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Life Anchors Strategy Guide

Published on June 25, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

The Life Anchors is a mini event at the start of Primeval Feast. When you enter Primeval Feast you will see Prince Hylas being subdue by some life minions. You must free him to being the event. In order to do so, hit the adds that are attacking him. Notice that they have a form of Health Pin buff while the life Anchors are alive and you can’t kill them by just dpsing them. Once you hit the adds there will be even more adds incoming from the 3 positions marked in the image below.

There are two way of handling this. The brute force way involves having everyone that can tank switch to tank, aggro the incoming adds and then run circles for 30 seconds until the adds get stunned by Hylas. Once they are stunned pick up a bomb from the dead guy on the floor (circled with yellow in the image below) and place it on top of the adds. This will kill them. Make sure to step away from the red circle or you will die. Also feel free to place bombs on any unaware raid member that went AFK :) .

The other way is to have 2 or 3 tanks pick up the adds and 2-3 people placing bombs in the adds vicinity. The tank can then run through the bomb with the adds and with the help of slows and stuns the adds will be trapped in the bomb until it explodes.

I root for the brute force idea, it’s more fun, but it’s up to you, any of the ways above work.

Hylas Primeval Feast

Once you cleared up all the adds Hylas will become active and you will notice a blue aura around him. Step in that aura and you will gain a 2 minutes buff that transforms you into a critter. The clerics will be turned into a Fairy, the rogues will come a Fae minion, the mages are transformed into female Boglings, and the warriors into male Boglings, but all 4 classes will gain the same 2 abilities.

Event abilities

The first ability is called Garrote and it only lights up when you have a mob targeted. You have to target a mob, move behind him and press the ability and the mob will be oneshotted. The second ability is called Revive and it allows you to resurrect a fallen ally without breaking your disguise. It was 2 minutes cooldown. The third ability is not granted by Hylas, you gain it when you pick up a bomb from any of the glowing corpses. When you click this ability it will place a bomb at your feet. This ability becomes active only when you have a bomb in your possession.

Raid Setup

For this event you will need 2 healers and 8 dps. If you wish to keep the tanks feel free to do so but there won’t be anything to tank. The healers need to be able to do sustainable AoE healing so senticar or sent/warden will do for the clerics (don’t think purifier can do it). Mages are OP no matter which chloro specc they play !

Life Anchors Tactics

This fight takes place in two locations at the same time so you will have to split the raid in two groups. Give each group a healer and 4 other people. If you have a chloromancer in the raid, place him in one group and the bard in the other group so no one gets energy starved. While making your way up to the Life Anchor you will have to make sure you disguise doesn’t fall off. Remember, it’s only a 2 minutes buff.

There are 2 ways to refresh the buff duration. You can run to Hylas at the entrance of the instance or at the altars located on the left and right side of the mountain or you can click on the orbs that spawn after you kill mobs on your way up to the Life Anchors. So, every time you kill a pack of mobs click on the orbs to refresh your buff. If you die, run back down to Hylas to get transformed again.

The other thing both groups need to be aware of are the Shamblers (big green turtles wandering around). They can see through your disguise and will attack you if you get to close to them. The way to kill them is to have someone pick up a bomb and run as close to the Shambler as possible without aggroing it, drop the bomb and run away. The Shambler will run to the bomb and die. Make sure you take out any patrolling Shamblers before you start clearing the rest of the mobs.

You will also notice some glowing chests around the place. You can use these chests to hide in if your buff runs out or if a Shambler is nearby, but you shouldn’t need to use them if you are doing this correctly. If you use the chest to hide you will lose your disguise and you will have to run back down to Hylas to get a new one.

Left Side

Pick someone to be in charge of the left side of the event. Also assign a set of numbers to that side to use for marking. We use 1, 2, 3 and 4 to mark on the left side. Start by clearing any lonely mobs, then wait for the 2 patrolling Shamblers before you kill the big pack guarding the entrance. To be able to kill big packs without your disguise being removed you have to kill all the mobs at the same time. Here is where the marking comes in handy. Mark the mobs in the pack with numbers from 1 to 4. Have 1 person assigned to each number plus 1 person to the unmarked mob. Make sure everyone is positioned behind their assigned mob then do a countdown and everyone press Garrote at the same time.

There are 2 gates you have to open in order to gain access to the Life Anchor on the left side. The key for the first gate is easy to get, just kill the 2 mobs in front of the gate and they will drop the key. For the second key you will have to trigger an event. Clear your way up to the 1st floor. Notice there is a long path full with mobs leading to a bigger mob that holds the key. Also notice there is a door and a small chamber to the right. Here is what you have to do. Wait for the patrolling Shambler and kill him. Then kill the mobs in front of the room and inside the room. Place a bomb on top of the experimental tube in the room. This should upset the key holding mob and he should run into the room. If he isn’t running, keep placing bombs in that room until he does run. You don’t have to clear all the mobs leading to him.

Once he is in the room use the leaver and close the door. There will be an explosion and when the doors open the mob will be dead and you can loot the key and open the last gate. Don’t go to close to the Life Anchor or it will aggro. You have to kill both Anchors at the same time so you have to wait for the other group to finish. If you aggro it, just wipe and run back up.

Right Side

Pick a leader for this group also and assign them the remaining 4 numbers to mark with. Kill any lonely mobs then wait for the patrolling Shamblers. When you are done clearing the area, start making your way up. Like on the left side, there will be two gates you have to unlock on your way to the Life Anchor. The first key is easy to get, just kill the mobs standing in front of the gate. For the second key you will have to complete a mini event.

On the ground floor you will notice some barrels. Place a bomb on top of them. This will cause the mob that has the key to run to the barrels. Once you lured him down, go on the next floor and you will see a big bolder handing on a rope. Search for a leaver and use it. The leaver will release the bolder and kill the mob. Go back down, loot the key and open the last gate.

Kill them both !

Once both sides gain access to the Life Anchors, start killing them. They must die at the same time so it’s important to communicate their HP % between the left and the right side. The only ability of the Life Anchors is called Chocking Cloud and it’s an aoe ability that deals around 1.300 damage and it’s being casted every 5 seconds. The Anchor also gains a stacking buff that increases damage done so you can’t take forever to kill it.

Each Life Anchor has 621k HP, with 4 DPSers it shouldn’t take to long to kill, just make sure you communicate the HP % and they die at the same time. Good luck !

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  1. Mk1

    Pretty easy – we did it with 2 healers on each groupd and 3 dps.

    1 healer was struggling to keep us alive.

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