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Gloamwood Fishing Guide

Published on March 27, 2012 by in Fishing

Fishing and having a lot of planar attumenent levels goes so well together, I love the combination. All I had to do is press Teleport to Gloamwood and off I go in my fishing adventure. Here are the results.

100 catches in Gloamwood in Shallow Water:

  • 43 Echidna Fish (white fish)
  • 31 Lesser Crystalfish (white fish)
  • 20 Gloam Eel (green fish)
  • 3 Unmarked Supply Box (blue item)
  • 2 Gloamwood fishing artifacts (blue and green items)
  • 1 Gloamwood normal artifact (blue item)

100 catches in Gloamwood in Deep Water:

  • 41 Tammy Rockfish (white fish)
  • 41 Creeper (white fish)
  • 15 Indigoby (blue fish)
  • 1 Unmarked Supply Box (blue item)
  • 1 Gloamwood normal artifact (white item)
  • 1 Gloamwood fishing artifact (white item)

Around 20% green and blue items drop with 300 skill and no lure. The percentages are not accurate if you are fishing in Gloamwood with 40 skill (the minimum required to be able to cast in this area). With low skill you will catch around 20-25% grey items unless you constantly use a lure to improve your catch.

Gloamwood Fishing Spots

So far I found 3 spots with deep water in Gloamwood. One is the lake at Gloamwood Pines, one is next to the Darkening Deeps entrance at the base of the waterfall and one is the lake at Millrush Pond. For shallow water you can fish at any of the lakes, just cast close to the shore, also in the Tearfall Creek and and in the river leading to the Iron Pine Peaks.

Gloamwood Fishing Spots Guide

The light blue marks the shallow water and the dark blue marks the deep water as you probably figured it out already. The spot I would recommend is the lake at Gloamwood Pines if you are a Guardian. If you are a Defiant you might be stuck with fishing at Millrush Pond. The downside with fishing at Millrush Pond is that there are mobs swimming in the water and sometimes they swim under your cast and you can’t click it. Quite annoying. The lake at Gloamwood Pines is clear of mobs and also close to the fish exchange NPC.

Gloamwood Fish Exchange

Rositha is the Gloamwood Fish Exchange NPC and it’s located on the edge of the lake in Gloamwood Pines. This NPC is only available for Guardians.

Gloamwood fishing guide fish exchange npc

In exchange for 3 Indigobys or 8 Gloam Eels you can pick between a Gloamwood Waykeepers Major Fishing Award that will give you 250 reputation with the Gloamwood Waykeepers or a Gloamwood Waykeepers Tacklebox that may contain a low level fishing lure, low level potions, scrolls, boe blue items or Gloamwood fishing or normal artifacts. Most of the time you just get junk though, the fishing lures and artifacts have low drop rate.

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