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Grandmaster Atrophinius Strategy Guide

Published on June 19, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

Grandmaster Atrophinius is the first boss in Primeval Feast and it’s of medium difficulty. It’s not as easy as the bosses in Drowned Halls but it’s not a pain like those in Gilded Prophecy. He is somewhere in between. I think Trion wanted to eliminate the element of personal fail so everyone gets to keep their friendly but not so good players, but this fight can still be ruined if someone plays like a headless chicken.

If we only consider the 10 man raids, on a scale from 1 to 10 in difficulty level, this boss is a 5. You can mess around but it won’t be without consequences. Nonetheless it’s quite a simple fight if executed correctly.

Grandmaster Atrophinius

Not the most amazing picture of him, but it will do :) . What would be amazing is if that weapon he holds would be a drop.

Raid setup

For this boss we used:

1 tank: 1 Warrior but in my opinion it would be easier for a Cleric to do it if you don’t mess around with the adds. If you do then the Cleric will get mana drained in 1 second and become useless.

1 healer: 1 Chloromancer, there is not a lot of damage going around, only some aoe every 35 seconds and tank damage.

1 support: 1 Bard to carry the water bucket and sing us pretty songs.

7 dps: 2 Inquisitors, 3 DPS Warriors, 2 Rangers.

This fight doesn’t ask for a very specific setup so feel free to bring anything.

Grandmaster Atrophinius Tactics

Atrophinius has 4.7 milion HP and an enrage timer of 6 minutes. Also you need to keep in mind that the 3 Casks you will have to kill each have 310k HP. In total, the amount of HP you have to DPS down during this encounter is 5.7 milion.

This fight will sound more complicated then it is, but this is the case with many of these encounters. It looks a bit scary when you read the tactics for the first time, but once you see them in practice it won’t look as bad. If you wish to get a better idea of how the fight looks like take a look at Grandmaster Atrophinius Kill Video. Ok, once you destroyed the Life Anchors you can make your way to Grandmaster Atrophinius. He is located on the base floor, around the mountain from Prince Hylas. Jump down from where you killed the Anchors and clear the remaining trash. When you get to him, he will be surrounded by a bunch of mobs, have someone to run into them and they will despawn.

Now let’s take a look at his abilities, 5 in total:

  • Cleave – basic ability, don’t be in front of the boss.
  • Song of Solitude – 5 seconds cast time, can’t be interruped, places a 3 seconds debuff on 7 members of the raid. At the end of this debuff you and everyone else within 10 meters will take 3.900 damage. The damage area is marked with a blue bubble. To avoid this ability you have to spread out. Only tricky part will be for the melee to spread out if there are more then 2, but with a 5 seconds cast time there should be enough warning.
  • Song of Anguish – 3 seconds cast time, can’t be interrupted, places a 15 seconds debuff on a person. He will emote: “Grandmaster Atrophinius glares at [target] !” so you know who will get it. The raid member under the effect of this debuff will start dancing and will not be able to move or cast anything until the debuff is removed using the water bucket (see below) or until the debuff time runs out.
  • Song of Steel – a 15 seconds charge. He will bounce between the 2 furthest away persons dealing 2.3k damage everytime he hits. Anyone caught in the path between these 2 persons will be onceshotted so it’s best to move out. He will have a 20 seconds buff on him so the tank knows when it’s going to end. The tank needs to taunt him as soon as his buff runs out because he will reset aggro. Also everyone should stop healing/dsping when the buff has 2 seconds left to prevent useless deaths.
  • Run to the cask – when he reaches 75% HP he will run to one of the Green Label Casks and start drinking from it. He will use this ability every minute after the 1st time. This will make him heal for 1% every second. See how to deal with this bellow.

He will rotate his Songs every 35 seconds. He will cast them in the order listed above. It’s a repetitive fight without any element of surprise so it shouldn’t take to long to learn.

Except for his abilities there are 4 sleeping adds to worry about and some other environmental hazards. Time to call on my paint skills.

Atrophinius Strategy and Positioning

After you clear the event mobs you will notice that there are 4 Drunken Bruisers sleeping on the floor (circled with blue in the image above). They are the element that makes this fight interesting. Once you pull the boss you can also attack them but you want to let them sleep. They wake up if someone walks to close to them and to put them back to sleep you will have to use the buckets that are next to the casks. The only issue is that you will have to kill all the Casks before the boss reaches 75% so if you wake up the adds you will be stuck with them until the end of the fight. They only have 310k HP but they have a damage reduction buff and a damaging and mana draining aura. You can get quite close to them without waking them up, check the right side of the screenshot where Sharogy is standing next to Cask 1. That’s enough distance not to disturb the adds.

The adds directly influence the raid’s ability to move around. But who has to move ? The only person that needs to move around is the raid member in charge with removing the dancing debuff. To the right of Atrophinius there is a well (big red arrow pointing at it in the image above). When you click the well you get a reactive ability. Use that ability on the player that is dancing to remove his debuff. There is a catch though. If you get hit by anything while holding the bucket ability you will lose it, so you will have to sneak between the AoE and the charge to dispell people.

Be careful not to wake up the adds while running with the bucket. I marked the paths we used with black lines to give you an idea where it is safe to go. We had the bard on the bucket duty because that’s what bards do in 10 mans, they shovel and carry buckets of water around, but anyone can do the job.

I mentioned above that the 3 Green Label Casks need to be destroyed before the boss reaches 75%. In order to do so without wasting DPS have 1 person assigned to each Cask. A Cask has 310k HP so 1 DPS should be able to get it down by the time the boss is at 75%. You can have the melee to do it ^^.

The boss himself was tanked close to the mountain so the tank has enough distance from the add in the middle to not wake him up and at the same time he is central enough to be able to pick the boss up after his charging frenzy. If the next question is where does the melee fits in this strategy, I am sorry to inform you that the guild Special Olympics doesn’t know how to mitigate melee unfriendly abilities so we just mitigate the use of melee completely. You can have 1 melee standing behind the boss, but the charging ability seems to always kill them. You can use the DPS warriors to kill the Casks and when they are done they can just stand at range and shoot some ranged attacks at the boss. You shouldn’t have that much melee in a 10 man anyway, maybe you can fit them somewhere :) .

This is pretty much it. Have the raid positioned (or close to their spots) before you engage the boss, pull him to the mountain and start DPSing him. Make sure all 3 Casks are dead by the time he reaches 75%. He will rotate AoE, the 20 seconds debuff that needs to be watered down and the Charge until he is dead.

This strategy remained valid for the release. Good luck killing him !

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7 Responses

  1. Yogi

    All those warriors rerolling for Storm Legion because of those “Be close to useless or get gibbed” mechanics :D

  2. Diesel

    Done this now with both a warrior and cleric tank, totally agree was much easier with the cleric tank.

  3. Mk1

    What if the bard fails to let the person dacing. Is that only waste of some DPS or you lose something more?

  4. Mew

    Dunno if i was blind and missed it in the guide.
    But, what i noticed is that Song of Solitude seems to hit 7 ranged people only. We had 1 melee warrior dps, and i was shoting from range, the melee dps and tank, never got hit by Song of Solitude, unless the melee dps walked out from melee. So you can have 3 people in melee (including the tank) and they will never get hit by Song of Solitude. You will still need 7 at range tho, or it will hit melee as well and they will go splat :D

  5. Have a really easy way to kill this boss with a 2 tank and 1 healer setup. Going to share the Realm Guardians way of downing him and making this really easy.


    DPS1 Cloro DPS2 DPS3

    Tank1 Tank2


    Basicly with this setup you have one tank at the entrance and the other standing on the rock by the mead barrel. This will allow you to keep 100% DPS uptime on the boss instead of stoping at 2seconds. Rangers need to pull pets out at 13 sec in order to keep them alive. You can keep a warrior melee dps in but he will only DPS 50% of the fight if the boss ends on the 2nd tank.

    They changed this fight so Song only hits 4 targets. You can easily put 4 on each side without getting killed. You still want to have a 5 meter space between each other and can do this easily by zig zaging

    So the Realm Guardians strat is as follows..

    Tank 1 starts the fight at the far end of the room. DPS goes nuts. He will start his charge debuff that will count down when it gets to 13 all rangers should be pulling pets off so they dont get killed by the charge. Since tank 2 is the furthest away he will charge right down the middle across to the 2nd tank. Then on the return charge Tank 1 is the furthest away and he will ping pong back and forth. At the end of his debuff he will make one last charge to the furthest tank. When he lands on this tank they will time the taunt and yank the boss back into them. It makes this fight ROFL easy.

    Since you have tanks eating the charge you will only require 1 Clor healing as needed. The bard basickly keeps up buffs and knocks people out of the dance. Since the boss will always end next to the tank your DPS can keep going nuts and never have to stop. The taunt will yank him back in and he will be in range.

    With this strat the Enrage timer is a joke. Hope this helps out some people.

  6. Klug

    Just make Tank 2 a ranged DPS with max LR. The charge damage is 100% life damage.

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