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Shimmersand Fishing Guide

Published on March 28, 2012 by in Fishing

If you wish to level you fishing in Shimmersand you will need at least 210 skill to start with. After that all you have to do is to head to the Shimmersand docks and cast away. Here is what you may end up with:

100 catches in Shimmersand in Shallow Water:

  • 41 Coral Prawn (white fish)
  • 37 Brown Perch (white fish)
  • 15 Brightwater Octopus (green fish)
  • 3 Powdernose Crab (blue fish)
  • 2 Dragonslayer Supply Cache (blue item)
  • 2 Shimmersand fishing artifacts (green items)

100 catches in Shimmersand in Deep Water:

  • 42 Teal Grouper (white fish)
  • 30 Sunny Puffer (white fish)
  • 16 Desert Sealing (green fish)
  • 9 Sand Nautilus (blue fish)
  • 2 Shimmersand fishing artifacts (green and white items)
  • 1 Shimmersand normal artifact (white item)

This was done with 300 skill and without using a lure. If you come to Shimmersand as soon as you get 210 fishing skill you may end up catching a lot of junk items. To avoid that it would be advised to use some form of lure that improves your catch. Even the Irresistible Water Snail can make a huge difference. So if you craft some make sure you don’t waste them all in one area. After you get 10-15 more skill points you will also notice that the amount of grey item that you catch will decrease significantly.

Shimmersand Fishing Spots

It is quite obvious that the most easy to access and convenient spot to fish in Shimmersand is at the Fortune’s Shore docks. You have both deep and shallow water at you disposal.

Shimmersand Fishing Spots Guide

Now, I am trying to imagine how fishing is going to be on a PvP shard. Would people be mean to other fishermen and attack them ? If you need a more remote place to fish you can try and hide all along the coast line, I’m sure there will be plenty of space for everyone to settle in with their fishing gear. Also there is shallow water at Scaldwater Fields and The Oasis but one is in the middle of PvP dailies and possible Instant Adventure groups and the other one has mobs all over and of course there can also be Instant Adventures taking place there.

Also if Trion goes ahead and implements the special fishing spots for all areas, it might be rough to fish in high end areas like Stillmoor and Shimmersand. But nothing is for sure yet so don’t worry.

Shimmersand Fish Exchange

To reach the Shimmersand Fish Exchange NPC just take the porticulum to Fortune Shore and head right for the docks. You will find mister Raelin waiting for you, ready to trade a Dragonslayer Covenant Major Fishing Award (250 reputation) or a Dragonslayer Covenant Tacklebox in exchange for 3 Powdernose Crabs or 3 Sand Nautiluses. These tackleboxes may contain interesting lures, like the 10 minutes artifact lure or level 45 boe items, potions, scrolls and artifacts related to Shimmersand, be it fishing artifacts or just normal ones.

Good luck leveling your fishing !

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