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Silverwood Fishing Guide

Published on March 27, 2012 by in Fishing

The Guardians will start their fishing trip in Silverwood. For Defiants, if they wish to get to Silverood and do some fishing, the fastest way to get there is to use the Moonshade Highlands teleport to Timberveil and run South over the mountains and into Silverwood. My little Silverwood fishing adventure yielded the following:

100 catches in Silverwood in Shallow Water:

  • 42 Forest Pondleaper (white fish)
  • 34 Smooth Minnow (white fish)
  • 18 Silverwood Angel (green fish)
  • 3 Silverwood normal artifacts (green and white items)
  • 2 Silverwood fishing artifacts (green items)
  • 1 Sunken Shipping Crate (blue item)

100 catches in Silverwood in Deep Water:

  • 45 Blue Widemouth (white fish)
  • 36 False Shark (white fish)
  • 17 Silverwood Devil (blue fish)
  • 1 Sunken Shipping Crate (blue item)
  • 1 Silverwood normal artifact (white item)
  • 1 Silverwood fishing artifact (white item)

When I fished I had 300 skill in fishing and I didn’t use any type of lure. Again I noticed that I didn’t get any grey items and no fish got away. The percent of blue and green fish wasn’t bad either.

The areas that are at the same fishing skill requirement seem to share the common (white) fish drops. The blue and green fish and drops are unique to each area. I guess we will be seeing Defiants fishing in Silverwood and Guardians fishing in Freemarch.

Also the fishing artifact sets have artifacts that only drop from one area or another, so if you wish to complete the entire fishing artifact collection and you are a Defiant, you might have to spend some time in Silverwood fishing for your artifacts.

Silverwood Fishing Spots

Silverwood is surrounded by water on the East side so it’s not hard to find a fishing spot for both shallow and deep water. The lake situated at Argent Glade also counts for both shallow and deep water. The pool in Quicksilver College counts as shallow water, so does the pool at Mirror of Ages and the Sunken Marsh.

Although the pool at Mirror of Ages is small and it might seem useless, apparently there are a lot of fish schools spawning in that area, including a Sunken Boat which drops artifacts. The fish schools in this area also tend to respawn very fast so if you are after specific schools, it’s a really great place to visit.

Silverwood Fishing Spots Guide

The most convenient thing to do is just to train fishing and take the teleporter to Argent Glade and just fish away in the lake. You can catch both deep water and shallow water fish there, no need to run around.

Silverwood Fish Exchange

It’s easy to figure out that there is only a Guardian fish exchange NPC in Silverwood for obvious reasons. His name is Vadiry and he is located to the South of Argent Glade. In exchange for 3 Silverwood Devils or 8 Silverwood Angels you can choose between a Quicksilver College Major Fishing Award that will give you 250 reputation with the Quicksilver College or a Quicksilver College TAcklebox that can contain low level fishing lures or other items/artifacts related to Silverwood.

Silverwood Fishing Exchange NPC

I must admit that out of all the fishing exchange NPCs, this guy looks the “fishiest”. Have fun fishing in Silverwood !

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  1. [...] The Forest Pondleaper, Smooth Minnow, Blue Widemouth and False Shark are common quality fish (white), the Silverwood Angel is of uncommon quality (green) and the Silverwood Devil is a rare fish (blue). But don’t worry, the Silverwood Devil, although it’s supposed to be rare it has quite a high drop rate, around 25-30%, so it shouldn’t take to long to catch them all. Just make sure to cast your line in both shallow and deep water. If you are unsure where to find good fishing spots you can check the Silverwood Fishing Guide. [...]

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