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Alltha the Reaper Loot Table

Published on June 21, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

Alltha the Reaper is the 3rd boss in Primeval Feast. As the bosses before her, she drops 2 Infernal Marks of Ascension and two pieces for loot. All you have to do is to kill her and the loot is yours.

I’m sure that some loot from Primeval Feast will be better then some of the Infernal Dawn items and for sure better then Hammerknell ones, even better then the Hammerknell relic set pieces.

This is going to be a sliver you might want to run for a few weeks, just to get those extra few Infernal Marks of Ascension.

But let’s move on to the loot. Alltha the Reaper seems to be the boss that will provide us with helm drops.

First item on the list is the Siegemaster’s Crown, a plate helm for DPS warriors.

Siegemaster's Crown

Second item in line is a cleric item, the Messianic Chain Veil. Although this helm is not better then the Infernal Dawn set helm or the one that drops from Rusila Dreadblade, I am sure it would make a nice wardrobe addition.

Messianic Chain Veil

I remembered to take a screenshot of it this time, here it is:

Messianic Chain Veil looks

And a magic ring appears ! The Thick Spring Bloodloop with the inscription: “This item can be infused with the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination.” More shinnies ! Yet another item to upgrade. I wonder if this means we will get a relic ring.

Thick Spring Bloodloop

The next loot item is Reaper’s Harrowing Visage, a leather helmet.

Reaper's Harrowing Visage

And for our mages, Astrologer’s Headwrap is a nice piece of loot.

Astrologer's Headwrap

Knucklebone of the Autumn is the warrior tanking ring which can be upgraded with the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination. This ring drops from Alltha the Reaper and not from Faelord Twyl, which means you can have more then 1 ring drop each run.

Knucklebone of the Autumn

The upgraded version of the Knucklebone of the Autumn is the Harvest of Autumn and except the fact it’s orange, it’s also best in slot for warrior tanks at the moment.

Harvest of Autumn

Updating this post as soon as possible.

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