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Conquest Crafting

Published on July 9, 2012 by in Professions

As you know by now, you can craft special recipes inside Conquest and provide your raid with buffs. The materials needed to craft are called Empowered Sourcestones and you can find them around the Extractors. You and your team members need to collect the stones from around the Extractors and then return to base and click on the pile of purple balls to deposit them.

Everyone can use these resources, so if you want to craft something you probably need to be a fast clicker otherwise someone else will use them. Personally I think that Trion should allow people that have Empowered Sourcestones in their bags to craft without having to deposit them so the “Omg leecher get your own stones !” drama will be fully avoided.

How to craft in Conquest ?

The first requirement is to have one of the following professions: Apothecary, Armorsmith, Artificer, Outfitter, Runecrafter or Weaponsmith. If you only have Mining, Foraging, Butchering, Fishing or Survival you won’t be able to craft anything inside Conquest.

If you have one of the professions mentioned above, talk to the Conquest Quartermaster in your base. He sells the Conquest crafting recipes. You won’t find them on the normal profession trainers, the recipes are only available to buy from inside Conquest.

For each eligible profession there are 4 recipes available. 2 which cost 5.000 Favor and once you learn them you can craft buffs for your raid and 2 which cost 12.500 Favor and you use them to craft Portable Turrets and Lifessprings.

After you both and learned one of those recipes you will have to stand by the Conquest Workstation in order to be able to craft anything. Stand by the Workstation and wait for people to bring stones to the base. You will need 150 Empowered Sourcestones to craft 1 raid buff and 200 Empowered Sourcestones to craft the Turrets and Lifesprings.

Conquest Buffs

There are 6 buffs that you can make some more useful then others.

Speed buffs

Empowerment: Swiftness is a buff which increases your movement speed by 0.5% per stack. I think this is one of the most useless buffs you could craft. It can be made by made by Artificers and Outfitters, but if you don’t want to attract your raid’s wrath you better not do it. I understand the use of mount speed, you can outrun zerg raid and move faster between objectives in case of emergency. But unmounted movement speed seems completely useless. Who runs in Conquest ? (except those that can’t manage to mount up because of the 1000 rogues constantly spamming Fan Out).

Empowerment: Mounted Swiftness is the second speed buff that you can make in Conquest. This buff increases your movement speed while mounted by 0.5% per stack. I admit that this is not as good as the other buffs, but at least it’s not worthless. Having 20 stacks of this buffs makes you so much faster, you can outrun the enemy, escape from the path of zerg raids and move between Extractors a lot faster. It also helps with tagging the Idols and the boss at the end of the game. If I would have to choose between the speed buffs, I would definitively go for this one. It can be crafted by Apothecaries and Weaponsmiths.

Health Buffs

Empowerment: Healing can be made by Apothecaries and Runecrafters and it increases the healing received by 0.5% per stack. This is actually a good buff even though people like to complain about it in Conquest chat. Having a few stacks of this buff is certainly helpful, especially when your raid has one or two healers only.

Empowerment: Vitality is the second HP buff you can get inside Conquest. This is a really great buff. It increases your health by 100 per stack. If you manage to craft 20 of these buffs everyone in your faction will have 2.000 more HP. I think this is the most useful buff you can craft. It falls under the responsibility of Armorsmiths and Runecrafters to make it. I remember having 23 of these buffs and running around with 12.000 HP. Not bad at all.

Combat Buffs

Empowerment: Offense is the buff every DPSer in the raid wants. It increases the damage dealt by 0.5% per stack. This buff is really great if you can stack it up to 20, but having only 2-3 stacks of it won’t make a big difference. This buff can be crafted by Artificers and Weaponsmiths. I know for sure there aren’t a lot of Weaponsmiths out there since it’s not a money making profession so the Artificers will have to step up and make this buff for the raid.

Empowerment: Defense the second combat buff and the last buff you can make in Conquest decreases damage taken by 0.5% per stack. Same as the damage increase buff, this is not going to be a worthwhile buff unless you can stack it up really high. I would chose increased health over any combat buffs any day.

If I would have to make a top 6 for these buffs it will be Vitality on number one, followed by Offence and Defense on number two and three, Mount Speed on the 4th place, Healing on the 5th spot and Unmounted Speed on the last spot. But because the resources are public and anyone that wants to use them can use them you will have a few stacks of each buff every game. Also if you stack them higher then 20 stacks they decay over time so it’s a waste.

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