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Faelord Twyl Strategy Guide

Published on June 28, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

Faelord Twyl is the final boss in Primeval Feast. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because you ran into him in Realm of the Fae also. Even if you killed him when you where level 15, the 10 man raids take place in an alternate reality to which you gain access using Quantum Sight, so you have to kill him again.

This fight will probably sound more complicated then it is when you will first take a look at the strategy, but you will see there is nothing to worry about once you actually fight him. All you need is a good raid setup and Hammerknell quality gear. Your alts might have to wait a little bit more :)

Faelord Twyl

Raid setup

This boss requires:

1 tank: any class can tank this boss, but a cleric tank will hold the advantage due to the add pickup that needs to be done between Phase 2 and Phase 3. Clerics always win with aggro !

2 healers and 1 bard: the bard is a good addition because of Fervor, Verse of Joy and the resistance buff. For the healers, 1 cleric as senticar to avoid running out of mana while aoe healing (there is a lot of aoe healing needed) and 1 aoe healing Chloromancer will do just fine for this encounter.

5 DPS: 1 marksman rogue for purge is mandatory, then the rest can be anything. This fight doesn’t favor ranged or melee dps.

You could try and squeeze more healing in your setup but you might not meet the DPS requirements.

Faelord Twyl Tactics

Faelord Twyl has a total of 5.1 million HP and an enrage timer of 8 minutes. To keep in line with the “last boss” trend, Faelord Twyl has 4 phases, each phase representing 1 season. The nature of the damage taken by the raid is influenced by the season, so having a specific resist core or vial won’t help, best thing to use here is general resistance buffs like Planar Protection and the Bard/Archon buff.

Phase 1 – Spring (Air phase)

After you clear the labyrinth event, Faelord Twyl will show up in the middle of the maze. After you engage him he will fly into the air and remain there for the entire duration of Phase 1. After he is done role playing, one of your raid members will be turned into a Deer and a Ravenous Wolf with 266k HP will spawn and chase the Deer. You have to kill the wolf before he kills your raid member. The wolf can be slowed and knocked back. Once the wolf is dead the Deer debuff will be removed.

Then another raid member will be morphed into a Bunny and a Voracious Tiger with 266k HP will spawn and chase after the Bunny. Same as before, use your slows and stuns to CC the tiger as much as possible and kill him. Once the tiger is dead the Bunny debuff will be removed.

Then Twyl is going to use his last trick and turn a raid member into a Squirrel and spawn a Rapacious Spider with 266k HP which will try and dead the Squirrel. Nuke it, dot it, slow it, kill it. When you are done killing the Spider, you will move into Phase 2.

During this phase Faelord Twyl will aoe the raid using Scorching Torrent. This ability will have an initial hit for around 2000 damage and leaves a 5 seconds DoT that ticks for around 800 damage. The damage from this ability is Fire Damage. He will use this throughout the entire fight.

Phase 2 – Summer (Ground phase)

When you are done with the chasing around part, Faelord Twyl will land and Phase 2 starts. In order to move to Phase 3 you will have to take him down to 50%. During this phase he will use the following abilities:

  • Summer Flare: every 10 seconds he will do a fire breath, frontal cone attack, which hits for around 4k/tick on the tank.
  • Flickering Fire: 1 second cast, it gives a 10 seconds reflect shield to the boss, must be purged immediately. The combination of Scorching Torrent and Flickering Fire can be deadly.
  • Toxic Blossom: every 30 seconds he will spawn a Toxic Blossom with 310k HP which will explode after 5 seconds. Anyone caught in the explosion zone will take around 4.000 fire damage and will be knocked back. Move away from the when they spawn, you have enough time.
  • Primeval Quake: every 30 seconds he will place a 5 seconds debuff on a random raid member (except the tank). When the debuff runs out, anyone standing in the to close to that person will die. The area of effect of this ability is marked with an yellow circle.
  • Scorching Torrent: same as in Phase 1.

During this phase the tank only needs to move if a Blossom spawns on top of him or the melee, for the rest of the fight the tank can stand still, minimizing the risk of melee getting caught in the Summer Flare. The melee will have to move away from the group if they get targeted with Primeval Quake.

The ranged DPS and the healers will have to avoid the Blossoms and make sure they don’t blow up raid members with Primeval Quake, although I would find it funny to chase someone around while having the debuff :) (do not try this at home. Do not try this if your rank in the guild is lower then Class Leader).

Phase 3 – Autumn (Air phase)

When he reaches 50% he will fly up again and you will be left to deal with some adds. An altar will spawn along with 2 Devious Trolls, each with 175k hp, they need to be picked up as soon as possible and dragged on top of the altar. They cleave so positioning is important. After 2-3 seconds a raid member (except the tank) will become trapped on the altar and a  Ritual Shaman (268k HP) will spawn in front of the altar and start casting Wicker Pyre. You got 20 seconds, until the end of the cast, to kill him or the raid member on the altar and everyone in the vicinity of the altar will be one shotted. During his cast 3 Wicker Fiends (trees) will also spawn and they will have to be picked up and aoed down.

This will repeat twice and then he will go into Phase 4. The key to this phase is to have enough single target DPS to burn down the Shaman in time, but also have enough AoE dps to kill the trolls and the trees or you will die to the damage. The trolls do raid damage, so is Faelord Twyl with his Scorching Torrent, so having to many trolls up at the same time or having them up for Phase 4 will just be a wipe.

Phase 4 – Winter (Ground Phase)

In this phase, Faelord Twyl will use the following abilities:

  • Chain Lighting: hits 5 targets no matter how spread out you are. Initial hit is around 4.000 damage and it will leave a 3 seconds DoT that ticks for around 800. This damage is Air.
  • Frozen Nova: 3 seconds cast, can be interrupted. If you fail to interrupt the entire raid will take 36.000 damage, basicaly a raid wipe. He will emote: “Lord Twyl begins to channel a Frozen Nova.” before he does it.
  • Strangle Plant: every 20 seconds he will spawn a plant with 106k HP. While they are alive, these plants will spawn Frost Trails around the room, like the ones Emberlord Ereetu spawns in the last phase. Don’t worry about the trails, just move away from the plants. Anyone to close to a plant will gain a debuff (green debuff like the one you get at Greenscale). It will slow you down and tick for abour 3000 damage/second. You have ti heal through it, this last phase will require quite some healing.
  • Crippling Spider: every 20 seconds he will send 6 Crippling Spiders, each with 26.6k hp to entangle a raid member. Just throw an aoe ability at them and they should die asap. While the spiders are alive, the person being entangled will not be able to move or cast.

Phase 4 ends when the is dead and you can loot him. I wish you best of luck !

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9 Responses

  1. The Live server seems to be a bit harder then the PTS was. Looking to see if anyone else has found a way to manage the plant spawns. I keep trying to figure out if a pattern is around for how the orbs start to appear on the ground.

  2. The Ritual Shaman cast bar is currently bugged. It will show 20 seconds but it seems to end early at 18 and kill the group. Im not sure why we reported it to trion tho.

  3. I would like to provide some feedback since we downed this boss and secured the shard 1st on seastone.

    We changed the strat a bit to use the following setup

    2x Cloro
    1x Cleric healing
    1x Icar – Only heals at the last phase.
    1x beast Master
    Remainder are all DPS (No Bard Required)

    Remainder of the raid should pull around 20k Raid DPS in order to meet the shaman timer and the enrage timer.

    We used a warrior tank and if you have it available you want to use a cleric tank as the strat states. The Warrior had to work hard to keep all the adds from wrecking the healer.

    It now spawns 5 plants and after that they will slowly despawn. you can ignore them if you overheal the fight like above. We did however do one of two methods. Either have your pets stay on the boss and assign 1 or 2 Rangers to down a few plants. that are in the core of the fight OR keep your pets on the boss and have a ranger down a plant when its in the way. If they are placed correctly you can just ignore the ones on the outside edges of the room.

    All other DPS should stay on the boss until someone gets stuck in spiders. Then they should all switch to get that person out quickly.

    DO NOT STACK. If a plant spawns and it hits more then one person you will most likely loose one of them. You want to spread out as much as you can.

    the blue circles on the ground can easily be healed through and you can jump over them without taking damage. The only thing to really avoid are plants.

    I hope this help others get a kill in.

  4. Been using these guides with my guild. they have been very helpful. thanks for all your work.

  5. gnomeater

    altar will be ones hotted… spacing error.. should be one shotted

  6. Hi you guys and everyone who is reading this.

    *Tips and Hints*
    Phase 1: …….. no comment………

    Phase 2: You do not need a MM to purge if you have a senticar running 33sent/21just/12inq then they can solo purge it and also heal.

    Phase 3: We had all the dps on Shaman when it spawns so we can have more time on adds. We also had a dedicated cleanser on the tank from the stun so tank can pick up adds. Also when 2nd wave of adds come or when Twyl comes down while there still some adds on the tank the cleric healer should pop a CD like Healer’s Covenant. The stun comes from the tree adds and they can be interrupted by your warrior dps and tank.

    Phase 4: Yes it is a lot of raid damage but if you look at it its not a lot at all. Biggest damage output is when the plant spawn on a player. It is even bigger damage when that player happens to be stupid and stand in the plant’s aoe instead of moving out. So nice tip here……is when plant spawns on you STOP EVERYTHING AND GTFO OUT OF THE AOE…….it helps a lot on healers. As for the chain lightning and the blue aoes those are easy to heal through. In fact if you have no room to stand….stand on the blue aoes they do weak ass damage. Better to stand in blue aoe than the plant aoe =). Other than that this fight is very easy.

  7. Serenity

    Shouldn’t scorching torrent be genesis torrent which is life damage.

  8. Serenity

    ok, ignore my last, my log wasnt showing all damage. Found scorching torrent.

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