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Special Olympics vs Grandmaster Atrophinius

Published on June 19, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

Grandmaster Atrophinius is the first “real” boss in Primeval Feast. He is quite an interesting encounter. If you have the feeling you’ve seen him before you are right. He is the same Atrophinius you’ve seen in Realm of the Fae and in Runic Descent. He just won’t give up and he keeps coming back to charge at us.

If you recognize his face you will also recognize some of his abilities. Although you would think that after getting his booty kick twice he would at least consider changing specc, he is still a bard and he will try to use his songs to defeat you. Also he still keeps is signature charge only it’s bigger and better this time.

Grandmaster Atrophinius raid composition

This is a 10 man so I guess it doesn’t really matter which classes you invite to the raid as long as you don’t have 7 warriors. Trion didn’t really like the idea that we were stacking in melee to avoid abilities so they made all these fights so melee unfriendly, thus punishing the only class that had the right to be in melee in the first place, the Warriors.

Although this fight is not as bad as Maelforge when it comes to melee, there is a 50-50 chance you will be splat dead on the floor in the first minute if you go in melee. For this kill (which by the way was on PTS 2 resets before the actual release) we used:

1 tank: 1 warior

1 healer: 1 Chloromancer.

1 support: 1 Bard

7 DPS: 2 clerics, 3 warriors (yes I know !) and 2 rogues

I know I just said warriors are not so good in this fight, but this is what we had online at that point so we had to work around it. If you have good DPS you can make it regardless or having 3 warriors in your group.

Grandmaster Atrophinius kill video

I hope you will enjoy it !

Again, this is a PTS kill, I will update with the real kill once Primeval Feast opens on live. Until then, for those of you that are curious and don’t care about spoilers here it is, the kill video.

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