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Discarded Bottles, Vials, and Flasks

Published on August 2, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Discarded Bottles, Vials, and Flasks is the nightmare artifact set out of them all. One artifact in particular from this set is proven to be the most hard to get. And the worse part is that that artifact is needed for 2 sets, which makes it twice as annoying.

Except from that artifact, the rest of them should be easy to get. This set is a low level set and can be fished from Silverwood and Freemarch. Silverwood tends to have a higher drop rate then Freemarch does when it comes to this particular set.

To complete this set you will have to fish 8 artifacts, out of which 1 is uncommon and 1 is of rare quality:

  1. Discarded Empty Vial (white), can be fished from deep water in Silverwood and Freemarch. The drop rate of this artifact is higher in Silverwood, so if you didn’t come across it while fishing in Freemarch, try your luck in Silverwood as well.
  2. Dull Fancy Bottle (white), drops from any type of water in both Silverwood and Freemarch. It drops quite often so it should be easy to get.
  3. Previously-used Potion (white), can be found in Silverwood deep water. I can’t confirm that it also drops the other area or shallow water. Your safest bet is to try in deep water in Silverwood.
  4. Mostly-used Potion (white), is the artifact that everyone needs and no one can catch. It’s also needed in 2 artifact sets which makes it even more annoying. I can confirm it drops from deep water in Silverwood, since I caught one myself, but the drop rate is stupidly low. I have used 78 Timed Magnetic Lures by the time I got one… so yeah, very low drop rate. I think this artifact can easily be sold for 200 – 250 plat on the Auction House.
  5. Rustly Metal Flask (white), yet another semi rare artifact. I can confirm it can be fished from both deep and shallow water in Silverwood, I am not quite sure if it also drops from Freemarch. It might as well drop from every water type in both zones, but because they are so rare it’s hard to tell. If you can get your hands on this artifact use it well.
  6. Well-used Canteen (white), is also not the most common artifact you’ll come across, but it has a semi decent drop rate. It can be fished from deep and shallow water in Silverwood.
  7. Ancient Exquisite Flask (green), is quite common and it seems to drop mostly from shallow water in both Freemarch and Silverwood.
  8. Ancient Glorious Bottle (blue), drops from both areas, from both deep and shallow water and it shouldn’t take to long to get compared to the white artifacts needed for this set.

Discarded Bottles, Vials and Flasks

The reward for completing this artifact and puling your hairs out every time you went in a fishing campaign for the Mostly-used Potion is a Tattered Supply Bag and 1 Lucky Coin.

If you manage to complete this set, you can consider that you overcame the biggest artifact challenge.

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