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Faelord Twyl Loot Table

Published on June 21, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

The last boss in Primeval Feast is none other then Faelord Twyl, our favorite fairy ! When defeated he will award 2 Infernal Marks of Ascension and two more pieces of loot. All the bosses before him seemed to drop a certain item (belt from Atrophinius, helm from Alltha, gloves from Swarmlord) and 1 extra loot piece like a weapon or a costume item. I’m not sure if I can say the same thing about Faelord Twyl. He will probably have a more diverse loot table.

As Trion did before, it seems that the last bosses in 10 man raids have some interesting weapon drops on their loot table. Let’s take a look at what Faelord Twyl has to offer.

First item I am going to present to you is a Cleric necklace, the Lashing Vine Locket. This neck is miles better then anything you will get from Hammerknell. When it comes to Infernal Dawn loot, I don’t remember seeing any Cleric necklace drop from any of the bosses, so far this is best in slot. Notice that it has both spell power and spell crit, which is a very rare combination on Infernal Dawn items.

Lashing Vine Locket

Next item is the The Fury of the Seasons and it required some adjustments because the PTS version was bugged. But I didn’t want to keep you waiting until it dropped again. It has an interesting procc so it might just worth it. Probably we will know once someone does some parsing with it.

Update: The real version of the dagger.

Fury of the seasons

And because I know people care about looks, here is Fury of the Seasons equiped.

Fury of the seasons equiped

Winter’s Bite is a 2h mage staff with a damage procc. I’m sure people will love it.

Winter's bite

Specially for Seiichiro a screenshot of this staff.

Winter's Bite equiped

The Gnarled Vastwood Gorget is the next item on the list and it’s a warrior neck.

Gnarled Vastwood Gorget

The Swarmlord’s Claw is a one handed sword that drops from Faelord Twyl and as you can notice it has a 2 set bonus and a procc on it. I must say the weapons from Primeval Feast are quite interesting if you don’t have an Infernal Dawn relic weapon yet.

Swarmlord's Claw

And it’s pair, the Swarmlord’s Stinger. These two can make nice weapons. If only a rogue would be so lucky to have both of them drop.

Swarmlord's Stinger

Next in line is a tanking neck for warriors. It has all the tanking stats on it which, I think, makes it quite good. It’s called Twyl’s Tempered Neckplate.

Twyl's Tempered Neckplate

Apparently Trion wants everyone to go to Primeval Feast, even the people that already have Infernal Dawn on farm, so they added some nice items on Faelord Twyl, which include these rogue dagger that can be upgraded with the Flaming Heart of Maelforge.

Seed of Creeping Vines

And the finally got an upgradable ring on live. This time was the rogue DPS ring, Wintry Ice Loop. You upgrade it using the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination which drops from Maklamos the Scryer Hardmode.

Wintry Ice Loop

Because we have the pew pew and the he-he-heals, we downed Maklamos the Scryer Hardmode and we got our first relic ring, Winter’s Cold. Congrats to Haipa ! Now he can time bomb better.

Winter's Cold

And another upgradable ring, this time the warrior one. The Knucklebone of Fall is the next ring we will upgrade this week.

Knucklebone of fall

The upgraded version of Knuclebone of Fall is the Harvest of Fall. Warriors should love this ring.

Harvest of Fall

The Frozen Wintry Ring is the rogue tanking ring that can be upgraded with the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination.

Frozen Wintry Ring

The next item on his loot table is the Neckguard of the Feast. This is a very nice cleric tanking necklace. Just look at that +49 Endurance !

Neckguard of the Feast

Faelord Twyl also drops a polearm. It quite good compared to what you can get from Infernal Dawn and it also has a procc on it. I guess if you are only 3/8 in Infernal Dawn and you can’t get a decent 2h weapon as a warrior, Atrophinius’ Song of Steel is quite a good option for you.

Atrophinius' song of steel

Here is a screenshot of the Atrophinius’ Song of Steel, specially for Spank. Qarlsbor was kind enough to volunteer as a model.

Atrophinius Song of Steel

There is also a cleric staff that drops from Faelord Twyl and has a healing procc on it. It’s called Summer’s Warmth and if you didn’t get your hands on a Infernal Dawn relic weapon yet, this staff is quite good.

Summer's Warmth

A little something for the rogues, the Devious Troll’s Charm is a nice necklace for them.

Devious Troll's Charm

The cleric upgradable ring finally dropped, it is called the Spring Bloodloop. Hopefully we will upgrade it soon.

Spring Bloodloop

Spring’s Growth is the upgraded version of the Spring Bloodloop.

Spring's Growth

We also came across the upgradable Mage ring. Although it was believed to be just a myth, here it is, the Signet of Summer’s Flame. We will be upgrading this soon as well.

Sign of Summers' Flame

This were the drops from the first kill. I will keep this updated !

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10 Responses

  1. Seiichiro


    is it possible to get a screenshot of the staff winter’s bite to? You would do me a great favour

    best regards

  2. Kryoz

    That’s a warrior tanking necklace not a rogue one

  3. [...] set of these items are the upgradable rings that drop from Primeval Feast and that can be upgraded using the Crystal of Equinoctial [...]

  4. Seiichiro

    Thank you very much for the screenshot:)

  5. spank

    is there any way you can get a screen shot of the polearm.

  6. admin

    Took a picture of you. Qarlsbor, our great pink warrior served as the model :)

  7. spank

    thank you lots

  8. Alcatrax

    So the “Summer warmth” Cleric staff, Drops off both, Swarmlord and Twyl? Or did someone make a booboo. n_n;

  9. admin

    It drops from both, although the one that dropped from Swarmlord was a drop on PTS. I don’t remember if it dropped again on live or not.

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