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Scarlet Gorge Fishing Guide

Published on March 27, 2012 by in Fishing

To get to fish in Scarlet Gorge you need 90 skill in fishing. This area is the next pick for Defiants after Stonefield. The water is just next to the teleporter. This is how it went:

100 catches in Scarlet Gorge in Deep Water:

  • 41 Flatfish (white fish)
  • 37 Blenny (white fish)
  • 14 Green Widemouth (green fish)
  • 5 Electric Dragonfish (blue fish)
  • 2 Scarlet Gorge fishing artifacts (white items)
  • 1 Unclaimed Treasure Cache (blue item)

100 catches in Scarlet Gorge in Shallow Water:

  • 40 Freshwater Shrimp (white fish)
  • 35 Chamelionfish (white fish)
  • 13 Red Mangler (green fish)
  • 7 Steelscale Trasher (blue fish)
  • 2 Scarlet Gorge fishing artifacts (blue and white items)
  • 2 Scarlet Gorge normal artifacts (green and white items)
  • 1 Unclaimed Treasure Cache (blue item)

Again, the quality of the catch seems to be above average when done with 300 skill. No lures had been used for this experiment.

Scarlet Gorge Fishing Spots

There are only 3 spots in Scarlet Gorge that count as Deep Water. Only one of them is convenient to fish in. That spot is located at Riverfell (3676,2743), where you jump for Lovers Leap achievement. The other two deep water spots are located in the pools on the way to Foul Cascade. But you need to walk up those ramps with mobs all around.

For Guardians it’s very easy to get to that spot, for Defiants you will either have to teleport to Gloamwood and come down into Scarlet Gorge using the lift or by walking over the mountain from Iron Pine Peaks.

Scarlet Gorge Fishing Spots Guide

For the shallow water you can fish in the river and in all the pools located around Scarlet Gorge. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Scarlet Gorge Fish Exchange

For Defiants we have mister Wash willing to take 3 Electric Dragonfishes in exchange for a Quarry Rats Major Fishing Award that gives 250 reputation with the Quarry Rats or for a Quarry Rats Tacklebox that awards medium level fishing lures or items and artifacts related to Scarlet Gorge. Mister Wash is located just West of Scarwood Lift Base, next to the river.

Scarlet Gorge Fish Exchange NPc Walsh

For Guardians we have a different fish exchange NPC, Jayne, that in exchange for 3 Electric Dragonfishes will give you either a Quarry Rats Major Fishing Award (250 reputation) or a Quarry Rats Tacklebox.

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