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Lake of Solace Fishing Guide

Published on April 2, 2012 by in Fishing

I almost forgot that Lake of Solace is a zone on it’s own. Didn’t expect it to be on an entirely different level then other areas, but I was wrong. To be able to fish in Lake of Solace you need 180 skill. Here are the results of fishing in Lake of Solace.

200 catches in Lake of Solace in Deep Water:

  • 31 False Shark (white fish)
  • 30 Teal Grouper (white fish)
  • 23 Vermillion Stoneskin (white fish)
  • 23 Deep March Eel (blue fish)
  • 22 Blue Widemouth (white fish)
  • 21 Verdant Angel (white fish)
  • 17 Sunny Puffer (white fish)
  • 17 Desert Seabug (green fish)
  • 8 Aestivating Nautilus (green fish)
  • 5 Sand Nautilus (blue fish)
  • 2 Normal artifacts (white and blue items)
  • 1 Fishing artifact (blue item)

200 catches in Lake of Solace in Shallow Water:

  • 27 Coral Prawn (white fish)
  • 27 Smooth Minnow (white fish)
  • 27 Forest Pondleaper (white fish)
  • 25 Jasper Snapper (white fish)
  • 23 Brown Perch (white fish)
  • 16 Pale Flycatcher (white fish)
  • 14 Normal-Eyed Guppy (green fish)
  • 12 Brightwater Octopus (green fish)
  • 11 Burrowing Crab (green fish)
  • 6 Fishing artifacts (white, green and blue artifacts)
  • 5 Powdernose Crab (blue fish)
  • 4 Desert Greenling (blue fish)
  • 2 Normal artifacts (green and white items)

Lake of Solace has no specific fishes of it’s own, instead it shares the loot table with the zones that border it: Freemarch, Shimmersand and Droughtlands. What you will fish here is a mix of the fishes you can catch in those 3 areas. Same goes for the artifacts you catch from Lake of Solace.

Lake of Solace Fishing Spots

When I first attempted to fish in Lake of Solace I thought it will work if I just sit in Freemarch and cast far away to reach into Lake of Solace. But it doesn’t work. You actually need to be in the zone Lake of Solace. There are a few boats on the Freemarch shore that you can get into using either the Bahmi leap racial ability or the Warrior PvP ability (borrow a Bahmi guildy to jump into the boat and banner you if you can’t get up). But the issue is that around the boat there is only Deep Water.

Lake of Solace - Rift Fishing Guide

For Shallow Water I found only one spot so far. It is located at 5792,5895 at the West Freemarch tip. If you jump in the water you can see a rock formation. If you stand on the rocks you can fish.

Update: There is another spot in Shimmersand which belongs to Lake of Solace and from which you can fish without having to balance on a small rock.

The spot is located around 5600, 6450, you can see it in the image below, in the bottom left corner there is a small peninsula almost touching the dotted line circling Lake of Solace. You can go there and fish and it will count as fishing in Lake of Solace.

The only thing you will have to watch out for is a patrol of spiders. They are level 50 and if you are lower level you might have issues killing them. But if you pay attention to when they come close to you, you should be able to avoid them. They have a big patrol route so they won’t get close to that spot very often.

Lake of Solace Fishing Map

Try and stand on the very edge of of the rocks and cast in front of you. You can reach Shallow Water like that.

Lake of Solace - Fishing Spots

I hope Trion will add something more interesting for Lake of Solace to make it worth fishing in. You can easily keep fishing in Iron Pine Peaks for example until you reach 210 skill and then move on to Shimmersand or Stillmoor and continue fishing. The main advantage for fishing in Lake of Solace is that the view is amazing !

Lake of Solace Fish Exchange

Since there are no specific fish to Lake of Solace and the fish that you catch are from the adjacent zones, there isn’t any fish exchange NPC for Lake of Solace. The fish you catch you can turn them in to the Freemarch Fish Exchange NPC, the Droughtlands and the Shimmersand one also. Here are their locations in case you need a quick reminder.

Freemarch Fish Exchange NPC:

  • Name: Xelos
  • Location: Kelari Refuge
  • Coordinates: 6587,4580
  • Trades: 3 Deep March Eels or 8 Normal-Eyed Guppy

Droughtlands Fish Exchange NPC:

  • Name: Ashor
  • Location: at the entrance of Lantern Hook
  • Coordinates: 7648,6269
  • Trades: 3 Droughtlands Puffers, 3 Desert Greenlings or 8 Aestivating Nautiliuses

Shimmersand Fish Exchange NPC:

  • Name: Raelin
  • Location: Fortune’s Shore
  • Coordinates: 6675,6958
  • Trades: 3 Sand Nautiluses or 3 Powdernose Crab
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  1. [...] Lake of Solace – 180 skill [...]

  2. Tommon

    Lake of Solace is 120 skill.

  3. Ciladan

    Large area to stand, easy to get to – 5600, 6450, shallow and deep water.

  4. Finney

    There’s a rock you can easily swim to at 5681.8,5902.4 where you can fish Lake of Solace both shallow and deep.

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