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Freemarch Fishing Guide

Published on April 2, 2012 by in Fishing

Freemarch is where your fishing adventure starts if you are a Defiant. You can choose between training fishing in Meridian and follow the quest to Kelari Refuge or just train directly at the fishing trainer at Kelari Refuge. Now, to answer to one of most burning questions “Where is the fishing trainer ?”: he is located in Meridian, in Epoch Plaza, behind the bankers, standing between the Drinks Vendor and the Potions Vendor. After you train and you get your fishing pole, this is what you can expect to catch:

100 catches in Freemarch in Shallow Water:

  • 48 Smooth Minnow (white fish)
  • 33 Forest Pondleaper (white fish)
  • 16 Normal-Eyed Guppy (green fish)
  • 2 Freemarch fishing artifacts (white and blue items)
  • 1 Sunken Shipping Crate (blue item)

100 catches in Freemarch in Deep Water:

  • 40 Blue Widemouth (white fish)
  • 31 False Shark (white fish)
  • 20 Deep March Eel (blue fish)
  • 3 Sunken Shipping Crate (blue item)
  • 5 Freemarch fishing artifacts (white and green items)
  • 1 Freemarch normal artifact (green item)

Of course, if you just trained fishing you can expect that at least 30% of your catch is going to be grey items until you reach a higher fishing skill level. Until then my advice is to fish in Shallow Water and to use the Smooth Minnow and the Forest Pondleaper to craft fishing lures. Not only that by using these lures you will catch better fish, but by crafting the lure your fishing skill will also increase. This might slow you down if you intend to level Survival at the same time with fishing, since the Smooth Minnow and the Forest Pondleaper are the fish required for leveling survival up to 50 skill level. It’s up to you to decide on what to do with the fishes.

Freemarch Fishing Spots

There is plenty of deep and shallow water in Freemarch to choose from. Just pick a location to portal to or even go to the lakes next to Meridian and start fishing. The more interesting part about fishing in Freemarch are the special fishing spots, which at the moment are represented by School of Common Fish and School of Rare Fish. But they are just implemented and I am not sure if they are going to be modified. Trion already changed the entire “special fishing spots” concept once so I am not going to work on any map until I am sure it’s not wasted time. Keep posted for more information !

Freemarch Rift Fishing Guide

Freemarch Fish Exchange

If you are a Defiant and you had been fishing in Freemarch, you can stop by Kelari Refuge and talk to Xelos, the Freemarch Wardens Fish Exchange NPC. In exchange for 3 Deep March Eels or 8 Normal-Eyed Guppies you can choose between a Freemarch Wardens Major Fishing Awards that gives 250 reputation with the Freemarch Wardens or a Freemarch Wardens Tacklebox that can contain fishing lures, potions, artifacts, scrolls or boe items appropriate to the zone’s level.

Xelos - Freemarch Rift Fishing Guide

If you are a Guardian and you have been fishing in Freemarch for your achievement or just for fun, you can still exchange your fish. Just make a level 6 Defiant, mail the fish over to him, trade them in and if you get anything useful from the tackleboxes just mail it back to your Guardian ! Leave nothing to go to waste.

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