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Iron Pine Peak Fishing Guide

Published on April 2, 2012 by in Fishing

Yes, you can fish in Iron Pine Peak. Since Ember Isle was discovered and the Ascended started running around, they have upset the delicate balance of Mount Carcera and Telara’s climate has changed. Global warming is upon Telara ! The ice of Iron Pine Peak has started to melt, giving way to water ponds in which we can fish. The fishing skill required for fishing in Iron Pine Peak is 150. Once you have 150 skill here is what you can expect to catch.

100 catches in Iron Pine Peak in Shallow Water:

  • 43 Jasper Snapper (white fish)
  • 39 Pale Flycatcher (white fish)
  • 13 Serene Flatfish (green fish)
  • 3 Icebitter (blue fish)
  • 1 Iron Pine Peak fishing artifact (green item)
  • 1 Iron Pine Peak normal artifact (white item)

100 catches in Iron Pine Peak in Deep Water:

  • 66 Verdant Angel (white fish)
  • 19 Coldwater Seabug (green fish)
  • 11 Glacier Octopus (blue fish)
  • 3 Iron Pine Peak fishing artifacts (white, green and blue items)
  • 1 Icewatch Supply Crate (blue item)

You can notice that there is one fish missing from deep water. It’s name is mister Striated Crab and at the moment it’s not on the loot table. I’m sure Trion is going to catch a big bunch of them and make sure they reproduce fast enough so we can catch them when fishing goes live without any issues. But don’t worry, you can still catch his twin brother, the Trophy Striated Crab (artifact) until the real crab will make his debut.

Iron Pine Peak Fishing Spots

So far I only discovered one spot affected by the rise in temperature in Iron Pine Peak. It counts for both deep and shallow water.

Iron Pine Peak Rift Fishing Guide

The spot I am talking about is marked with the dark blue. A portion of the once frozen river is now turned into water. You can also fish in the lava pools located at Blood Iron Pools, but those only count as shallow water and there are mobs that can easily aggro and interrupt your cast. Maybe over time some more ice will melt and we will have some more fishing spots to choose from.

Iron Pine Peak Fish Exchange

The fish exchange NPC for Iron Pine Peak is located outside The Chancel of Labors, next to the mount vendor. His name is Tomin and he is willing to exchange an Icewatch Major Fishing Award (250 reputation with Icewatch) or an Icewatch Tacklebox in return for 3 Icebitters, 3 Glacial Octopuses or 8 Coldwater Seabugs.

Tomin - Iron Pine Peak Rift Fishing Guide

This is probably going to be one of the most hard decisions that people will face when turning in their fish. I know most people still didn’t reach Glorified with the Icewatch. There is no way to get this reputation other then doing Abyssal Precipice or by doing dailies, a.k.a no easy way of getting, like there is for Dragonslayer Covenant or he Order of Mathos since the Instant Adventures were introduced. But I can confirm that the Icewatch Tackleboxes can drop the Rare Artifact Attractor lures. I have gotten them myself. One of those lures can easily be worth 500-600 platinum since you have 100% chance of catching 10 rare artifacts. If used in the correct zone the artifacts you obtain from using this lure are going to be worth a small fortune for quite some time.

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  2. Ciladan

    Ironpine requires 180

  3. cethra

    there is also a shallow fishing spot at 5011,1442 i hope this helps.

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