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Scarwood Reach Fishing Guide

Published on March 26, 2012 by in Fishing

If you want to plan a fishing adventure in Scarwood Reach you will need at least 90 skill. I made my own little experiment and here are the results.

100 catches in Scarwood Reach in Shallow Water:

  • 35 Freshwater Shrimp (white fish)
  • 35 Chamelionfish (white fish)
  • 21 Grouper (green fish)
  • 7 Scarwood Crystalfish (blue fish)
  • 1 Unclaimed Treasure Cache (blue item)
  • 1 Scarwood Reach normal artifact (green item)

These 100 catches were done with a skill level of 300 and without any type of lure. One thing I noticed¬†immediately¬†is that I didn’t fish any grey items and I had more green and blue drops then I did in Ember Isle. Therefor it is safe to conclude that having max fishing skill improves your catch from the lower level areas.

100 catches in Scarwood Reach in Deep Water:

  • 44 Flatfish (white fish)
  • 35 Blenny (white fish)
  • 13 Inland Octopus (green fish)
  • 4 Ironshell Crab (blue fish)
  • 2 Scarwood Reach fishing artifacts (blue item)
  • 1 Unclaimed Treasure Cache (blue item)
  • 1 Scarwood Reach normal artifact (white item)

Same for these 100 catches, 300 skill without lure. One thing I noticed here is that the higher the skill the higher the chance to catch blue or green artifacts from the lower level areas. I’ve been fishing for a long time in the 90 skill level areas and I got the blue artifacts several times and almost no white ones. Maybe having low skill is not so bad after all. The Unclaimed Treasure Caches that drop from Scarwood Reach can contain level 30 boe blue items, green fishing lures, artifacts that are specific to Scarwood, both from the normal sets and from the fishing sets along with 2 to 4 platinum.

Scarwood Reach Fishing Spots

Shallow Water in Scarwood Reach can be found at Keenblade Mill, at the lakes located at Scarhide Waste and Shatterbone Canyon. For Deep Water it’s a different story. There are only 2 spots that count as Deep Water and they are quite small.

Scarwood Fishing Guide
One of the spots is under Keenblade Mill, where the water is draining from the pipe (3849,3988). You need to cast under the “waterfall” to count as deep water and it’s quite easy to lose sight of where the cast landed, but it’s the closest deep water spot in Scarwood Reach for Defiants. A better spot is t Shatterbone Canyon, under the big tree (2842,3358). The water under the tree counts as deep water.

Scarwood Reach Fish Exchange

For the Defiants we have Ariea, located in Prespice at the back of The Tusk and Tinder Inn. In exchange for 3 Scarwood Crystalfishes you can choose a Red Scar Trackers Major Fishing Award which gives 250 reputation with the Red Scar Trackers or a Red Scar Trappers Tacklebox which can contain green lures, artifacts related to Scarwood Reach, potions, scrolls, etc.

For the Guardians we have Sonsa, located in Kain’s Command. In exchange for 3 Scarwood Crystalfishes the Guardians can choose between an Iron Claw Trappers Major Fishing Award which will increase their reputation with the Iron Claw Trappers by 250 or an Iron Claw Trappers Tacklebox which can contain green fishing lures or items related to Scarwood Reach.

As you might have already notice, they only accept the blue fish caught from shallow water. The Ironshell Crab, caught from deep water is used for crafting the Rare Fish Lures along with another blue fish from Scarlet Gorge, so don’t vendor them, they might be worth something !

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