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Grandmaster Atrophinius Loot Table

Published on June 19, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

For those of you that are curious what can the new 10 man drop, here is a partial answer. As I mentioned before, Primeval Feast is a Tier 3 10 man, this means you will need at least 420 hit and focus to be able to hit those bosses and it also means it drops Infernal Dawn quality items and lets not forget the Infernal Marks of Ascension you can collect by defeating bosses in this raid.

Grandmaster Atrophinius drops 2 Infernal Marks of Ascension and 2 other items. I seems that Trion wanted to sort the loot tables a bit and make bosses drop specific pieces of armor, like Warboss Drak for example. But let’s get on with the loot.

First item is a cloth belt, Siren’s Call Sash.

Siren's Call Sash

Next item in line is another belt, this time a leather one, Mead Soaked Belt, which isn’t bad compared to the belts you can get from Infernal Dawn.

Mead Soaked Belt

3rd item on the drop list is a pair of gloves that somehow sneaked into Atrophinius’s loot table. It’s a pair of plate gloves, Dominator’s Unyielding Gauntlets.

Dominator's Unyielding Gauntlets

Next item is chain belt, the Battlemaster’s Links of Vigor. This belt is a little bit better then the Infenal Dawn epic set piece and a little bit worse then the relic version of the Infernal Dawn belt. For anyone that isn’t doing Infernal Dawn this should be best in slot.

Battlemaster's Links of vigor

Siren’s Call Boots are a pair of cloth boots that drop from this boss.

Siren's Call Boots

Next item on the list is a pair of tanking gloves for clerics, the Battlemaster’s Hanguards of War.

Battlemaster's Hanguards of War

The Mead Soaked Treads are the rogue tanking boots that drop from Atrophinius.

Mead Soaked Threads

Some more Mead Soaked stuff, this time the Mead Soaked Grips, the rogue tanking gloves. Seems Atrophinius was not very careful with his mead and spilled it all over the place.

Mead Soaked Grips

I will be updating this over time until it’s a complete drop list.

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  2. Mk1

    So nothing for warrior tanks??

  3. Jack

    We got some plate gloves; would you like screenie?

  4. admin

    If you got screenies of loot that’s not listed yet you can mail them to dutchtrafficservice@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

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