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Moonshade Fishing Guide

Published on March 27, 2012 by in Fishing

Moonshade, the area I hate the most because of all the time I spent camping Aelfwar Emissary (and  I still haven’t found him after all this time). But even so I went there to try my luck fishing and here’s how it went.

100 cats in Moonshade in Deep Water:

  • 43 Verdant Angel (white fish)
  • 41 Lobster (white fish)
  • 13 Highlands Eel (green fish)
  • 2 Whalefish (blue fish)
  • 1 Moonshade fishing artifact (green item)

100 catches in Moonshade in Shallow Water:

  • 61 Jasper Snapper (white fish)
  • 22 Moonhorse (green fish)
  • 15 Grasslanf Pondleaper (blue fish)
  • 1 Sunken Treasure Chest (blue item)
  • 1 Moonshade normal artifact (green item)

This has been done with 300 fishing skill and without using a lure. Now there are two thing I immediately noticed. The drop rate of green and blue items and fish is lower then it was in the 0 skill and 90 skill areas. So the amount of skill you have will influence the quality of your catch. The second thing I noticed is that there is a fish gone missing. In shallow water I only got 1 white fish, the Jasper Snapper. The rule so far has been 2 white fish from each type of water for each area. Even so, I was still able to get Moonshade Fisherman achievement.

Moonshade Fishing Spots

There is plenty of water to go around in Moonshade. For the Guardians it’s easy, just teleport to Three Springs, head over the the sea and there you go, peace and quiet and both deep and shallow water at your disposal.

Moonshade Fishing Spots Guide

For Defiants it’s better to portal to Reclaimer’s Hold and go down to the Acrid Basin lake and cast away. A more hidden location is at the pond in Faering Woods incase some evil rogues are going to stealth around and backstab the fishermen. A more remote fishing spot is at Bahralt’s Ascent, to the North of Moonshade, just East of Hammerknell Fortress.

Moonshade Fish Exchange

There is one NPC that is willing to accept fish from both the Guardians and the Defiants. His name is Toren and he is located just South of Reclaimer’s Hold on the shore of the lake of Acrid Basin.

Moonshade Fish Exchange NPC Toren

In exchange for 3 Grassland Pondleapers or 3 Whalefishes he will give you either one Runeguard Major Fishing Award that equals 250 reputation with the Runeguard or a Runeguard Tacklebox that can contain medium level fishing lures or items around level 35 and artifacts related to Moonshade Highlands.

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