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Moonshade Highlands Fishing Trophies

Published on August 13, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Moonshade Highlands Fishing Trophies artifact set is made out of 6 artifacts, out of which 2 are of common quality, 2 are of uncommon quality and 2 are of rare quality.

This area is a lot more friendly then the other low level areas. The artifacts seem to have a higher drop rate and there seem to be a lot more people fishing in this area, so even if you don’t want to go there yourself and fish the artifacts, it is quite likely to find them on the Auction House for reasonable prices.

But if you are the “go do it yourself” type, here is what you need need to catch to complete the Moonshade Highlands Fishing Trophies set:

  1. Trophy Jasper Snapper (white), can be fished from shallow water in Moonshade Highlands, Iron Pine Peak and Droughtlands. I found that the best drop rate for this artifact is from Moonshade Highlands, but the other areas are fine also.
  2. Trophy Lobster (white), is fished from deep water in Moonshade Highlands only. It doesn’t have a brilliant drop rate, just arm yourself with some patience and it will be good.
  3. Trophy Moonhorse (green), can be obtained by fishing in shallow water in Moonshade Highlands. It shouldn’t take more then 30 minutes to fish this artifact at max fishing level.
  4. Trophy Highlands Eel (green), can be fished from deep water in Moonshade Highlands. It has a good drop rate.
  5. Trophy Grassland Pondleaper (blue), drops from shallow water in Moonshade Highlands. It’s drop rate isn’t that great so bring your fishing chair along.
  6. Trophy Whalefish (blue), can be caught from deep water in Moonshade Highlands. It has a fair drop rate, so it shouldn’t take longer then 1 hour to catch.

Moonshade Highlands Fishing Tropheis

The reward for completing this artifact set is a Stockpile. Nothing special can drop from it, except a Lucky Coin.

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  1. Chris

    >> [Trophy Grassland Pondleaper]… It’s drop rate isn’t that great so bring your fishing chair along.

    That’s the understatement of the year. In Moonshade Highlands, I’ve fished up about 2000 Jasper Snappers, a full stack of Trophy Jasper Snappers, a few dozen Trophy Moonhorse, and not a SINGLE freaking trophy Grassland Pondleaper. I’ve gone through an entire freaking stack of Timed Trophy Lures in the process. I’m convinced they are extinct :)

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