazing features and even more to come, Hypatia is the best online parser and analysis tool for Rift combat logs. Let’s all make sure we say “Thank you for all the hard work invested in this project.” and opt in for the Premium account !
Now let’s get down to business and start uploading ! I am very curious to find out who is the World’s Number One DPS Mage !
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Happy Birthday !!!

Published on December 25, 2012 by in Rift News

Today is the day turns 1 year old !

To celebrate it, I am hosting a costume contest starting from 25th December until the end of the year !


The rules are simple. Use any in-game item and/or dye to create an unique costume for your character. Take a screenshot of your character and e-mail it to .

The e-mail must also contain your character name and shard.


There are lots and lots of prizes waiting for you !

At the end of the contest the famous Qarlsberg will help me pick the winners.

For each day we will pick 3 winners who will each receive a Helm of the Demon Lord and a daily grand winner who will become the proud owner of a Storm Legion Infinity Edition upgrade key.

And to save the best of the last, we will also chose a Supreme Winner who will receive a rare in-game pet !

To give Qarlsberg a chance to sober up after the wild New Year’s Ever party he will be attending, the winners will be announced on the 7th of January 2013.

The prizes will be delivered to the e-mail from which the screenshot was sent so don’t lose your password ;)

Let the fashion show begin !

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