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Swarmlord Khargroth Loot Table

Published on June 19, 2012 by in Primeval Feast

Swarmlord Khargroth has the most interesting drop I’ve seen in a while. It’s a costume piece that looks amazing.

Swarmlord's Tendrils

These shoulders, the Swarmlord’s Tendrils, look like the ones he is wearing. They look great, especially on a Bahmi character because they scale with the character size. Since my character is an Eth I can only offer you the smaller version.

And because stupid Firefox is unable to use the wrap text as it’s supposed to, I have to fill in this space with useless stuff so the image displays where it’s supposed to and not outside the frame ><.

Swarmlord's Tendrils equiped

I know what I will be wearing this summer :) .

Except for the costume piece,¬†Swarmlord Khargroth also drops 2 Infernal Marks of Ascension. I am happy Trion added this 10 man to speed up the gearing process. I don’t want to go to Caduceous Rise Master Mode anymore to get my marks ! He also drops weapons, gloves and boots (talking about Trion trying to sort the loot on bosses).

First weapon on the drop list is a cleric healing staff, Summer’s Warmth. It also has a nice procc on it, I’ve been testing it out a bit and if you don’t have the 1h relic weapon from Akylios this staff is best for healing before Maelforge relic.

Summer's Warmth

I know this is probably irrelevant to this post, but I just wanted to show you how nice the staff looks. I love the summer theme the items from Primeval Feast have.

Summer's Warmth equiped

The first pair of gloves he dropped are the Gloves of Twilight Song (insert random Twilight related joke here). Compared to the Infernal Mitts (epic ID gear set gloves) these gloves are actually better if you are not crit capped. I know the issue with trading crit for spell power and these gloves have +6 int – 3 wisdom compared with the ID epic ones. They are a good pair of gloves.

Gloves of Twilight Song

Next on the list are another pair of gloves, this time for mages, Gloves of the Swarm. I would insert some random comment about how good their are but I’m not a mage.

Gloves of the Swarm

The third item to make it to this list is a pair of chain feet, Boots of the Prismatic Shell.

Boots of the Prismatic Shell

Next on the loot table are another pair of boots, this time leather ones, Venom Soaked Footpads. According to our rogues, these boots are better then the epic set piece from Infernal Dawn and just a tinny bit worse then the relic piece, which as we all know require quite a bit of time before everyone can get them.

Venom Soaked Footpads

Silver Scarab Buckle is the next item on the loot table. It’s a cleric tanking belt.

Silver Scarab Buckle

And something for our dps warrior, a plate belt, the Belt of the Widowmaker. Interesting name I must say :)

Belt of the Widowmaker

And a pair of plate gloves, the Black Chitin Reinforced Gauntlets.

Black Chitin Reinforced Gauntlets

The next item available on Swarmlord’s Khargroth loot table is a pair of warrior dps boots, the Greaves of the Widowmaker.

Greaves of the Widowmaker

I will be updating this list as the time goes by.

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  1. [...] looks quite evil. Also his shoulders drop under the form of a costume item [...]

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