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Freemarch Fishing Trophies

Published on August 2, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Freemarch Fishing Trophies artifact set is made out of the trophies of the 4 common fish that can be caught in the deep and shallow waters of Freemarch.

All the artifacts that go into this set are also needed for other sets, so when choosing a set in which to place an artifact you need to decide what are you going for. If you are after the achievements, pick the sets needed for those achievements. Some of these artifacts are rare and hard to get so you don’t want to end up placing them in the wrong sets.

To complete this set you will have to catch:

  1. Trophy Smooth Minnow (white), can be found in shallow water in both Silverwood and Freemarch. This artifact is used in 2 sets, so careful which one you pick at first.
  2. Trophy Blue Widemouth (white), can be fished in deep water in both Silverwood and Freemarch. This particular artifact has a high drop rate, so it should be to hard to get it.
  3. Trophy Normal-eyed Guppy (green), drops from shallow water in Freemarch only. Not the easiest artifact to fish so be patient.
  4. Trophy Deep March Eel (blue),  is fished from deep water in Freemarch only. Since Trion adjusted the drop rates on the fishing artifacts the blue trophy fish are hard to get. It can take a log time to fish and it’s not on the Auction House very often either because not a lot of people spend time fishing in low level areas once they have 300 fishing skill.

Freemarch Fishing Trophies

The reward for completing this set is a Tattered Supply Bag which contains 1 Lucky Coin and may contain other low level consumables.

If you wish to maximize your chance of catching artifacts, it is best to first get 300 skill in fishing and then come back to the low level areas to fish. Also you can use some Fishing Lures to help you. Although the lures are not very impressive, every 0.5% chance you can add is worth it.


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