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Scarlet Gorge Fishing Trophies

Published on August 13, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Scarlet Gorge Fishing Trophies artifact set is made out of 6 artifacts that can be obtained by fishing in Scarlet Gorge.

The rare artifacts needed for this set are living up to their name. They are rare and never on the Auction House. Let’s be honest, no one likes Scarlet Gorge, it’s so… unwelcoming.

To keep the long story short, for the Scarlet Gorge Fishing Trophies artifact set you need 2 white quality artifacts, 2 green ones and 2 rare ones. All these artifacts are also needed for other sets, but those sets are not needed for any achievement, so pick carefully when you place them.

To complete this artifact set you will need to catch:

  1. Trophy Freshwater Shrimp (white), can be fished from shallow water in both Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach, but it seems to have a higher drop rate in Scarlet Gorge.
  2. Trophy Flatfish (white), is obtained by fishing in deep water in Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach. Both areas have about the same drop rate so you can choose witch one you like better.
  3. Trophy Red Mangler (green), is fished from shallow water in Scarlet Gorge only. It will take around 30 minutes to catch it, unless you are unlucky.
  4. Trophy Green Widemouth (green), drops from deep water in Scarlet Gorge. It drops quite often.
  5. Trophy Steelscale Trasher (blue), can be fishes from shallow water in Scarlet Gorge. Because no one likes Scarlet Gorge you might not see this artifact to often on the Auction House.
  6. Trophy Electric Dragonfish (blue), is a drop from deep water in Scarlet Gorge. This artifact is quite rare and it’s also needed in 2 other artifact sets.

Scarlet Gorge Fishing Trophies

The reward for completing this artifact set is a Faded Cache that holds 1 Lucky Coin and maybe some level 30 consumables.

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