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Alltha the Reaper Strategy Guide

Published on June 27, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

I am sure most of you will remember Alltha from Ember Isle. She is the end boss of the Seeds of Change event and I think most of us have fallen victim to her whirlwind ability at least once.

I am pleased to announce that she keeps her well known whirlwind ! Now even more deadly due to a limited amount of space !

This boss might be a challenge for those that like to stand still and tunnel vision on their rotation. There is a lot of moving around involved in this fight.

But let’s take a look at what Alltha the Reaper has in store for us and what we have to do to defeat her.

Alltha the Reaper

Notice the dead Greenscale behind her. You can jump on him after you kill the boss :)

Raid Setup

For this encounter you will need:

2 tanks: any setup will do. We tried warrior/cleric and warrior/warrior and both worked just as fine. Any class combination will do for this encounter.

2 healers and 1 bard: the run speed is key for surviving in this fight, so a bard is good to have. If the bard is going to have run speed up this automatically means you need 1 Chloro for Living Energy. It is best to have an aoe healing chloro. For the other healer a senticar or a sent/warden is best. I would pick senticar because of the smart healing on DoL.

5 DPS: can be either melee or ranged, it doesn’t really matter in this fight.

You can add more healing to your setup but I am not sure if you are going to make the enrage timer. Guess you will have to try.

Alltha the Reaper Tactics

Alltha the Reaper has 4.8 million HP and an enrage timer of 6 minutes. Also she will spawn adds during the encounter which you will have to DPS down, adding to the health pool you have to DPS down in those 6 minutes.

She has 2 Phases, each lasting 35 seconds. During the fight she will keep changing between this phases.

The First Phase is marked by a purple buff on the boss which starts ticking down from 35 seconds. While this phase is active she will have the following abilities:

  • Fae Torrent: every 10 seconds she will place a debuff on 8 raid members. This debuff lasts 20 seconds and it will absorb 5000 healing before wearing off. Spam some DoLs to get rid of it.
  • Portals: every 10 seconds she will spawn 2 portals at random places on the outer edge of the room. Out of these portals there will be wisps coming out and zigzagging through the room. In order to dodge them as best as possible you should stick to the edge also. By doing so, the chance of getting hit by wisps is small. They hurt quite a bit, each hitting for around 4000 damage so you don’t want to be caught in the middle of them.
  • Whithered Flash: every 20 seconds she will do a cleave that needs to be shared by both tanks. It’s easier if both tanks stay in front of her at all times. She doesn’t do other cleave attacks except this.
  • Tank swap mechanic: I didn’t catch the name, but the tank gains a stacking debuff that increases damage taken from the attack she does in the next phase, so tank swap at the end of the timer.

The Second Phase is marked by a green debuff on the boss, same 35 seconds duration. While this phase is active she will have the following abilties:

  • Toxic Spore: every 5 seconds she will cast Toxic Spore and place a 3 seconds debuff on 2 raid members. When the time runs out puddles of poison will spawn where the raid members are stood. The poison ticks for around 4k every second. To avoid dropping the poison on the raid or dying to it, when you see the debuff on you (looks like a skull) you start running to the center of the room and keep running until the debuff is gone and you are out of the puddle. Being on the move ensures you will take no ticks or just 1 tick of the poison. This ability will be casted 4 times/phase.
  •  Cyclones: she will spawn some cyclones in the room, they look like air elementals and they act like the tornadoes in Glided Prophecy, second boss. Stay away from them as much as possible. If you are standing close to the edge of the room it is less likely to get hit by one.
  • Whirling Blades: at the end of the second phase she will cast this ability, place a green bubble around a raid member and follow him around for 10 seconds while whirlwinding. She will also emote: “Alltha the Reaper’s beady eyes narrow as she focuses on [target]. Run !”. Stay away from the person she picks and from her path. The tanks can take the damage, so if it’s on a tank there is no need to kite her.
  • Tank swap mechanic: same as in phase one.

At the end of every second phase she will cast Rampant Growth for 6 seconds and spawn a tree with the same name. The 1st Rampant Growth has 171k HP and you have to kill it as fast as possible. While it is up the entire raid will be slowed and the boss will gain a healing over time effect. After she will complete her phase cycle again, she will spawn a 2nd Rampant Growth, this time with 205k HP. Each time she does a cycle, the tree add will have 35k more HP.

For the tanks, they need to be in front of the boss when there are 10 seconds left on her buff to share the cleave, move backwards if a portal spawns on top of them in Phase one, same if they get the Spore in phase 2. Stick to the edge and taunt her after she is done casting Rampant Growth for the Phase 2 -> Phase 1 tank swap.

For the DPS, stay away from the middle of the room, react fast on the Spore debuff and DPS down the Rampant Growth when it spawns.

For the healers, all I can say is heal :) . You will have to pay attention to the Spore debuff also and stay away from the portals.

I wish you good luck and good drops !

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4 Responses

  1. Shao

    Fairly decent stuff.
    After having gone over this fight, I think there might be a few inaccuracies here. First, Fey Torrent is the cast that generates the portals from which the wisps spawn, and has nothing to do with the debuff that goes onto the raid.

    Withering FLesh is the name of the debuff that she casts on the raid, and has to be healed off. This doesn’t happen every 10 seconds- it’s more like once per tanking phase. It appears on the raid frame as a blue background with a yellow circle ( see Cleric Shaman ability ‘Heart of the Twilight Forest’ for an exact picture).

  2. bangmaid

    Thanks for the guide, but it seems alltha has been silently hotfixed now.
    Regardless of whether you tank swap or not, alltha will detonate the debuff so long as the tank is nearby.
    You can either tank swap to share stack (each hits for~9k, so 3 stacks is an instant death), or in the second phase, have your first tank run a decent distance away, running back in only to share the cleave, which occurs in the last 15 seconds of the phase it appears.

    Withering flesh is still the cleave, and it appears that far torrent does not occur any more at all.

  3. bangmaid

    And also, the stacking debuff is Festering Slice, which the boss detonates with his spammed attack (which I cannot remember the name of)

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