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Already-used Treasure Map

Published on August 2, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

The Already-used Treasure Map set is a low level artifact set. The 8 artifacts needed for this set can be obtained by fishing in Freemarch and Silverwood, but Freemarch seems to have a higher drop rate when it comes to this artifact set.

None of the artifacts required for this set are needed in any other set so you don’t have to pay attention where you place them.

Although this set seems easy to get there is one artifact that has proven a challenge to find, so if you come across it don’t throw it away.

Some of the common fishing artifacts are worth more then 100 plat on the Auction House, some of them even more.

Let’s take a look at what you have to fish to complete this set:

  1. Water-soaked Map Fragment (white), can be fished from Silverwood and Freemarch alike. It drops from both deep and shallow water, but the best drop rate seems to come from deep water in Freemarch.
  2. Soggy Map Fragment (white), drops from both deep and shallow water in Freemarch and Silverwood, although it seems that the drop rate is higher in Freemarch.
  3. Waterlogged Map Fragment (white), can be caught in deep water in Silverwood and Freemarch. It probably also drops from shallow water, but the drop rate must be lower.
  4. Water-soaked Map Corner (white), is one of the rarest fishing artifacts and it’s worth quite a bit. It drops from deep water in both Freemarch and Silverwood, so keep on fishing !
  5. Soggy Map Corner (white), can be found in any type of water in both Freemarch and Silverwood. This artifact drops a lot compared to the rest.
  6. Waterlogged Map Corner (white), quite a common artifact, can be fished in any type of water in both Silverwood and Freemarch.
  7. Barely Legible Map Piece (green), can be found in any type of water in both areas and despite being of green quality, it tends to drop a lot more often then some of the white artifacts needed for this set.
  8. Crumpled and Torn Map (blue), is found in both deep and shallow water in Freemarch. I can’t confirm it also drops from Silverwood. I spent a considerable amount of time fishing in Silverwood and I never got this artifact, not even when it used to drop like mad.

Already-used Treasure Map

The reward for completing this artifact set is a Tattered Supply Bag and 1 Lucky Coin. Nothing special when it comes to rewards, I guess.

Overall, this set should be quite easy to complete if you get lucky with the Water-soaked Map Corner. I’m not very sure how much Trion nerfed the drop rate of blue artifacts, but it used to be quite high, so unless there’s been a severe nerf you shouldn’t have issues with fishing the Crumpled and Torn Map artifact.

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