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Gloamwood Fishing Trophies

Published on August 9, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Gloamwood Fishing Trophies is a zone related artifact set, made out of 4 artifacts representing the fish that can be caught by fishing in Gloamwood.

To fish in Gloamwood you need only 40 fishing skill, but it’s better to first max out your fishing before attempting to fish specifically for artifacts because the drop rate of artifacts is going to increase once you reach 300 fishing.

Especially the rare artifact needed for this set might be very hard to get if your fishing skill is not maxed yet.

To complete the Gloamwood Fishing Trophies set you will have to fish the following artifacts:

  1. Trophy Lesser Crystalfish (white), can be caught from the shallow water in Gloamwood and also in Stonefield. Both areas seem to have about the same drop rate.
  2. Trophy Creeper (white), can be fished from deep water in Gloamwood. I can’t confirm it also drops from Stonefield since it never dropped for me despite numerous hours of fishing in Stonefield deep water.
  3. Trophy Gloam Eel (green), can be found in shallow water in Gloamwood only. It will probably take some time to get it, so be patient.
  4. Trophy Indigoby (blue), is the rare artifact needed for this set. It drops from deep water in Gloamwood and it’s the hardest artifact to get out of the entire set. It’s also not really available on the Auction House because people don’t fish a lot in the low level areas.

The reward for completing this set is an Embroidered Supply Bag that contains 1 Lucky Coin and it may also contain level 25 consumables.

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